For those of you who are too lazy to look at the date published, it was written before Breaking Dawn came out, therefore Breaking Dawn is not acknowledged in this story.

After dinner that night, Carlisle came home. I didn't actually notice until he came into the living room, kissing Esme hello.

"Hey Carlisle!" I said happily, until I saw the little white bag that was unmistakingly something from a pharmacy. "What's that?" I asked cautiously.

"You should take two of these every day. To help your body heal faster. We should of given it to you before, but I had other things on my mind." Carlisle said, taking out a pill bottle from the bag.

My eye's widened and I bolted towards the stairs, which was not the smartest of moves since I was in a house full of super speedy vampires. Carlisle was in front of me immediately.

"Now Abby, you need to take one now," Carlisle said.

"No," I argued.

"Edward?" Carlisle asked quietly. Edward appeared, nodded and suddenly his hand was clasped around my shoulder immobilizing me. I resorted to sucking my lips in refusing to take a pill.

"Now we can do this the hard way or the easy way," Carlisle said calmly. I simply looked the other way my mouth clenched shut. I heard a sigh before my mouth was forced open and a pill was distributed there. The hand though stayed firmly over my lips so I couldn't spit it out.

"Mhmhmhmhmh." I said my words muffled from Carlisle's hand. When he wouldn't let go, I jumped up only to be suspended in the air since Edward still firmly had hold of my shoulder. It was a weird feeling being suspended in the air. I stomped back down angrily. "Mhm hmh mh, mhm hmh mhm, mhm hmh mh" I tried saying get off me three times, stomping on each word. I noticed the rest of the Cullens came in and were watching the show that was going on

"Abaigael Arella Harusberg!" I gasped slightly, he sounded so much like my father did when ever he was angry at me. I stopped obediently to listen to him. "Your acting like a baby. Just swallow it and we'll let go. No need to throw a tantrum," Carlisle said sternly, sounding so much like my father.

I was suddenly stricken with a streak of genius. I picked my legs up and sat Indian style in the air, thanks to Edward, crossed my arms stubbornly, and glared at Carlisle. You may be able to force the pill in my mouth, but you can't make me swallow it.

Edward laughed and said something to low for my ears. Whatever he said, it made everyone laugh, except Carlisle who just looked exasperated. "Just be warned, Abaigael that Edward and I have much more patience then you can possibly have."

"She might mot have a lot of patience, but she does have a hell of a lot of will power," Aaron said, "And she's cunning. Beware of any tricks she might pull."

I looked at him betrayed. You don't warn the enemy. Who's side is he on anyways? He just grinned at me, his perfect grin.

The battle had begun though. My will power verses Carlisle and Edward's patience. I gagged a few times from the taste of the pill dissolving on my tongue. I knew pills were suppose to be tasteless, but they always had this horrible taste to them when ever I tried taking them, which wasn't very often considering I was 11 before I entered the concentration camps, and of course I didn't get any in the camps.

So there we stood for a half hour, then an hour. Soon it was time for me to go to sleep, but I kept holding on. I suddenly had an idea. I thought to Carlisle in my best Carlisle like voice, which was quite easy since it was in my mind, 'She swallowed it, I can finally let go of her.' I felt his hand loosen.

"Don't fall for it Carlisle. She's using her talent," Edward said. I groaned as the hand tightened again.

"Come on Abby, it's almost midnight! Just swallow the stupid pill." Edward begged, "I have better things to do." I scoffed. Sure he does, I thought.

"See! Abby agrees with me that you don't have a life!" I heard Emmett say. My laugh was muffled.

"Hey! I do have a wife!" Edward defended. I nearly gagged at the under meaning in that.

"Stop before you scar her Edward," Bella said.

"I have an idea." Aaron said. He appeared behind Carlisle holding a plate with a knish on it. Was it?

"Yes Ari, mashed potatoes with a pinch of onion and cheese on the inside, Not to cold, not to hot. Do you want it?"

