I want him Back



Part Four

There she was and Damian walked into the door. "You looked beautiful." Damian said and Billie responded, "Don't butter me up, you kicked me out of your life." "I missed you Billie, I missed the heat from your body and I could have taken away." Damian said and then Billie had a thought. She has fought for everyone else but there's something she needed, she doesn't want to be submissive anymore and Damian found out as she pushed him to the couch. "You listen to me, if you ever, I will burn you on sight. I will not be banished again. I love you Damian, I love you that you take my body and I love…Enough talk" Billie just started to kiss him and then the clothes came off. Damian had Billie on the table and she was being entered into over and over again. Damian didn't stopped, his fangs were out but he felt her heat radiating through her body and that made her stopped thinking of biting her, he used that fire to make e more passion to her. To make her want more and so he gave it to her till sunrise. As Billie woke up, she was tied up and looked very whorish, it was Callie who was there and the Charmed Ones were blocked off only to watch. "Hello Billie, I want you to know that I think Damian needs more from you, if he has to break the rules, so be it." Callie said and Piper blasted through the force-field. The Charmed ones were ready to fight.