A/N: Some food for thought...

What's in a name?

Holly gently rolled over and kissed her lover.

He stirred quietly, moving slowly.

Opening his eyes he uttered a pleasant 'Good morning' that sent shivers up her spine.

She reached over and embraced him, her thoughts lingering on the night before.

'I meant to ask you,' he spoke softly in her ear, 'are you completely satisfied Mrs Fowl?'



'There's something I've been meaning to tell you.'

'You know you can tell me anything.'

'Well, Mister Short…'

"Ah!" Artemis sat bolt upright in the bed.

"What? What is it?" Butler questioned from the door.

"Nothing, just a nightmare."

A/N: The Fowl name seems so important to Artemis I wondered how he would react to loosing it under the (presumed) fairy tradition of the male taking the female's surname in their unions...