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I felt my lungs on fire, saw my breath in little white puffs trailing behind me, heard the whistles followed by muffled yells and the echoing of my own two feet. I smelled the burning food from the hot dog stand I just passed, and tasted the bitterness of what I knew was defeat.

I was caught, that was the last of it. In my last few minutes of freedom, I was forced to sit and suffer though my memories. Blood stain red and fire orange shading in my past. I could clearly see myself back in my old house. Where were they? Where were my parents? They had been killed and I was next, I just knew it.

I remember pushing through the thick, dark smoke, and then in my mind, I found myself sitting on what used to be my front lawn. Watching my parents, my home, a killer, and all the evidence burn to ashes.

I always wish I didn't escape. Times like when I was accused of starting the fire, when it was freezing cold and I was sleeping outside, when I had to steal just to survive- those are just a few.

Now that I am slipping back into reality, and getting placed into a cop's car, well, this is just another one of those times...

"Wammy's or prison?" I asked, thinking, what the hell is a wammy?

"Yeah." A stern looking guy with a shiny badge confirmed to me. "You passed the little IQ test we were told to give you, and you certainly ain't got no parents!"

I heard a few of the others laughing behind me and I wanted to turn around and punch the smiles right off of their faces, but that would leave me in an even worse situation.

"Well, I really don't feel lie going to jail like I'm some sort of criminal, so I guess I'll go to this Wammy's place..."

I don't know what exactly it is, but I guess I don't even need to know. As soon as they let their guard down I'm gonna run anyway, so it doesn't even matter.

"I just called the House. They're going to be sending someone to get you." One of he guys who was behind me and laughing earlier told me.

"You're lucky kid. Not everyone gets into this orphanage. You'd be pretty screwed if you didn't..." Another cop started to tell me, before I heard light knocking on the door next to me.

I turned to look and saw an older man standing in the doorway. His spectacles reflected the dim lights on the ceiling and his gray hair blended with his pale skin and the dirty concrete walls quite nicely. You honestly could barely see him since he was so camouflaged.

"Where is he?" The old man asked, and immediately I was pushed into him. "Hello, I'm Roger. What is your name?" He asked me with forced kindness.

I didn't reply.

"Hmm?" He nudged again.

I still didn't answer.

I could see he was beginning to lose his patience, so I decided to tell him, before he asked again. "My name is Mail." I mumbled.

"Mail? Mail what?"

I hate my name, I always did. It almost physically hurt me to let it leave my dry lips. "Jeevas...my name is Mail Jeevas."

Despite what I figured would happen- since it always does- nobody laughed. I almost caught a few bits of sympathy I think. They probably just recognized my name from the papers, and the tombstones.

"Okay, well then...let's go now."

I was led by frail hands to a sleek black car. My lips had long turned blue from the late January wind, and sliding into the car was like a small miracle. It was warm, and I almost felt at home in my mothers' arms.

I felt hot tears sting my still rosy cheeks and I bit my lip to keep from crying. Maybe my life was bad, okay, terrible...but I'm not gonna let it get even more melancholy by crying.

Hell, who knows, Wammy's might be good for me.
Maybe I won't wanna run away. I could meet friends, and make a family for myself.

Crying won't help me, and I refuse to let it slow me down. I am determined to either be loved, or hated.

God only knows if I'll even be accepted!

I then took a break from ranting to myself, and rested my head in my hands, to await the end of the agonizingly slow ride to Wammy's House.

And fell asleep.

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