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It takes Boots a ridiculously long time to realize what's going on, so long that he almost wants to smack himself for being the complete moron that Cathy's called him frequently (and now her frustrated looks at him make sense. He'd chalked it up to hormones).

They climb into their room at two o' clock in the morning, covered in mud and leaves and other things that Boots doesn't want to think about right now. He also doesn't want to think about why they were covered in all those things (something involving frogs and the Fish and bubble bath, but Boots is not thinking about it).

"So," he says. "That was…"

Bruno turns to him eagerly. "Yes?"

Boots stares at him. "Um…that was fun." Bruno looks briefly gleeful, and then attempts to pull his expression into something normal looking.

It doesn't work very well.

Something clicks into place for Boots (the past few weeks flash through his mind, when Bruno had come up to him again and again, to review every single plan he'd come up with, and then walked away looking ecstatic when Boots said something vaguely approving). He says in a tone of disbelief, "Bruno, are you wooing me?"

He almost cringes when the word drops out of his mouth (he really couldn't think of a better one), and it's such a ridiculous idea, only, well—

"Um. Ah," Bruno stammers, and shifts from one foot to another, and turns bright red.

—only this is Bruno, and Boots is a complete moron for not noticing sooner, because of course, in Bruno's world, elaborate plots to harass the Fish equal a declaration of love, and Boots has known him for far too long to have not realized that.

He can feel a smile pulling his lips upward. "You know, flowers would've done just as well," he says, raising his eyebrows.

Bruno flushes even redder and hits him in the shoulder. "Shut up," he mumbles, lips twitching, but Boots can see a weight lifting off his shoulders. Bruno looks relieved, kind of like he had expected Boots to hit him and declare their friendship over, or something, because Bruno has an overactive imagination that he indulges sometimes (all the time). Also, he apparently still hasn't realized what a massive crush Boots has on him.

So he lets his smile gentle a bit, and says softly, "Idiot." He pulls Bruno closer, until he's almost standing on Boots' toes, and leans forward until their noses brush, willing Bruno to see everything he can't put into words.

Bruno swallows hard, eyes huge. "Yeah," he says hoarsely, wetting his lips, slightly trembling hands coming up to cradle Boots' head as he closes the inches between them.

When he pulls back, Boots lets out a breath, and his happy smile turns into a smirk. He says brightly, "You're really kind of socially retarded, you know?"

Bruno rolls his eyes and pushes Boots down onto his bed. "Do you want chocolates and jewelry, princess?" he asks, lifting his eyebrows, and then the two of them grin goofily at each other for the next few minutes.

Boots is kind of a dense, oblivious moron. He figures Bruno is just perfect for him.

The next day, Boots finds a raggedly-tied bunch of purple and yellow flowers trailing their roots onto his pillow, and he has a smile on his face the rest of the day.



Note: Uh, I'm not exactly gifted with an imagination on level with Bruno. See how cleverly I got out of describing any one of their escapades?