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Sunlit Pathways


One year later…

Bella sighed as they saw the purple Cadillac (Charmaine's choice) speeding away.

"That was a perfect wedding" she murmured, leaning against Edward, who wrapped an arm around her, "Charmaine looked like a dream"

"So did you" said Edward, kissing the top of her head, "Charmaine knows how to pick bridesmaid's dresses too" he added, fingering the satin blue material of her dress.

"I don't think Charmaine had anything to do with picking out anything except her dress" chuckled Bella.

"Point" agreed Edward, as Alice mock-glared at Bella, skipping over to them.

"I'm willing to bet that they will thank me for such a nice wedding once they're back from their honeymoon" she said, "You guys did"

Bella looked up at Edward, "Well we can't argue with that can we?" he laughed as he kissed her softly.

"Stop it" complained Alice, "I have news anyway"

Bella and Edward smiled, prolonging their kiss for a few seconds just to annoy her.

"Ugh" Alice covered her eyes.

"Okay Alice, you can look now" said Edward, as they pulled away.

"Honestly," she mumbled, rubbing her eyes, "Anyway, we're thinking of moving!"

"Already?" asked Bella in surprise, "Aren't we going to wait another year or so"

"Well… you guys are going to wait another year," said Alice, "We are going to leave"

"We're going to stay behind with the Parkers?" asked Edward.

"Until you graduate" said Alice, "And then you will come join us"

"Where would that be?"

"Anchorage" replied Carlisle.

Kyle and Kayla glanced at each other, "Anchorage huh?" said Kyle, "You know, I wonder how Rick's kids are doing…I heard he married Cathy"

"Cathy?" said Kayla disbelievingly, "You mean my best friend Cathy—You never told me that!"

Kyle shrugged "It never came up"

"Wow, I never knew Cathy had a thing for Rick" said Kayla in wonder.

"Um… could you fill us in here?" questioned Emmett, "Because we're kind of clueless as to what you're talking about"

"I know you two were born in Anchorage" said Bella, frowning at them.

Arielle chuckled, "Kyle's best friend, Rick"

"Kayla's best friend, Cathy" added Anthony. He slung an arm around his wife, "Those were good times. I liked Anchorage"

"Only because you met the love of your life" said Arielle.

"As I recall, dear sister, you, met the love of your life there too" countered Anthony.

"He's right" said Kyle.

"So when are you leaving?" asked Bella.

"Next month" said Rosalie.

"Carlisle will get a 'job offer' within next week," said Jasper, "He'll move with Esme and Alice. Rosalie, Emmett, and I will go to 'university'"

"Me and Kayla are going to college too," said Anthony, "Except we'll go for real"

"Where are you going?" asked Emmett.

"Let's see Kayla, where would you like to go?" asked Anthony with a flourish, "Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard, Brown?"

"You realize the only place we can actually go is Dartmouth right?" pointed out Kayla.

"Or you could go to a non Ivy League school" added Rosalie.

"How about you go to Alaska Pacific University with us?" suggested Kyle, "Well, not with us-" he amended, "- since someone arranged it so I wouldn't be graduating this year"-Arielle gazed at the sky innocently, "-but you could go there and we could join or something"

"Anthony, let's go to University of Alaska," said Kayla, "Sorry Kyle, but a small school is not for me. I haven't been to Anchorage since I was changed"

"Sure," said Anthony easily, "So we're going to the University of Alaska, Anchorage"

Bella looked up at her husband "Edward, do you think we could pass as college undergraduates?" she asked.

Edward chuckled, "Not really love, but we could stretch the lines little I suppose. Why?"

"I want to go to college" said Bella, "I haven't been to college yet, because no one's gone to college since Riley and I were changed, and now that you're here and everyone's going I'd really, really like to go—"

"Calm down Bella" Edward grinned, "If you want to go to college, we'll go. Where would you like to go?"

"Well… Dartmouth sounds fine, but do you think I'd get in?"

"They'd be crazy not to accept you Bella, relax. You got 790's on the SAT's, and those ten points were lost on purpose."

"So we'll be sending in our applications?"

"Absolutely" said Edward.

"Yes!" Bella kissed him fiercely.

"And here they go again" said Alice, rolling her eyes, as Emmett catcalled.

"We had no idea Bella was this eager to go to college" muttered Kyle.

"She's right, none of us went to college after she and Riley got changed because we wanted to help them through school and stuff" said Arielle, "Emmett, Rosalie, how about you?"

They looked at each other— "Africa"—With simultaneous grins.

"Jasper? Alice?"

"Good question" said Jasper, "Are we going to be alone in high school Alice?"

"I don't think Esme and Elena appreciate that we are planning to all go off and leave them alone" put in Edward, finally breaking away from Bella.

"Look who resurfaced" commented Rosalie.

Esme smiled sheepishly.

"Ha! Jasper, looks like you are stuck in high school" teased Emmett, "Should have dibbed Africa first"

"I have no interest in going to Africa Emmett" Jasper rolled his eyes, "We're fine, aren't we Alice?"

"Yup" she said brightly, "We'll have fun in high school without our weird brothers and sisters. Maybe we'll make some friends"

"I wouldn't count on that Alice" said Arielle, "As far as I remember, Anchorage was a town suspicious of all newcomers."

"Hey," protested Kyle, "I had a crush on you remember?", earning a "Don't you mean obsession?" from Kayla.

Arielle ignored him, "I bet high school will be worse than college"

"I look forward to it" said Jasper, his optimism gone.

"Riley and Charmaine will join you soon" said Kyle, "They plan on taking a short honeymoon, unlike these two nuts here-" he glanced at Edward and Bella, "- who took a year. I doubt Charmaine will go to school though"

"Jasper," said Alice suddenly, "You are going to enroll as a sophomore with me"

Jasper groaned, "Why?"

"Because Riley will enroll as a junior, and if you enroll as a junior too I will go through a year alone!"

Kyle snickered, "Have fun, Jasper"

"Thanks for the confidence" said Jasper dryly.


The vampires burst into laughter, reveling in the happy moments of eternity and reflecting upon what the rest of eternity held. Anchorage seemed to be their next milestone. What would they encounter there? But that, is another story…

The End

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