A/N: So, my last two stories are on hold for now. Lost interest in them, but don't worry, they'll be updated soon enough. Enjoy :)

He was walking down the sidewalk when it happened.

He'd had a long day at the fairgrounds and was eager to home and get some sleep. Walking along, humming a little to himself, he ran smack dab into someone and tumbled to the ground. Confused and bit humiliated to be sprawled out on the pavement, he looked up into the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. And that was the exact moment that Stuart Tusspot fell in love.

"Oh geez, I'm so sorry!"

He barely heard her apology, but immediately recognized her smooth Asian accent. She tried to help him up, struggling and fumbling until she realized that Stuart was stuck to the sidewalk like a puddle of melted wax. Cocking her head to the side, she gave him a funny look, "Don't you want help up?"

Her words registered in his head this time and he jumped up as if he hadn't been lying on the sidewalk at all. "Nah, m'fine. See?", and he grinned, revealing all of his busted up teeth to her. She laughed lightly and pushed the hair from her face. Her bright green eyes locked with his distant black ones and Stuart swore he almost passed out. "Oh! You're hurt!" She cried and grabbed for his arm. Indeed, there was a deep scrape running from his wrist to up near his elbow. Stuart looked down, "Hmm, s'pose I am,"

'Please forgive me, this was all my fault..," She started, but Stuart interrupted her.

"No, it was mine. Really. I wasn't watchin' where I was goin'. You're not hurt, are you?" He looked her up and down searching for any blood. She shook her head, "But YOU are. C'mon, let's get you cleaned up,"

She linked her arm through his unhurt one and started off towards home. "Wait, where are we goin'?" Stuart asked.

"Home," Was the answer he received.

"Home? Yours or mine?"


He still wasn't satisfied, "'Ang on. I can't go home wif you. I don' even know you!" He tried to pull his arm away, but she held firm. She looked up at him, he was quite a bit taller than her, "My name is Noodle. And I don't know YOU either,"

Stuart fumbled for words, but couldn't bring himself to speak up for the rest of the walk. They walked on for almost a mile through downtown, through the section of town where the upper class families lived and finally through the section where the richest people lived in large, finely built mansions with sprawling green lawns that were always perfectly trimmed.

"You live 'ere?" He asked.

She nodded and started up the drive of an extremely fancy house. Stuart was starting to feel nervous. He'd never been in one of these houses before. In fact, to be completely honest, Stuart's family didn't have much money. And what they did have, they got from the old fairgrounds his dad owned on the other side of town. Stuart worked there most days so his father wouldn't have to hire extra help he couldn't afford.

When Noodle opened the front door, Stuart gaped. Everything was so...CLEAN. He looked down at his ripped jeans and T-shirt and felt even worse. The feeling subsided, however, when Noodle led him up the grand spiral staircase, down a long furnished hall, and into a door at the very end, shutting it behind her. Stuart heard her moving around in the dark and smiled to himself when a light flicked on. Her ceiling had paper lanterns hanging from it in every shape, size, and color. Only one flickered on at first, then another, and another until they were all alight, giving off a fairy reasonable amount of light.

Looking around, he admired all her posters on the wall; The Sex Pistols, Jimmy Eat World, Nirvana, as well as some Japanese artists. Shelves that reached up to the ceiling were full of books, knick knacks, and other strange objects. Stuart immediately felt at home. Noodle flashed him a smile, "Be right back, make yourself comfortable,". He sat down on the bed as she left, still talking her room in.

When she returned fifteen minutes later, barley keeping hold on a huge tray laden with snacks and bandages, he lept up to help her. When the tray was safely set down, she reached towards his arm and examined it. There was a scab beginning to form and dried blood caked to his arm.

"Thanks," He grinned at her.

"No problem. It looks like you've gotten hurt a bunch before.." She caught herself before she could say anything else.

"Wot? Oh, yeh mean my face?" He chuckled, "Mah friend Muds hit me with a car. Twice," Noodle made a face and poured some hydrogen peroxide onto a washcloth. Stuart winced when she applied it to his arm, it only stung a little. When he arm was properly cleaned and bandaged, he said thanks again and made to leave.

"You don't have to leave yet!" Noodle stood up, looking hurt.

Stuart smiled, "Well, I'd rather not, but I hafta get home, I need sleep. I s'pose I could drop by after work tomorrow, if tha's okay wif you,"

Noodle's face brightened, "Okay!"

Stuart said his goodbyes and let himself out, leaving Noodle to collapse on her bed and smile to herself.