"I love you, too

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"I love you, too." Edward intertwined his hand with mine and led me out the door. I knew that he was my future, and I could get through anything with him by my side. No matter what it was.

He may blame himself for my being anorexic, but it's not. All it is is a disorder that many people get because they are influenced by the models on the top of a magazine, or by friends who are thinner than they are. But mostly it is because they need control of their life, and that was one thing that they can control. Or, like me, it can be set off by depression.

Edward's arms extended around my waist and held the knife. His hands were over mine, situated right on the handle of the long, elegant knife. A big smile was placed on his face. Today was the day he was dreaming about. This is a day of his dreams and a day of mine. This was a day that set a lot of endings, but also a lot of beginnings. This is a day that should be celebrated.

He guided my hands, and the knife, down through the soft consistency. He guided my hands and the knife up again, and moved them a little to the left, and cut right through the cake again.

Cameras flashed all around us, signifying to me that we did have onlookers. Although, I did not notice them as much as someone thought that I might have. The only thing that mattered today was him and me.

After we discarded the knife on a plate, Edward picked up the piece of cake closer to him, and put it right up to my mouth. "Open, Bella."

This time I did not argue with him. I was way pass arguing with him. And, actually, I wanted the cake. So much icing on the marble cake and the icing was on the top in a nice little flower.

I opened my mouth and took a bite out of the cake. Mmm … chocolate, and vanilla, with the vanilla icing on top. It mixed fairly well.

It has been about five months since the Cullen's have come back. It has been about five months since they have found out that I was/am anorexic. Yes, I am still recovering. The cake did not taste as good as it should, but it still tasted good. It is like comparing warm brownies to cold brownies. You most obviously want the warm ones.

Edward gave me a small smile and handed me the same piece of cake to bring up to his mouth. He swallowed his with a smile on his face, and the smile actually seemed real too. I do not think that anything could disrupt this day, not even a piece of cake.

The crowd erupted in to applause. All we did was eat cake! But the best part was that Edward's smile made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank goodness that I didn't have to even make the smallest disruption on his face by not liking the cake. That smile was worth all the hard work I have done and that I am still doing.

"Bella, this is your last meal. What would you like to eat? Or we could go out to anywhere you would like." Edward and I were in the Cullen's kitchen. Edward was there, but no one else. I suspected that no one wanted to be around Edward now, knowing how he is acting lately.

"I can make it myself, you know?" I ignored his last comment about going out to eat. I didn't like going to an expensive restaurant with him, when he didn't even eat! That is just a little bit preposterous, and plus the money he spends.

"Let me make it for you, please." Edward had that look in his eyes that I could not refuse. He only used it on me when he wanted little things, like carrying my bag inside, or trying to look inside my mind. We agreed that it wasn't fair he use it against me, when I really wanted something, knowing that it was cheating.

I nodded; I was going to make him pay for that little stunt that he just pulled. How good it is to be able to eat food again, because the dish I asked for was one of my favorites, but right now I just wanted it more than any other food. "How about French toast, made with the new bread that Esme got, you know, the think kind, with powered sugar on top, and heated up syrup."

Edward smiled. Damn! "If that's what you want, sweetheart."

I held up a finger. "I also want a side of bacon, crispy but not burnt. And a bagel with cream cheese, but the bagel I want grilled and not toasted."

Edward was still smiling, though I could swear that his face got a little smug. "Thank heaven you love food again, now I get to this."

I put my head in arms, which were on the table. "Is there anything you can not do?"

Edward gave me a small smile. "I can not understand you. I can not see in your mind." The smile vanished off of Edward's face. "I can not fix my past mistakes."

I raised my head from my arms. "Edward, don't, please, just not now."

Edward gave me a small smile. "I'm just glad that you are getting better. And tomorrow, you will be all better. I'm also thinking, what would have become of you, if I did not return?"

I have been trying to keep my mind off of the same subject too. "But you did, and I am getting better. Please stop worrying."

Edward got out the pans for my last meal. "I will always worry about you, I don't know what I would do if you ever got hurt again."

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