The Poll Results

Keep them up, but post a notice about more updated version – 16

Rewrite Love is a Disease Without a Cure – 9

Rewrite them all – 8

Rewrite My Dead Heart Beats for You – 7

Rewrite Naruto Lawliet: A Shinigami's Heir – 4

Delete them all – 1

Other – 1

What that Means

I honestly feel bad, because I was a dumbass and didn't write a disclaimer in my last note. I should have said that I would take the votes, reviews, messages, etc. into consideration but ultimately it would be my decision in the end as to what would happen. Because some of you may not like what you are about to hear: should I choose to rewrite a fic, I am taking down the older versions. I am aware this goes against the majority of the votes, but please hear me out. A few people, they know who they are, messaged me shortly after I posted that last notice and commented that if the older versions of the fics held some significance for me, or if I didn't plan on rewriting any of them, then I should keep them up. Otherwise, if I planned on rewriting them, the originals should be taken down. And I think they're right.

Looking at them, they do show how far I have come as a writer but ultimately, the most important thing about my past work is that they inspired your reviews. Your kind words, your criticisms, all of it became my fuel that inspired me to keep writing. My only regret, should I take them down, is that I will lose those words as well. That and it will just be easier for people to find the newer versions. Below is a list of my fics and what I plan to do with them. Should I choose to update them, I will put a notice in that particular fic and let it sit for at least two weeks before taking it down and replacing it with a newer version. You'll notice that it's not just limited to the three stories mentioned in the poll or in my notes:

Love Sick (a.k.a. Love is a Disease Without a Cure –

The first fic I ever posted…back in high school. Damn I feel old. Since it has the most votes, I will work on it first and give it my best shot. I admittedly don't have much motivation for it, but I will start working on an outline asap. In the end, I may just look at Love is a Disease Without a Cure, ((where the hell did I come up with that title? Really?)) and update it, depending on if I can salvage it.

My Dead Heart Beats for You –

Out of the original three, I have the most motivation to work on this one, but will work on it second. I had this one far more planned out but there will be large alterations when it's rewritten, mostly in the setting. I did post a couple updated chapters on adultfanfiction but unfortunately their disclaimer rules are a bit too complicated and hard-lined for me, so they were made invisible or taken down (not sure which) since I didn't word mine according to their rules. (If I owned Naruto, believe me, there would have been changes.) That and unfortunately I forgot my password and username to that account.

Naruto Lawliet: A Shinigami's Heir –

From the get go I have written myself into a hole I may not be able to get out of. The whole thing of Kami versus Shinigami is not a good concept and doesn't really make sense in the scheme of things. It doesn't even make sense in the worlds of either Naruto or Death Note. When I get to this fic, I'll have to rewrite it. As for the ABC's and L's side fic, I have a few chapters written for it…just not in alphabetical order.

A Different Kind of Compensation –

Many people have asked for a sequel to this and to be honest with you, one has been in the works for quite some time. Unfortunately I hit a snag with it and lost touch with what I wanted to happen. However, I recently found the file again and plan on finishing it eventually.

The Greatest Gift of All –

Honestly, I'm fine with this story as is. So no updates or rewriting are in its future. True, it could be way better than it is but I have no desire to alter it. Consider it my little contribution to the canon fandom. When it comes to NaruHina, NaruSaku, SasuSaku and SasuNaru, you can't go anywhere on this site, or the internet for that matter, without tripping over some sort of dedication to these pairings. Fanfiction, fan art, doujinshis, AMVs, web comics, cosplay, you name it and it's been done to death, so I don't really feel like adding to it. The only exception would be if I came up with a really different idea and could put a different spin on these ships. If you're looking for these pairings, there is plenty of material out there for you and many of which are done better than I ever could do. So find those people and show your love and support for the work they do. Wow, this got off on a tangent, didn't it?

What Have I Done? –

Like the fic above, this could have been done better. But I have no real desire to rewrite it or make it a series. If I ever do, it will be a series of one shots cataloguing the last moments of various characters. But for now it's staying as is.

Updating Schedule

Of course, despite not updating, that doesn't necessarily mean I've been idle. I have written some fics, or started some that I felt would be interesting to read. I need to get into the habit of updating more frequently, which is something I have never done before. Posting these fics would allow me time to outline and work on my older stories, since I have written multiple chapters ahead of time. I plan on uploading something once a week, usually on a Friday. And I'm starting this week. I only hope you give them a chance. Thank you so much for your patience and for reading my stories. It's more appreciated than you could ever imagine.