I looked away from it, but I accidentally swallowed. The hands left me and I began coughing uncontrollably. Carlisle pounded on my back lightly. I stopped coughing soon and Carlisle said, "Now that wasn't to hard was it?"

"Yes," I said breathlessly, recovering from my coughing fit. I grabbed the plate from Aaron and said cheerfully, "Just think, we get to go through this twice every day for one to two weeks!" I flipped my hair and turned and skipped, that's right skipped, to my room. I heard a groan behind me and I laughed lightly while I continued my trek to my room, knish in hand.

"Don't make a mess in your room, sweety!" Esme yelled to me.

"Kay Esme," I responded, as I opened my door, with some difficulty as the doors in this house were heavier then normal doors. I shut the door behind me and jumped on my bed, eating my knish happily.

"Oh no! They're coming!" Alice said.

"Who's coming?" I asked while eating breakfast the next morning.

"The Volturi," Alice said. I heard Edward growl loudly.

"The Volturi?" I questioned curiously, eating my cereal.

"They're sort of vampire royalty," Aaron explained to me. I nodded curiously.

"But Bella's a vampire now. We have no reason to fear them," Jasper said reasonably.

"Yes, but Abby," Alice said. Everyone who wasn't in the kitchen before appeared and I felt the eyes on me. I stopped eating and looked down embarrassed. "is a problem. Aro and Caius along with some others are coming. Marcus is going to stay in Italy to watch over back there."

"So we know they're not very serious about fighting us right now, even if Bella's human. If they were, Marcus wouldn't have stayed behind," Carlisle said wisely.

"Why am I a problem?" I asked.

"You're human. Humans aren't suppose to know about vampires," Alice said.

"But I'm only temporarily a human. I'm actually 93, and I'd like to believe I don't look that old," I said. I saw eyes roll at that last sentence.

"Yes, but they don't know what will happen. They don't actually know you and Aaron are here, therefore they haven't decided what to do when they find out. I'm totally blind until they get here." Alice said frustrated. I could tell she did not like to be blind.

"So am I screwed?" I asked.

"Not if he reads one of our minds. How long do we have?"

"They're coming tomorrow," Alice replied.

"Well I guess we should start preparing for our guests," Esme sighed before getting to work. "You all have to work too!" Everyone groaned.

"Do we have to?" Bella asked.

"Whats wrong with it?" I asked.

"When Esme says prepare for guest it means cleaning. And Esme likes for us to do it human speed," Edward said.

"So?" I questioned. It didn't seem that bad to me.

"It's so slow and it usually takes the whole day!" Emmett complained.

"Cleaning time is Family time," Esme said wisely.

"Carlisle doesn't have to clean!" Emmett whined.

"Well he has work and I suppose you want a roof over your heads," Esme said sternly before continuing, "Ok, so first we'll do the Living room." Groans were heard as we trooped into the incredible mess that was the living room. Video games, pillows, shoes, and several other things were littered on the floor. This was going to be a long day considering there is like 50 rooms in this house.

"You're telling me," Edward grumbled.

"Ok, lets get going," Esme said excited. "Alice your on wiping the furniture down in this room." Alice seemed put down by that, "And none of you can cheat because we have a human here who's speed you will constantly be compared to," She warned.

"Gee thanks Esme," I said embarrassed.

I started cleaning with everyone else, starting with the pillows. They were easy enough. I liked organizing things. I organized them in a pretty design, though I knew they weren't staying like that.

"Hey, doesn't Aaron need to go hunting?" I said suddenly stopping.

"Yes, but that'll wait until cleaning is done. Someone will need to go with him, seeing as this'll be the first time he drinks animal blood, instead of well human blood." Esme said. Aaron looked visibly nervous at the thought of it.

As he was near to me, I patted his back comfortingly saying, "Don't worry, it'll be fine." He looked doubtful.

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