Hello! In honor of stuff, I have decided to start a new story. This is the beginning of a story I wrote a LONG time ago. You know the drill, I don't own anything & love reviews.

On the Way to Tortuga

Jack Sparrow- (reads) Dear Captain Jack Sparrow; you have cordially been invited to spend a month with the newly reborn Admiral Norrington. The mystic Tia Dalma brought His Admiralness back to life, and he wishes to invite you to spend a lovely month with him and his friends on the Disney Cruise Ship. Please reply as soon as possible. Love and kisses, James Norrington.

The Pirates snicker

Elizabeth- Yes, James is a bit…hmmm…like the groovy hippies say, "Out of It".

Barbossa- Groovy Hippos?

Elizabeth- HIPPIES

Barbossa- (mutters) You're a hippo…

Jack bursts out laughing

Jack- Oooh, you better get some SPF, homeboy, cause you're about to get burned on his moon shine!

Elizabeth- I beg your pardon?

Jack- You're such a LOSER!

Elizabeth- NO! I AM NOT A LOSER!

Davy- Ohmygosh, I was watching Scooby Doo 2 the other day…

Jack- (making fun) Ohmygosh, and then, someone ate a fish, and you started crying!

Davy- What?

Jack- Your mom.

Will- Both of you, shut up. Anyways, Jack, what about Norrington's partay?

Jack- Partay?

Davy- Why do you have to be so mean?

Jack- (looks at Davy) You are a wacko nutcase.

Davy- Like your MOM.

Jack- NO, like YOUR mom.

Davy- Your mom.

Jack- Your mom.


Jack- Your FACE!

Davy- What?

Jack- Would you like some ice for that burrrnnnnn?

Davy- Well no. Actually, I would prefer some lukewarm water.

Jack- (stares) ..

Elizabeth- Okay…hahaha…um..

Will- Get your bags everyone! We're going on a cruise!

Jack- With your MOM!

Will- What?

Jack- We're going on a cruise.

Will- What about my mother?

Jack- I didn't say anything about your mother.

Will- Yes, you did.

Jack- No, I did not.

Davy- We should be writing this down to put on Fanfiction!

Everyone looks over at him.

Jack- Yes…I think I'll just go pack my bags…

Will- Me too..

Jack & Will leave.

Elizabeth- I think I'll follow them.

Elizabeth leaves.

Davy- I'm all lonely! That's not right dude!

Jack- (from upstairs) LIKE YOUR MOM!