1 Your Guardian Angel

Summary: Namine decides to see a Circus show, but ends up falling for the star. But what is about her abnormally handsome crush that makes him and his family different?

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of Kingdom Hearts or Stephanie Meyer's idea for Twilight!

Also just to say the yo-yo stuff mentioned are called el diablo

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Angel

"Happy Birthday Namine," yet another random student called out to me for what seemed like the umpteenth time today. I smiled politely at the stranger, though it wasn't that I minded the attention. Quite frankly I enjoyed every moment of recognition directed my way. Today I was officially sixteen. Which to simply put things meant this was a big day for me. Today I would finally be seen as an adult. Not a child. An adult. Everything had been going my way so far.

My friends all greeted me with congratulations, gifts, hugs the usual excessive attention you receive on your birthday. In biology I aced the mid-term. Even gym I was actually able to run without falling face first onto the pavement. Today was my day.

Right now I was on my way home. My wonderful parents, Tidus and Yuna had told me about a surprise that involved all my friends. Knowing my parents it just had to be something amazing, like a...like maybe a car! I mean what better way to say 'Happy Sweet Sixteen' then with a new set of wheels! My mind began to wander, fantasizing myself driving a brand-new, light blue Porsche. The thought had me grinning from ear to ear, as I approached my house. It was a serene blue, two story house with a well kempt green lawn. I noticed a few dandelions that speckled the lawn and made a mental note to remind my dad.

Hoisting my white book bag over my right shoulder I dared to enter my house and discover the hidden surprise. I fished my keys out of my pocket, and inserted in the lock. The white painted door blew open. Not having taken even five steps into my house was I ambushed by my hyper group of friends.

"Oh Nami! This is going to be so-ooo cool!" Kairi squealed. I tried to suppress the excitement that seemed to infect me, but could barely hide the grin that stretched across my face.

"I know! I can't believe your parents are taking us!" Olette joined in, followed by Hayner, Riku, and Sora.

Their own smiles said enough about their excitement. "Where are we going?" I asked eagerly.

Kairi flicked back a strand of her silky auburn hair, "Oh you'll just have to wait."

"Kairi!" I begged, but she merely shook her head refusing to spill. I looked fleetingly at the rest of my friends, who like Kairi just shook their heads. I let out a frustrated gargle.

"Sorry you had to wait pumpkin." I heard a low and friendly voice say behind me.

I immediately turned around and embraced my dad in a hug. He chuckled, releasing me from his grip.

"So dear would you like to know what we got you?" my mom asked happily.

I nodded my head rapidly trying to delude some of the unneeded and unnerving suspense by picturing that Porsche. But that really didn't help me much.

Yuna held her breath for a brief moment. I wanted to scream, from the anxious feeling building up inside me, but restrained. "We're going to...the CIRCUS!"

My face fell. The circus? I thought I was sixteen not six! Trying my best to keep my parents happy I faked a smile. "Wow, thanks so much!"

My parents looked extremely pleased as my mom dragged me to the car constantly telling my friends and I, "We can't be late! This is the best circus in the world!"

Without realizing it we were already all piled in not my dream car but my parents beat up mini van. I gazed out the streaky windows not bothering to keep up with conversations in the car.

My whole day had been wonderful. I thought today I was going to be mature, today I was going to grow-up. Yet today I was going to the circus. Talk about your irony. It was strange how even my friends who like me wanted to be seen as an adult, wanted to grow-up, were jubilant about this entire situation.

The doors of the mini van snapped open and before I knew it were in the parking lot running as fast our legs could possibly carry us inside the large colorful tent to avoid the rain.

We were forced to wait in line for a half an hour before we could actually enter the seating area.

The couple ahead of us looked like they could open their own jewelry shop with the multitudes of rings(not just fingers) and bracelets they had on. I was relieved when we finally were able to go in and take our seats. My parents had gotten us center stage tickets. Woo-hoo. I mentally sighed taking the center, center seat. Kairi sat on my right and Riku sat on my left. Riku, which brings up another topic entirely, has been sitting by me a lot lately. In the cafeteria he saves me a seat, same in biology. It's kind of uncomfortable, but I decided to spare his feelings and ignore his abnormal closeness.

The lights soon began to dim, leaving a hazy atmosphere to envelop the tent. Sora and Hayner quickly rushed to their seats with candy, popcorn, hotdogs, and pretzels.

All at once the lights flashed various colors but my interest was lost as soon as a man in grey performed. He was good in all but just not attention grabbing. The other performers were alright. The gloomy kid leapt through moving hoops and the sitar kid played his well sitar. The pirate man, ice guy, and brawny guy all did some weird fight skit. The rest were a blur. It was only until the lights flashed insane reds and yellows did I even pay any attention. The blonde girl was circling the red haired boy menacingly. Her two whips sent waves of electricity through the stage and had the pyro shoot flames across at the girl. She merely whipped them away and flipped onto another mini stage. The pyro flew after her in flurry of embers and the two dueled using fire and lightning. I couldn't believe the stunts these two were performing! And their attitudes towards each other seemed convincing enough as well. The lightning girl as I have decided to dub her was dancing elaborately to the heavy rhythm, as the pyro boy shot flames that were all extinguished by her whips.

