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This story is rated M for some violence and language, but mainly very graphic, naughty lemon. Nothing left to the imagination, Dante and Lady are rather dirty in this story! You have been warned! Do not read if this kind of thing offends you.

Chapter 3-Lady's Wake Up Call

Lady seemed to be having a pleasant dream. But she didn't really remember what it was about.

Why do I feel this way?

She felt...well, quite aroused, when you get down to it. More than aroused...both aroused and...stimulated?

What's happening?

She was sort of stuck between dreamland and being awake; and her brain wasn't quite turned on yet, so she wasn't too sure what was happening. She could have sworn she moaned in her half-dream, and felt a very familiar sensation running through her body. A sensation that she knew all too well at this point in time.

Ahhh...ah! What...?

She began to feel more and more pleasant...but also, a bit...damp?

''Ahhh...Ah!'' she yelled out, managing to wake herself up.

She took a few seconds to get adjusted, and realized that something indeed was...going on. She looked down, and saw Dante, happily nestled between her legs, giving her a rather...intimate wake up call of sorts. He felt her stir and lifted his head a moment, while his hands gently massaged her thighs.

''Babe, I never thought you'd wake up. I must be losing it.'' He smirked at her, licking his lips. ''Maybe I need more practice.''


''I wanted breakfast.''

Gah! ''Don't you...usually...order pizza?'' she managed to say.

''Your little pussy tastes so much sweeter, though.''

Lady was half appalled at his choice of words. ''Dante!! You...I...never...aahhh!'' As she glared at him, she noticed him leaning forward, and his tongue snake out of his mouth again, slowly licking at her wetness...and she was indeed very wet now. She watched it as it dart from his mouth with amazing speed, his eyes still looking right at her, as he sought to draw out the honey he loved so much. The very sight of this made her shiver, let alone how it felt.

''You...'' was the last thing she could say until she fell back into bliss once again. Damn him. I had him yesterday!

He paused again for a moment. ''Come on, babe...after the treatment you gave me yesterday...I had to return the favor somehow! I told you I'd get you.'' The ornery grin that she knew all too well appeared again as he slid his tongue deep inside of her, parting her walls, curling it when he couldn't get it any further in, his eyes closing again.

Lady shook and moaned again, most painfully. But her hands once again grasped at his silky hair, and her hips thrust rather firmly against him, to try to get him even deeper in there. No matter how exasperated she could be, it did feel like heaven.

''Dante...!'' she exclaimed as she felt more of his dirty tricks.

After what she had done to him yesterday, Dante only felt right returning the favor, the best he could. He felt completely ravaged at the theater, and still proud that she got over some more of her inhibitions. He wasn't trying to get the last anything in, this time. He gave it to her yesterday that she reduced him to a piece of clay in her hands, to be molded however she wanted. He wasn't planning this little act when he woke; but when he saw her there, sleeping peacefully, the covers only covering a bit of her, she looked so delicious that he just had to take one taste. Which led to another taste...which led to him deciding he wanted to stay there for awhile, again. He had no intentions other than wanting to hear her shriek in ecstasy this morning. Even after only a month, he knew what she liked, and how to take his time, and how to get her to squirm. He brought his tongue against her most sensitive spot for a few times, listening to her gasps of pleasure, before passing over it to play with it more later. He slid his arms underneath of her, lifting her up a bit, getting onto his knees-he didn't hold her upside down like the first night, but he felt like he could better access her sweetness this way, as he dipped is tongue in and out of her, before giving her a few long, slow licks.

Also, as always, her taste and scent drove him crazy. Between what he had when waking up and now, he wouldn't be surprised if he exploded, right then and there, himself. Low, rough moans had escaped his throat now and again, as he greedily lapped at the juices that he loved that came from her.

Lady's head was thrown back against two of the pillows, her eyes closed, her brains halfway shut down and halfway spinning; she never quite had a wake-up call such as this one before. He had managed to nibble at her neck and chest a few times in the morning, but she always managed to wake before he got to anything else; oftentimes she was up before him, anyway.

