The nymph above the young Sue hunter sighed as she washed the young girl's face. It wasn't the first time something like had happened, and the nymph could see that this young girl would become very close to Narnia's rulers. That evening Lucy had thrown up once more and it had landed in the girl's hair. Lucy had apologized profusely and the young huntress had laughed. "This isn't the first time this has happened, and it probably won't be that last." Susan, by that time, had fetched someone, and that someone was currently washing the young girl's hair. Nikola had protested the use of servants on her, but Edmund had played sensible and pointed out that she could never get it all herself. Therefore, she had given up that fight, and the one about rooting Susan wardrobe. She couldn't ever win either one and she didn't feel like fighting losing battles. There was a knock at the door and Nikola looked up. Susan entered and the nymph bowed and exited the room. In the gentle queen's hands, there were five gowns. One was a dark forest green with gold trim, another was a light butter colored gown, by far the most casual, and two were varying shades of purple, from the darkest plum to the lightest lavender. The final was the most gorgeous gown either had ever seen, it was sapphire with silver embroidery at the sleeves and at the breast, and it gently glided barely reaching the floor, hugging the girl's every curve. Her blonde hair barely reached the shoulders of the dress, and her eye sparkled. "I've never been in something this nice!" Susan just stood and looked proud of herself. Lucy stuck her head in and her eye widened. "Edmund! They're in here!" She studied the young girl and pronounced the gown needed something to finish it off. Lucy ran back to her room with Susan at her heels. By this time their brother had entered the room and noticed Nikola. "Wow," He stuttered rubbing the back of his neck, "you look great." At this the Sue hunter become a deep sangria and the at