A/N: This little Jared/Mel fic is dedicated to December's Rose, who now likes Jared/Wanda. Yay! She's been converted! Read and review? Enjoy!

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"Hey Mel, I've got something for you." The familiar voice rang through her ears as she struggled to open her eyes.

"Mel? Are you awake?"

"Mmm… what do you want?" She ground out, throwing her arm over her face.

There was no response.

Lifting up her arm slightly, she forced her eyes open and peeked out at Jared. He was smiling, as much as Jared ever smiles, and had his hands hidden behind his back.

"Jared?" Melanie muttered, forcing herself to sit up on the mattress.

A soft crinkling sound was her reply.

"What in the-"

"For you." Jared cut her off and took his hands out from behind his back.

"Cheetos!" Melanie squealed, immediately recognizing the orange and blue bag. "You have no idea how long I've been craving these." She grinned as Jared ripped open the bag and tossed it t her, not leaving his place in the doorway to their room.

"I had a feeling that you might have missed them."

"You were right."

"As usual."

She patted the empty space besides her, beckoning for him to join her, her fingers unknowingly leaving processed cheese powder in their wake.

Jared took the hint. When he was settled comfortably beside Melanie, he reached for the bag of chips, only to find his hand grabbing the air.

"Hey! My Cheetos!" She exclaimed, clutching the bag close to her chest.

"You love them more than me?" Jared teased.

"As usual," She countered, mimicking his words from earlier before popping another crunchy puff in her mouth.

Jared just rolled his eyes and threw his arm around her shoulders.

"You know, Mel," He began, "You'll eventually run out of your beloved junk food. And then you'll be begging for me."

"Says who? I know where Ian stashes the Twinkies for Wanda. I'll go on a raid of my own."

"You're impossible, you know that?"

"Only when you try to separate me from my Cheetos."

Jared just sighed and rested his head in the crook of her neck, planting a gentle kiss on her sun-tanned skin. He could tell already that this would be a very trying day.