Was...he...planning...this? She managed to think a few things to herself before feeling his teeth gently close onto her clit, and the tip of his tongue swirl over it for a few seconds, causing her to almost scream out. She thrust her hips forward a few more times, quickly, to try to get him to continue teasing the little spot, but he decided to lick down further, running the instrument of torture that was his tongue down further again, to collect more of her sweetness into his mouth. She heard him moan a bit himself, again.

''Lady...god...you taste so sweet...'' he said, in a deep, husky voice. He started to suck at her, right on the most sensitive parts. She quivered, both at the feeling of his mouth and his words, wrapping her legs tightly around him, with no intention of letting him go.

Fine, you want to torture me, you're going to be here for awhile. And don't think you're getting away so easy after the fact, either. Her stream of thought was once again interrupted by Dante giving her a few slow licks with the full length of his tongue. She felt one of his fingers slide inside of her, parting her walls, curling inside, seeking out anything to make her scream again, as his tongue continued it's work on all parts of her soaked womanhood, concentrating more and more on her clit; until he did hear her scream...when he pulled away and slid his tongue inside in place of his finger, as to not set her off yet. Though his tongue was finding a few things inside of her as well that caused her to buck wildly and whisper his name in a quivery voice. Her hands stayed buried in his hair, pulling him closer to her. He would sometimes back up a bit, to tease her mercilessly-he did love to tease her so, as well as please her.

He debated giving her the same treatment he did a couple of days ago, when she completely soaked the bed...but he didn't know if he wanted to completely tire her out again. He thought about it as he more gently swirled his tongue over her soft skin, savoring the liquid sex that gradually leaked from her, listening to the soft moans that escaped her parted lips, building her up for her final explosion of bliss.

He was seriously, seriously horny right now. She always tasted sweet to him-sweeter than anything-but this morning, she was particularly delicious. Maybe it was just the fact every day he adored her more and more. He could hang in there, though.

Lady wondered to herself, whenever she had enough blood to her brain to think with, how much more she could take. He knew her so well, now, every part of her. She managed to snatch another look at him, his eyes closed again, and his tongue slowly licking up and down her, a content look on his face.

He finally decided that she had enough, judging by the way she sounded like she was in pain; her loud moans now extremely shaky. He began to suck on her clit harder and harder, as his finger slipped in and out of her, faster and faster yet. She felt herself building up, until once again, she finally screamed, and he replaced his finger with his tongue again, to press on her from the inside, and to taste the pleasure that flowed from her, into his mouth, sucking away greedily all the while.

''God...Dante...ahhh!'' she yelled out, as she came, strongly, right against him, thrusting her hips in time with his tongue.

Her orgasm finally subsided, Dante pausing to slowly lick around her for a short while more before kissing her thighs and kneeling back. Lady stared at the ceiling, panting, all but brain dead to the world. He leaned forward to rest his head on her stomach. She felt a bit of wetness there, as well as underneath of her, but it wasn't, at least, to the ridiculous extent that it was the other day. Dante was not known for being...clean in his acts of foreplay, he would delve into her with everything he had. His hands gently caressed her hips and he smiled up at her, warmly this time.

''Lady...you tasted so good this morning, I might have to do this more often.''

''D...Damn you, Dante...you...freak of nature...'' Well, I don't think I can even try to complain.

''You always think of something new to call me, babe.'' He chuckled.

''I had you...yesterday, you bastard.''

''You did. I won't deny that at all. I was putty in your hands, babe. You can take me anytime you want.''

She took a few moments to regain her thoughts, and began to slide down him a bit.

''Lady? You don't...I just wanted to...''

She continued sliding down, until her hips touched his extraordinarily hard manhood. She began to move herself around, so she could take him inside.

I wasn't as worn out as you thought, devil.

''Ahh...Lady...you...you're full of surprises this week, aren't you?'' He wrapped his arms around her.

''On your back, Dante.''


''On your back, I said.'' She glared at him...rather seductively. She moved herself down more, to slip around him. He shuddered as she clamped down on him; it was just enough for her to manage to roll him over. She settled on his hips, looking down on him, stroking his chest.

