Love Sick

Hi! KenthostheKitsune here, and here's my first fanfiction! I wasn't originally going to write this story but a day at my friend's house gave me my inspiration. This will be Yaoi and the pairing will be Kyuu/Naru, if anyone has a problem then don't read. If anyone has a story similar to this, please let me know, I don't like the idea of copying. I don't own Naruto or any of it's characters so whoever sent the lawyers can have them back.

Chapter 1


That's all Naruto could feel as he made his way to meet the newly reformed Team 7. It had been six years since the Uchiha had left on his twisted path for power, six years since Naruto made his promise to Sakura. A lot had changed since then, including the rookie 9. Most of them, save for Hinata and Choji had made jonin or anbu. Kakashi hadn't changed much, except that he was currently dating Iruka Umino, Naruto's former academy teacher. Sakura, his former crush was now a jonin medical nin known to be the best, second only to Tsunade.

Sasuke, the former apprentice of Orochimaru had been promoted to anbu the day he came back, much to the former rookies displeasure. After Naruto had dragged Sasuke's power hungry ass back, Sakura and Sasuke became an item, breaking the heart of our favorite demon vessel. Naruto himself, had changed the most. He was no longer the shrimp he used to be, he had grown to be only a few inches taller than Kakashi, much to his happiness. His golden blond hair had grown to mid back and was held in a low ponytail. His ocean blue eyes still held the same childish innocence he had in his youth, but now they also held maturity. Naruto had recently been promoted to anbu, earning a great deal more respect from the village.

He was currently wearing his anbu uniform, save for his mask which was strapped to his waist. As he neared the old training grounds, he felt the heat getting worse and worse. Ever since Sasuke had been "returned" Kakashi had suggested they meet up once in awhile to "repair broken bonds". Naruto knew better though, Kakashi just wanted to train his star pupil and Sakura only wanted to spend time with her boyfriend. They only invited him so it wouldn't look suspicious. It had sickened Naruto to no end, 'Even after he betrayed the village, the people here STILL bend backwards just to kiss Teme's ass.' he thought with an air of anger. Ever since he had gotten Sasuke back, Naruto had distanced himself from his team only talking to them in these meetings and even then they rarely heard him speak.

Sakura's uniform hadn't changed, save for the current jonin vest she wore, and Sasuke was too dressed in his anbu uniform since he had just got off a mission. "Morning Haruno-san, Uchiha-san, Hatake-san." The group blinked at Naruto's greeting and Sasuke was the first to recover. "Hey dobe, what crawled up your ass and died? Did someone steal your ramen recently?" Naruto growled in response as his headache and body temperature got worse. He felt weak, like he had been on a year long training trip with Gai and Lee nonstop. Naruto was drenched in sweat, which was pouring from his pores, his body's fruitless attempts to cool off. "Hey Naruto? Are you ok? Your face is flushed." Sakura was right. Naruto's usual tan face was now a sickly pale and had a red blush on his cheeks. "No Sakura...I'm fine, just a little hot.", he replied. Closing the distance between them, she put her hand on his forehead, quickly retracting it. "Holy shit Naruto! Your head feels like it's on fire. You should go see Tsunade-sama!", she urged. Naruto shook his head, trying to convince his teammates he was fine. "No...Sakura. I'm ok, I told you that already. It's-" He was interrupted by Sasuke. "Dobe she's right you need medical treatment. We're taking you to Hokage-sama." Naruto's weak protests weren't helping his current condition. "Guys I'll be ok! I just need-", Naruto's sentence went unfinished as his world slowly turned to darkness. He could hear the distant cries of his teammates fade away, as the black abyss took him.

So how was it? No, Naruto isn't going to die so no need to worry. Please review, flames are even welcome since I might have something I need to work on. Again this will be Kyuu/Naru, and this story itself will probably only be a few chapters long. Thanks for reading!