Soon enough the lights darkened again and the spotlight focused on a lone figure dressed in a black and white suite walked on the platform that held the tight rope. I couldn't not be fascinated with him. His ivory skin glowed as a patch of moon light seeped through the tent. His outfit like I said was black and white. One half of the suite was completely white with only the buttons black but the opposite for the other half. I thought he had the best costume. The others well, were questionable. The grey man looked like he was wearing his bath robe, the eye patch dude looked more like a pirate to me. Brawny guy belonged more in a wrestling arena then a circus, ice man was wearing something that belonged only in male figure skating and the daisy guy? A bit too disturbing.

He stood there, with his odd yet not out of place gravity defying golden spikes. Motionless.

Then jerked forward, fabricating a num-chuck like rope. Carrying his num-chuck rope he carefully leapt onto the tight rope.

Abruptly another figure emerged on the west side of the stage. She was little taller but just as stunning. Short page boy aqua hair, the same ivory skin, and a short light blue flower petal dress, with the petals turning aqua, and matching slip ons.

She held out a large yo-yo type device, threw it up into the air, and using her num-chuck rope flung it to the blonde boy. He immediately shot up, doing a quick double flip on the tight rope caught the yo-yo with his num-chuck rope, and swung it back forcing her to do another elaborate trick to catch the yo-yo. They quickly danced to opposite sides of the tight rope as it suddenly snapped! The audience let out a gasp, but the performers jumped and easily landed on two moving platforms.

Their battle continued the same, except for the consequence of falling and breaking your neck of course. Though the performers didn't look frightened at all about the threat as the leapt and flipped, and spun to catch the flying yo-yo. It wasn't until the cute blonde boy(well you can't deny he's cute) caught the yo-yo and spun so fast that the aqua haired girl as hard as she tried couldn't grab the piece of flying plastic.

I watched as they breathed heavily, the blonde pumping his fists victoriously.

The lights dimmed once more, but this time for an intermission. I couldn't help but be disappointed. I wanted to see more of the cute blonde, his ivory skin glow from the moonlight, golden hair shining like a beacon of light. But for twenty minutes I would have to deal. I walked around the main lobby for a few minutes watching people talk animatedly among themselves. I edged for the arena, but instead saw Riku approach me.

"So what did you think?" Riku asked casually, yet again his constant presence a bit uncomfortable.

"It was..." I tried to think of the right word for the blonde boy I saw. "Amazing."

"I know! I mean being able to that stuff must take a lot of work," Riku said still shocked himself.

"Well I'm going to go sit down again. Don't want to be late," I said glancing at my watch for what appeared like the tenth time in the past ten twelve minutes. I only had to wait for a few more minutes as people filed in for what was said to be the main attraction.

Kairi was already beside me, and has asked me what I had thought as she stole popcorn from her boyfriend Sora's bag. Riku too was beside me with his arm on my armrest. I don't know if he just needed more elbow room or something but it did make the feeling of uncomfortableness intensify.

But eventually the lights dimmed again and the tent's top opened up to reveal the moon glittering high in the sky. The rain had long dispersed and a set of trapeze appeared on stage. They were ivory and sent chills of excitement down my spine. The light refocused as soft music began to play. The blonde I couldn't help but be infatuated with stood on the platform, in a ostentatious ivory suite. No black at all, just pure white. Like an angel I mused.

He approached the trapeze, gripping his ivory hands on the bar. He closed his eyes for a moment before lifting off. His body was spinning rapidly, but fluidly to the music. Everyone's eyes were solely on the blonde performer as he flew off of the bar and into the air.

His limbs gracefully flowed with the wind, moon glittering off his skin like stars, as he struck the most breathtaking pose to ever exist. He was suspended in the air, the same pose held, but just as he was at the highest point. Our eyes met. It was like a cosmic moment as my cerulean eyes locked with his bright, alluring azure orbs. It was as if we had both lived our entire lives for this one moment. I forgot to breathe as his gaze intensified.

I was lost in his beautiful face. So beautiful it hurt. Angular face, full lips, a face chiseled by angels no doubt.

It was when he broke our gaze did reality hit me again. He descended gracefully the pose different but still beautiful. I heard a few people cry, including Kairi and Olette. As soon as his feet touched the platform once more, the entire crowd stood up and cheered. He bowed as the rest of the performers joined him. I was still dazed as his perfection intoxicated my system. That it wasn't until Riku pulled me by the elbow did I respond.

"Wow that beautiful," Kairi sighed, wiping away stray tears with her fingertip. I nodded in agreement.

Sora suddenly bounded behind us, happy as usual. "Man! That dude was awesome! I can't even do a somersault let alone the trapeze!" Sora exclaimed incredulously.

"I know what you mean. I can hardly walk a few feet without tripping" I joked.

We all laughed, as my dad approached us. "Hey Nam, glad you liked the show. Here I got you a program," my dad offered. I swiped the thick program seeing as it had my favorite blonde on the cover. I saw his flawless face again, along with the other abnormally attractive faces. I skimmed the pages trying to find his name, in the jumble of names.

I looked at the stars of the show, their stage names as well as their names shown.

Main Performers:

Lighting Dancer: Larexene Raikou Flaming Fury: Axel Kasai

Leaping Deceiver: Zexion Eichi

Muscle Maniac: Laxeaus Ikou

Melodious Nocturne: Demyx Myu-jikku

I observed the names carefully thinking about each performer's talent, but couldn't find my angel. My eyes skimmed to the last name on the list.

Twilight Angel: Roxas Strife

Roxas Strife, I repeated in my mind. Even thinking his name sent tingles down my spine. I dare not think of what saying his name would do.

"C'mon Nami we gotta go home and open the rest of your presents!" Sora whined pulling me towards the car with the others.

I smiled leaning my head on the mini van window.

I officially loved the circus.