There I was- again. Standing in front of this big poster in school. It showed a girl coming out of a yellow school bus laughing- being happy. I sighted and stared at the floor. I looked at this poster for weeks, dreaming to be the girl- be happy again and than I remind myself that I would never have the guts to be the girl on the poster. My shoulders sank an inch. I turned around; ready to leave school for today when I suddenly heard a shocked scream echoing through the big staircase- my scream (ups!).

"Gosh! You scared the heck out of me Becca!" I said when I walked past my best friend- well let's say if it would have been appropriate to run away I would have done that, too.

"You can't run away forever Bella!" She said- kind of annoyed.

"I-I-I have no idea what you're talking about…" I said- but didn't dare to turn around and look in her eyes.

"Oh, is that so?" Suddenly I saw her All-stars appearing on the floor. She gave me a piece of paper. "If you are not running away- fill this damn thing out." I took the application in my hand and for the first time I looked up and met her eyes.

"What if I'm getting homesick?" I whispered weakly. Becca laughed.

"Oh please, you take every opportunity to get out of this fucking small town." I swallowed hard- we both knew the real reason for my hesitating.

"What if I-I-I miss my…"

"Your what? Your ex-boyfriend? The asshole that cheated on you? The asshole that rather made out with a bitch on your birthday than coming and spend the day with you? Did you forget what he said when you FINALLY busted into his little make out session?" I shook my head. She was right… I really had to get over him. "I tell you- if you wouldn't be so damn hurt- his response would be kind of funny… how he looked at you and said..." I rolled my eyes.

"Ok, ok... I'm gonna fill this out… just- shut up!" I sighted and Becca smiled contentedly. "It's time I leave this stupid town anyway…" Becca laughed.

"Well THAT'S the spirit! I thought I lost you there for a minute!" She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"See you tomorrow Bells!" I nodded and looked back on the application. I was going to do something I've never done before- I would run away- far away- across-the-ocean-far-away…


Geez… what a night… damn alarm clock… My eyes were still closed when I tried to get a hold on my Iphone that was shouting Jets- Are you gonna be my girl (my wake up song) at me. But instead of getting a hold on my phone- I got a hold on some boobs. I wrinkled my nose… Seems like I can't remember ANYTHING! I let go of whoever's boob it was- I wasn't ready to face my fate jet- and finally found the Iphone on the other side of my head. I threw it hard against the wall and heard the familiar crashing sound, than I turned my back to who knows who and shut my eyes again.

The next time I got sucked out of my dreams wasn't because of my phone- but because of a French manicured hand that scratched over my chest. I groaned- but not in a good way- more likely because I was freaking annoyed to be disturbed. The girl with the C-cups -by the way as fake as her fingernails- thought I was ready for another session. See Edward that's exactly what happens when you get too wasted.

I'm really not THE morning person- another reason why I NEVER bring chicks home with me... usually I disappear right after it's over… I just can't stand it when they get all emotional-The BEAST started to kiss my shoulder and her hand trailed south- or… horny…

Annoyed I took her hand away and pushed her carefully four feet away without opening my eyes.

"Listen, you have to leave… now… or better… yesterday… just leave…" I said straight away. I held my breath- bad move. Perfect Edward now she is gonna start screaming in 3… 2… 1…

"So this is it? You just wanted me for the night and THAT'S IT?!" What did I say?

"Listen, it's not me, it's you… or something like that… I really have a major headache… so could you please leave?" A loud scream echoed through my big room and seemed to let my head explode. I heard her zipper and the noise of keys.

"Could you please leave more quiet- please?" She threw a pillow at me and opened the door.

"You know Edward Masen- I always thought you are a gentleman… but you are a total jerk. Like ALL the other guys!" She yelled. I sighted and rolled my eyes.

"Ok, listen, just leave your address on the reception table and I'm gonna…" She held her breath.

"… get in touch with me?" She asked hopefully. I laughed.

"No! No… I'm gonna… send you a thank you note…" She yelled again. And 3… 2… 1… The door closed with a loud bang. At least that is over. Just a second later my door opened again.

"Edward! Who was that girl?" My mom couldn't hide the excitement. When will she ever get over it? I'm not going to have a relationship with just ONE girl for the rest of my life!

"I have no idea!" I answered truthfully.

"Can I invite her over for dinner?" I laughed at the thought.

"That would be more than awkward." She sighted disappointed. I loved my mom to death but I couldn't stand it to have her in my room when I'm naked under my cover.

"Mom, what are you doing here anyway?" I mumbled into the pillow. "Your dad wants to see you… we all need to talk." My eyes flew open- that was NEVER good! "Get dressed… see you in the oval office in ten minutes."


I shook my head when I left Edward's room. Sometimes I felt like I failed as a mother when I see how he behaves. One year ago he was so perfect: charming, handsome, had a girlfriend and NEVER came home drunk OR came home in the morning. I was worried. What could have happened a year ago that turned him into such a creature? I entered Carlisle's office. He looked up from his papers and smiled. I shut the door and stared at the floor.

"What's wrong Esme?" He asked and came up to me to massage my shoulders.

"Edward is worrying me. He had a girl staying over- and I don't think he is even remembering her name… where did I fail did I disappoint him at some point?" This whole situation slips out of my hands. Carlisle took me in his arms.

"Don't even say that love, you know you did what you could… and by the way… we MAY have a solution…" Carlisle said when I rested my head on his shoulder and let him stroke my hair. "It's going to be fine…" he mumbled in my hair and I nodded weak- knowing that we both had trouble to believe that.

"Get a room people!" Edward spit out when he came in the office. I let go of Carlisle and faced Edward.

"Edward this is going out of hand… you come home late and drunk every weekend and now you even brought a girl- do you know how that looks to the outside world?" He laughed.

"Yes, it looks like we are just normal people- with normal problems." I slammed my hand on the table.

"Normal problems?! Normal problems are money worries, a bad grade, or a hole in the roof- you are NOT a normal problem." Edward smiled.

"Look at the bright side mom- we don't have any of those normal problems!"

I didn't know what to say. Carlisle laid his hand on my shoulder.

"Edward- you get a sister." Edward stared at us with big eyes than with disgust.

"You guys are... are… are… pregnant?" I rolled my eyes.

"We are going to get a foreign exchange student!" He smiled.

"Can we get a French Chick?" I swallowed down all my anger- no need to yell.

"No, we chose a German girl. Her name is Isabella Swan and she comes from a small town called Lingen." He made a disappointed face.

"Germany? They don't even have a cute accent!" I felt my hands forming fists and in the next moment Carlisle's hands on my fists and I started loosing the grip.

"That's all son." Edward left the room without another word and my heart ached because I knew that something must have hurt him so very bad- there was no other possibility. Where was MY Edward?


I was walking up and down in my room. Just two more days and I would leave for America- the problem was- I didn't get my host family jet. How can I fly and NOT have a host family! Suddenly Renee slammed the door open.

"Bella! Bella! You've got a letter! It's from your organization… I think they found you a host family." I ripped the letter open and there it was. No name but an address.

"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue- WASHINGTON DC!" I yelled! I would go to Washington. That was just awesome… I could take pictures of this big Abe Lincoln Statue and the Capitol and oh yeah… the White House… that was going to be awesome. I jumped around, danced through the house- and my childish mom was right behind me.