''Lady...riding me, I see...'' He smiled and licked his lips. ''Make me scream, sweetheart.''

Lady couldn't contain her smile. The devil likes it when I try to take control.

She thrust herself down on him, a few times, rather hard; she then slowly settled herself back down again. Her hands caressed his muscular torso; she smiled down at him. She began indeed riding him, as hard as she could. She felt him deep inside of her, and despite the fact she was indeed making him loudly call her name, she too was moaning out, louder and louder with each thrust; he was matching her rhythm perfectly, and even speeding it up more. His hands grasped her shoulders and pulled her down, so he could bite at the sensitive skin of her throat, neck, and shoulders, sometimes running his tongue along her for a taste. He reached her lips and kissed her deeply.

''Babe...don't stop...'' he whispered, after he broke away. ''Stay one with me.''

Such words that could come from him, even after he acted so dirty toward her previously, and still did, always made her a bit emotional, she had to lean forward and kiss him again. She felt his arms tighten around her back, as he continued to thrust up into her, letting her stay on top of him, controlling the speed, and how long she wanted to go. His fingers danced up and down her spine, sending even more shivers down her, as their bodies grew even sweatier pressed against once another, even though there was a cool breeze in the room.

Dante had been so turned on from his time spent working on her this morning, that he couldn't take much more, a few more thrusts, a loud moan, and he finally came; Lady buried her face into his neck as she squeezed him tighter around the waist; enjoying the feeling of his warm seed inside of her, as she began to thrust harder so she would reach her second bliss, as well. Dante had cried out in pleasure, shouting her name once again, as he came; he gripped her back and kept thrusting to help her along.

He was able to finally drive her to the edge herself, her teeth sinking into his shoulder, and him loving the feeling. He could stay like this forever, when these moments happened; he really did love nothing more than seeing Lady satisfied after he was finished with her. Finally, she collapsed, exhausted, onto his sweat-drenched chest. Their breathing was very heavy; after awhile, they finally began to return to normal. He lifted her up a bit so he could look into her eyes.

''Heh. Once again, little Lady, you got me.''

''You had your fun this morning. I think we're even, devil.'' She actually didn't mind it, for once.

''Devil? Heh, only half, babe. You know the rest of me is human.''

''I still think you're more devil.'' She smirked at him and ruffled his sweat-soaked hair. ''But you've got enough human in you for me to love, I think.'' She suddenly shook her head, not believing what she heard come out of her mouth. Damn it! He drove me so...brainless that...

''So the truth comes out, little Lady.'' He smiled. His hands lightly caressed her face, his fingers over her lips. He gently held her head there and kissed her once on the lips, before looking at her again. ''Well, maybe that's ok. I think that somewhere, or sometimes, even a devil might be able to love a human.''

It was only half a confession, and it certainly wasn't forced. Lady didn't expect to be hearing any other words about it for a long time. It just wasn't there style. They were still about actions over words, after all. But they both still knew what their words meant. She leaned forward to kiss him, several times, enjoying the moment.

Still, hearing the words once in awhile wasn't bad, in the least, Lady thought to herself as Dante held her close to him, seemingly never wanting to let her go.


Dante was slipping on his long coat, holstering Ebony and Ivory. He walked over to the wall, and looked over his weapons. He was there for a few moments.

''Can't you just pick something and run? The demons have probably eaten half of the people by now!''

''Come on, babe. You know I have to make this look good.''

She grabbed her two handguns and slid the Kalina Ann over her shoulder. ''You always look good, you freak.'' She gave him a kiss. Perhaps this would hurry things along a bit.

Dante finally decided on his dual swords, and his heavy gauntlets and boots. Lady raised her eyebrows.

''You're going to need another shower again.'' He couldn't pick his, you know, cleaner weapons once in awhile.

''Heh, I'll just take you with me, babe.'' He bent over to lick at her neck a bit.

''Urgh...wait until we get back!''

''Yeah, yeah.'' The two of them walked out, to once again show the demon world that invading their run-down city was the last thing they wanted to do.