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AN: Alright, here's the sequel. Thank you for all the great reviews. Hope you like.

Sunlit Pathways

Chapter 1: Volterra

Bella looked out of the small window upon the green rolling fields speeding by below. Her hand was clasped with Edward's on the armrest, as he reclined on the seat and pretended to sleep.

A slight squeeze on his hand made him open his eyes, looking curiously at his wife, who was still gazing out the window.

"What's wrong love?" he asked quietly, leaning forward.

Bella's worried golden eyes met his.

"I don't like this Edward," she whispered, "Why did the Volturi decide to invite us to meet them just because we were 'in the area'?"

Edward released his hand from hers, only to wrap his arm around her shoulders, "Don't worry Bella. The most they can do is attempt to convince us to join their guard, which they have done before."

"Not to me" said Bella.

"Then maybe they're curious about you."

"Why didn't they call me before then? I was changed thirty years ago"

"The Volturi count years as we count days. They probably heard about you when you were changed , and finally decided it was time to call you to meet you"

Bella's worried expression remained, "I still don't like it"


The rented blue Mercedes slid to a quiet stop at the gates of Volterra. Edward quietly exchanged a few words with the guard, who nodded and let the car slip into the pink- walled city.

Volterra was, to say the least of it, amazing. A city of art, every building was constructed carefully, keeping in mind precision and detail. The castle stood, intimidating, on the edge of the city, a dangerous beauty surrounding it.

The interior of the castle itself was awe- inspiring. Beautiful artwork lined the walls, which themselves were carefully inlaid with detailed designs.

"This place is creepily beautiful," said Bella, keeping her hand secured firmly in Edward's as her eyes took in the large, silent, hall.

A beautiful woman walked out of a doorway, "Are you Edward and Isabella Cullen?" she asked.

Bella stared in shock at the woman's blue eyes, listening to her beating heart.

"Yes," said Edward, "Aro invited us for reasons he did not mention"

"Of course. He was excited to see you ever since the report came from the guard that you were here. I'll just have someone escort you to the lords' chamber"

"Thank you," said Edward politely, as she walked away.

"They keep humans here?" hissed Bella, "And she's here willingly knowing what they are?"

Edward's face had become impassive, "She's hoping that they will keep her"

Bella looked even more shocked as two figures in long, black, flowing cloaks entered.

"Hello," said the slighter of the two, "I am Demetri, and this is Felix"

Bella and Edward nodded in greeting.

"Follow us," commanded the bulkier figure, Felix, "The masters are waiting for you"

Edward's eyes narrowed slightly at Felix, and he tightened his hand around Bella's.

Demetri noticed this and cast Felix a warning look, before turning and leading the way out of the hall. Edward and Bella followed, with Felix walking behind them.

They walked in complete silence through long corridors, which were just as beautiful as the entrance hall. Edward occasionally scowled in Felix's direction, while Bella squeezed his hand in an attempt to calm him.

Finally, the small group reached a large pair of double doors, which Demetri threw open.

"Masters, Edward and Isabella Cullen" he announced.

"Edward!" exclaimed a vampire with papery skin, black hair, and crimson eyes, his figure draped in a black cloak similar to Felix and Demetri's, "So nice to see you again"

"The same Aro," said Edward.

"And this must be Isabella," Aro turned to Bella, "Lovely to meet you at last my dear. Edward, she is quite lovely. Congratulations to both of you on your marriage"

Bella murmured a thank you.

"This is Marcus," said Aro, as a black haired vampire stepped forward, "And Caius," a vampire with snow white hair nodded dismissively, "They rule Volterra with me. Of course, they were most interested when I informed them that you would be arriving"

Marcus and Caius' expressions of complete boredom and detachment proved contradictory to this statement.

"Not to be blunt, Aro," said Edward, "But why would our arrival be interesting?"

"Why Isabella of course!" cried Aro happily, "We have heard all about your power," he said to Bella, "Of course we gave you enough time to control yourself around humans before calling you over here. And then we heard you were in Europe along with Edward (I was most surprised to hear that Edward had at last found a mate), and decided to invite you here since you were so close"

Edward cast Bella a small smile at this, in memory of their conversation on the plane, the Volturi counted years as people counted days.

"Pardon me, but that still doesn't clear up why meeting me would be interesting" said Bella.

"Well, from what we have heard," said Aro, "Your power seems to be quite extraordinary"

"It's not, really" said Bella.

"To the contrary my dear, it is very special. May I—" he held out his hand.

Bella looked at him questioningly.

"His power is like mine, Bella, except much broader. He can see every thought and memory you have ever had," Edward muttered in her ear, "However, it is required for him to have contact with you"

Bella nodded, reaching out her hand and touching Aro's already extended one.

Aro's eyes narrowed in concentration for a moment, then his expression cleared, "This is indeed very extraordinary!" he exclaimed, letting go of her hand, "I can't read a thing! Do you mean to tell me that you can block all mental powers?" he asked.

Bella hesitated, "Well it's not as much of a block as just built in. I mean I don't control it at all. It just happened"

"Still, it is very interesting," said Aro, gazing at her thoughtfully, "I wonder whether Jane's power will work on her…" he mused.

Edward snarled.

"But of course, we wouldn't try that," Aro amended hastily, "No, it would be too cruel… Well, we shall situate the two of you in your room. Demetri?"

Demetri stepped forward, silently motioning Bella and Edward to follow him.

Once again, they proceeded down corridors to a set of doors. One of the doors opened, revealing a very familiar, black- haired, golden eyed vampire.



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