Hello. My name is Abaigael Harusburg, or just Abby. I was changed into a vampire in 1944 somewhere in a Polish concentration camp. That's right, I was in the Holocaust. I was only 13 when I was changed, though I look like I'm 16. That was how I survived the Concentration camps that I was in from when I was eleven to when I was changed. Since I was in the camps, I was very thin to the point that many people think I'm anorexic. I also have very short, only about chin length, pin straight brown hair. My yellow eyes were scarred with the many things I had witnessed in my time at the several camps I went to in my two years at the camps. Even in those two years I had witnessed much more then a girl my age should witness, including the deaths of my whole family. That was why I had never uttered a word in over seventy years.

Your probably wondering how I was changed and why, well I'll answer it for you, or at least part of the reason. Most of it was kind of traumatizing. Lets just say I got in some trouble with a Nazi that was making sure we were working. He got mad, to say the least, and beat me up, that's a nice way to put it. Anyway I was hardly able to work very hard after that, and the next day, I got sent to the showers. I was absolutely terrified. I had heard rumors about the showers, and none were very good. They all usually ended with the people who went their dying.

That was when a vampire who had sneaked in the camp for some, uh hem, dinner saw me. He obviously didn't know that most of the people in the camp were basically skeletons. He saw me in line for the showers and took pity on me. He had smelled the gas coming from it and he immediately knew what was going to happen to me. He saw I was young and somehow stole me away when I was about to go in the chambers. He found a way out and with the help of his vampire speed and strength he escaped. Too say the least I was terrified. I thought a worse fate was coming for me. I still don't know if it was or not. He changed me somewhere far from the camp since I was dying.

All I remember after that was pain. Lots and lots of pain. I remember screaming out at one point, telling him to just kill me. Besides that, I never said or screamed a thing. When it stopped, I was relieved. The pain was gone, I was now a vampire. The man who changed me left soon after he told me what I was. I simply hid out until the end of the war, until it was safe to move to America. During my time in hiding, I fed off of animals since their were no humans around. After I stopped hiding, I stuck to my diet of animals since I thought that that was much better then feeding off of humans, causing them pain.

Since my change, I had never spoke a word. I was scared, for me speaking was the reason I had been beaten on that fateful day. I now live in America, moving here or there. I met some vampires on my journey, and they all seemed to be surprised by the color of my eyes. They were yellow, unlike the red that most vampires had. I have yet to find a bunch of vampires that shared my diets. Little did I know that that was about to change very soon.

Alice's POV

I once again had that vision about that vampire girl. I had no idea why I kept having these visions about her. We had never met her before, so why did I keep getting these visions?

So far I haven't seen her meeting us, but they were mostly of her roaming around. She had the same diet as us Cullens have. I know this because I've seen her eyes. I saw them once and that was enough to make me not want to look in them again. Her yellow eyes were filled with torturous pain and fear. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. I also wanted to know what happened to her to make her eyes like this.

"Had the vision about the girl again?" My angel, Jasper said.

"Yea," I said snuggling up against him, "I don't know why though."

"What did you see this time?" He asked.

"The usual. Her walking around, but I think she's coming by us," I said to my husband. I felt a wave of calm hit me when I started to get stressed. I smiled at my husband in thanks.

"Then you should tell everyone," He answered.

"If Edward hadn't already," I said. Edward has probably already read my mind and decided to warn everyone. We walked downstairs though, hand in hand, as I got ready to tell everyone.

All of a sudden I had a vision. It was the girl again and she was about to knock on the door. This seemed like it will be happening soon, an hour at the most.

"Crap! Guys!" I exclaimed, now running downstairs.

Abby's POV

I was walking, silently as ever around the woods. I was bored as I always was. Maybe I'll find some animal to tease, I thought. That always kept me entertained.

I was walking around when I saw it. A beautiful white three story house standing in front of me. Who would live in the middle of the woods? I figured I was just closer to town then I thought.

I was curious to see who lived here, so, going against my better judgment, I walked up to the front door, getting ready to knock. I figured I could get my self out of any trouble I might come across here. I was, after all, a vampire and the people here were most likely humans. So, imagine my surprise when a vampire opened the door, seven more behind him, all with the same golden eyes as I did. Crap, I thought. I was definitely in trouble now, i didn't stand a chance against EIGHT vampires!

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