Bratz: All Grown Up 3

Chapter 1: Just Hangin' Out

"Mommy," Kayla said as she went over to her mother. "Can I have some juice?" "Sure sweetie." Yasmin answered. She, the guys, and the girls were sitting around the table in the kitchen. Kayla was almost three years old and Sasha's daughter, Ashley, was almost one and a half. "Oh my gosh," Jade said. "I want a baby." "No you don't." Sasha said. "She's right." Yasmin said. She handed the small cup of juice to her daughter. "Mommy," Kayla said. "Can we go to the toy store later?" "Maybe," Yasmin said. "I don't know." Kayla smiled and then went back into the living room to watch TV. "Kayla is growing up so fast." Koby said. "I know," Cameron said. "It seems like just yesterday, we were at the hospital, trying to get her out." "Don't remind me of that." Yasmin said. "You know what we should do," Sasha said. "We should go on that roadtrip that we were talking about last year." "Sash," Jade said. "Come on, you're still on that." "Yeah," Sasha said. "I never got over it." "Oh Sasha please," Cloe said. "Yasmin has a child now, you have a child now, common sense Sasha." "It would be fun though." Sasha said. "Sash has a point though," Eitan said. "We may never get to spend time like this again." "Thank you Eitan." Sasha said. Yasmin rolled her eyes and looked up at Cameron who was looking bored. "I'm going to watch TV with Kayla." he finally said. "Okay." Cloe said. Cameron went into the living room and Koby said, "If we do go on this roadtrip, won't Kayla be out of daycare?" "In the summer, she'll be out anyway." Yasmin said. "Oh." Koby said. "You thought that daycare ran year round didn't you?" Dylan asked. "So what." Koby said. "Should we do the roadtrip or not?" Eitan asked. "I think so." Yasmin said. "You've had a change of heart I see." Cloe said. Yasmin smiled. "I agree with Yas." Sasha said. "So do I." Jade and Cloe said together. The boys agreed and then they all went into the living room with Kayla and Cameron. "Mommy," Kayla said. "Toy store." "Okay," Yasmin said. "We can go to the toy store." Kayla started jumping up and down. "You gotta calm down first." Yasmin said as she put her arm around her daughter. Kayla hugged her mommy. "We're going to the toy store." Yasmin said putting on her jacket, and as Kayla put on her Bratz jacket. She had already become a little supporter. Yasmin got her keys and her purse and said, "We'll be back soon." "Okay," Cameron said. "You two forgot to give me my kisses." Kayla ran and hugged her daddy. He picked her up and kissed her cheek. As for Yasmin, he kissed her lips. "Now we're leaving." Yasmin said. She and Kayla left and went to the toy store.

"We're back." Yasmin said as she opened the door and Kayla ran inside. They both had ice cream cones in one hand, and shopping bags in the other. "Where have you guys been?" Sasha asked. "Shopping at Super Palace of Toys, then we shopped at JC Penny, then at American Outfitters, and then we went for ice cream." Yasmin answered. Kayla smiled and started licking the ice cream. "You guys had serious mother-daughter time." Jade as she took Ashley out of Sasha arms. "Yeah," Yasmin said. "I had time with my babygirl, now, daddy of my babygirl, hold our ice cream cones please." "Only if I can have a lick." Cameron said. "Fine." Yasmin said. They gave their ice creams cones to Cameron and went upstairs. They came back down and took them back. "Thank you." Kayla said. "You're welcome." Cameron said. He picked her up and sat her in his lap. "I have two knees," Cameron said. "Kayla on this one, Yasmin on the other." Yasmin laughed. "No thanks." she said. They chatted with their friends, until they left. Afterwards, they went to bed.

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