As another day of training ended, Leo kept thinking about Alex. He did have to admit, she was more beautiful than Karai, though the two had identical faces. Alex's voice was softer and more American and her heart had the same mind as his. He hated to see people hurt and defenceless. The two had quite a lot in common, but was it enough to put personal trust in her. He knew Raph noticed that his mind kept wondering to the woman Ninja.

Since the night the two turtles had talked to the woman and she gave them her sealed files of her operation, Mikey kept asking what the sealed files were. Master Splinter always kept his answer simple, 'you will learn soon enough'. Master Splinter wasn't sure what to say about the files. He didn't want Leonardo's personal meetings with the woman to be revealed but at the same time he wasn't sure how to bring the subject up.

With their weapons away, Leo suddenly felt a presence. He quickly guessed the presence wasn't there to be harmful; in fact it was the complete opposite. The presence always came around the farmhouse everyday at this time but this was the first time that the turtles were still outside. Knowing full well that Splinter was about to head inside, he raised his head high and faced the front of the house.

"How is that I'm the one able to sense your presence?" he asked out loud.

His brothers quickly looked at him like he was crazy. Raph was the first to realize who the turtle was talking about. Splinter stopped in his tracks and turned back towards his eldest son.

"Ummm…Leo," Donnie started. "What are you talking about?"

"Yeah. There isn't no else around," Mikey agreed.

"That is not true, my turtle friend."

Donnie and Mikey looked up and gasped in horror.

"It can't be," Mikey said slowly.

"Karai," finished Donnie.

Alex rolled her eyes as she jumped off the roof and gracefully landed beside Leonardo. She turned and looked at the three turtles.

"I'm not Karai," she answered. "She is my sister as we are identical twins."

"My sons," Splinter called. "Allow her to speak. I should let you know that Leonardo has already met her twice and Raphael once."

"Why weren't we told?" Donnie asked.

"I requested for her presence to remain silent."

Alex walked over to Splinter and gave him the Japanese respected bow. "You must be Master Splinter. It is an honor to meet you."

"And you must be Alex." He bowed as well. "My sons showed me your box of files. Raphael, please retrieve the box."

Raph nodded and quickly ran into the house, a few moments later he returned and gave Splinter the box. The rat took the box with ease and handed it to the woman. Alex took the box and opened it. She quickly found the files were still sealed.

"They are sealed."

"You are part of the Blue Dragons, I'm sure you are trustworthy."

"You know of the Blue Dragons? For a rat, you get around."

"I have taken much time in keeping track of the Shredder and his rivals. The Shredder is someone who killed my master, Master Yoshi."

"Sensei?" Mikey asked. "What are Blue Dragons? It sounds like the Purple Dragons."

Alex looked at the orange clad turtle. "The Blue Dragons are the complete opposite of the Purple Dragons and they are Ninjas. Instead of hunting down people for protection money or other criminal activity, we help. If there is a serial killer and someone wants them out of the way and the local police won't do anything or can't, we are secretly hired to take them out. Sometimes it gets messy but most of the time we will gift wrap the felon and hand them to the police."

"I remember reading about felons appearing on the steps of police stations with enough evidence to put them away from a long time," Donnie said as he walked over to the woman.

"That would be my people," she answered. "I know you have no reason to trust me as I look like Karai. But I'm nothing like her. My father, the Shredder, tried to kill me when I decided to rebel against him."

Donnie thought for a moment and then addressed to his brothers. "That does sound like the Shredder. Remember when we would meet up with Stockman? Every time we would see him, he kept having missing limbs. Right up to the point where he now has no body, just a brain."

"That still creeps me out," Mikey said a little too loud. "And now he works with Bishop."

"Not to sound too forward but what is your real name? I mean you're Japanese and your name is an American. Plus if the Shredder tried to kill you, I would presume that he thinks that you are dead since we know nothing of you. And to keep the Shredder off your back, you would have changed your identity to protect yourself from him and your sister."

Alex smiled. "Your reputation as being the smart turtle never ceases to amaze me. My true name is Akira Saki, but I haven't gone by that name in over five years. My full name now is Alex Freedrin."

"Isn't Alex short for a longer name?" Donnie asked.

"Normally, yes. But what is sense of forging a full name when I'm just going to use the short form?"

"I suppose that is a good reason."

Alex turned away from the smart turtle and looked back at the small rat. "Master Splinter, you must be proud of your sons."

"I am."

"Though young, they are quite talented and I would be proud to be your ally."

"We would accept you as our ally. But please I must know, how long have you known about us?"

"From the day Dr. Stockman sent his mouser robots after you. I had just happened to be in the sewers when they attacked your home. I watched from the shadows as your sons climbed out to try and go down the next one. But they were quickly ambushed from the Purple Dragons. By this time, I had to disguise myself. See for a short time, I had infiltrated my father's Foot Ninja. I was one of the foot members who attacked your sons but when your sons fled the scene, I stopped the foot from following them."

"You were part of the foot who attacked us that night?" Donnie blurted. "Amazing. Then that means you know where we live."

