Hey everyone it's Kenthos! I know you all pretty much believe me to have A) died, B) given up on this fanfic or C) forgotten about Love Sick. Truth is I haven't done any of the above it's just that I've been real busy these past few months and I apologize for that as my stories have suffered because of it. Educational matters aka homework take up my time as well as family issues that have yet to be resolved and they keep growing by the week. I haven't abandoned any of my stories; in fact I'm trying to make them better. I've spoken about rewriting Love Sick so it has fewer plot holes and the first chapter is already up on my profile as well as my new Death Note/Naruto crossover. I'm currently working on the second chapter of the rewrite and have six pages done so far, as soon as I'm finished it'll be looked over by my beta and when I get it back I'll post it ASAP.

I'd like to quit Love Sick and focus on its newer version, but I will keep it up for others to read and hope that you all will find Love Is a Disease without a Cure just as enjoyable as the original. I'm sorry I don't update often enough but I will get these done eventually, even if it kills me! Dattebayo!