AN: This is a little something I felt like posting. It's unbetaed and everything. I am sorry if you are a fan of incest I do not mean to offend you.

Edmund sprinted down the hall, glancing cautiously over his shoulder. What the
hell is wrong with Peter?
He thought. A couple more turns and he
arrived at the stables, and quickly saddled Phillip. A few minutes later, Edmund was well past the wall; when Peter rode up with a strange giddy happy look on his face. Here
follows a paragraph and a half of how handsome Peter looked
obliviously in the Someone else's opinion. Readers with short attention span
look for something shiny. Shiny!! Now back to the story. "Eddy! Come
here, I have a deep dark secret to tell you" Peter called in a high
girly voice. He sounds like Lucy's ladies in waiting. Edmund
thought, shuddering. Suddenly, a young girl in a maroon gown came up
riding. "Your majesty, I really think you need to move. Your brother
has been acting strange all morning." Edmund took the girl's advice,
as a group of knights came up and took the older king by the arms and
hauled him back to the castle. But the girl remained. Who is she? Edmund thought.
"Your majesty, your sisters are looking for you, something about a
foreign dignitary." "Yes thanks you, um, um." "Nikola your majesty."
The two rode back in the company of each other, thinking about what had happened. "Um, if I may ask, why has Peter been acting so strange?" "Sue." Nikola said simply. "What's that?" "Oh, you want to ask some else." she replied blushing. Edmund shot her a puzzled look but said nothing. Soon, they met Susan and Lucy in the garden. Both
sisters got up and hugged Edmund tightly. "We were so worried about
Peter getting to you, we're both glad your safe." Lucy said. Susan
nodded. "Nikola, it's so nice to see you could come to look after
Peter." Edmund looks at the afore mentioned girl. "Is she the foreign
dignitary?" Nikola blushes and nods. "So where are you from?" "Let us
say somewhere very far away." She replied glancing over at the guards. Edmund understood and dismissed them with a wave of his hand. "Now please tell us where you are really from, Nikola." "New Jersey, in the United States." She replied eyes down cast. "Oh, well then how did you get here?" "Aslan sent for a Sue Basher, and I came. Doc was busy with Doc stuff; I really don't want to know how her mind works some times... But well back to the point, I came when He called." A look of understanding dawned on the sibling's faces. But, wait Edmund was still confused. "What in Aslan's name is a Sue?" Nikola stared at him. "Your majesty, are you sure you want to know what a Sue is? I guess in a while they will come after you so you have a right to know. Would your majesties like to explain it your selves?" His sisters their heads. She gulped. "Um, ah," A servant announced dinner was severed. Edmund said he would ask again after dinner. Dinner came and passed with out any major occurrences. After dinner, the four gathered in the garden. Edmund Demanded to know what a Sue was...

How will Nikola explain a Sue to Edmund? Will they be able to fix Peter? What oddity will befall them next? Find out in the next chapter!