"Yes. I have been able to by pass your security grid and the time when the foot were looking for you in the sewers and you stayed at friend's shop. I made sure your home wasn't detected. I was even there that day of the Battle Nexus Championship but I pulled out at the last moment as I didn't want you to know I was there."

"So you saw me win…" Mikey started but Raph quickly jumped and slammed his body into his youngest brother. Both brothers fell to the ground with a thud. "Owwwwww!" the orange turtle whined. "Raph!"

Alex slightly chuckled. "For your information, Michelangelo I did watch you win the tournament but it was only by fluke as you accidentally hit your opponent with your weapon, thus knocking him out when the Daimyo's son and Drako were sucked into the portal. You no longer had an opponent to fight for the trophy. But don't you think bragging about winning and the fact you defeated your brother without laying a single shot on him, is starting to get old?

"Each of you has your unique way of fighting. You like to resort to trickery and not use weapons. It's effective but one day that trick won't work. One day it could be your brother getting the last laugh. You have often been able to avoid your brother and I'm sure it's because in a way you are afraid of his anger."

Raph looked at the woman and scowled. "What do you mean my anger? You know nothing about me."

"Raphael," Splinter snapped. "She has already pointed out that she has kept a watch over us. I'm sure she has even watched you train."

"I have Master Splinter," she answered, turning back to the rat. "I can pick out all your strengths and weaknesses. You each have a different way of dealing with situations. But when the going gets tough you four blend together to become one good fighting team."

"Wow," Donnie said. "You must hold us in high respects."

"I do."

"Guys, dinner is…" April walked to the porch and saw the woman. "Oh my god."

Alex rolled her eyes again. She didn't want to retell her story a fourth time. She hated repeating herself. It was one trait she did learn from her father and it was one thing she was able to stand from him.

"April," Leo said. "Meet Alex, Karai's twin sister. She's the leader of the Blue Dragons. A secret band of Ninja who help people."

"Is she trustable?" Casey asked as he came up behind April and laid a hand on her shoulder.

"Quite, Mr. Jones," Alex answered. "Your father was killed by the Purple Dragons and to this day you wish to revenge his death. But you have come to learn that Hun is no easy prey."

"You know a lot about me for someone who is the Shredder's daughter," Casey hissed.

Alex groaned. She bowed to Splinter. "Perhaps I should take my leave. Now that you five are healed enough, I will be leaving at first light. I will be camping nearby, keeping watch until then. Perhaps we can work together sometime."

"I'm sure we can come up with an arrangement," Splinter bowed back. "Thank you Miss Alex, for trusting us and not turning away when we needed you."

"The honor is mine. Til next time." Alex quickly jumped onto the roof and disappeared.


While the brothers and friends were immersed in a game of cards, Leo decided to get some air. It was the first time April and Casey stayed up this late, they usually were in bed by ten but this time was different. Perhaps it was because they met Alex. She was definitely different than her sister.

Karai had her own agenda and Leo was sure she had an attraction to him, but it changed when him and his brothers tried their best to stop Shredder from leaving. Leo had watched as her eyes went from concern to cold. She gave him such the cold stare. But she didn't want to understand that her father was an evil alien.

With Alex now in the picture he was able to see that people could change. He got to see what Karai could have been if she was able to see the evil side of the alien bug. Remembering what she said when she left; Leo quickly sprinted off towards the woods. He had a feeling where she was. She had said that she would stay nearby until first light. He needed to talk to her.

He continued until he stopped where they met. And as he thought, she had a camp set up. He was grateful that she was alone. When he approached her camp sight, he noticed that she was still awake. She was leaning against a tree, with a light rod by her hand. He stopped and began to walk into the campsite.

"I knew you would come," she said. "You still have many questions you want to ask me."

He remained silent as he continued to approach her. When he was close enough, he lowered himself until he was sitting crossed legged on the ground, in front of her.

"I now understand if Karai was able to see through Shredder's deception she would be more like you. You have given me so much to think about."

"I have," she agreed. "But what ails you to come to speak with me about Karai?"

"You knew Master Splinter wouldn't have opened those files didn't you?" he asked, evading her question. "You knew, he knew about the Blue Dragons, that is why you gave us box. You knew we wouldn't open them."

"You are half true. I knew your father knew of my secret group, but I figured they would have been opened by one of your brothers. But I now see that you nor Raphael had told your other two brothers about me or your friends."

"Master Splinter wanted to meet you before informing Donnie or Mikey. That is something that has been on my mind. You said when we met that you only knew our short form names, so how did you Mikey's full name?"

"I do not like explaining more than once and yet I've had to three times, almost four. I've been listening more closely these last few days. I've heard your father call you by your full names. Your friend, Casey doesn't trust me."

"It's hard for anyone to trust someone when that someone knows about you before you about him."

"I suppose your right. So tell me, what other questions do you have? I hope they don't concern Karai."

"Honestly, I'm not sure. I do have questions but I don't know where to start."

Alex pulled her body away from the tree and gently held his hands. "You are confused."

"There! How is that you have so much gentleness but yet you can be a deadly assassin? Why did you kiss me, twice? And why would someone love me. I'm a mutant, a freak with a damaged shell." Leo tried to move his hands away from hers but she was fast at tightening her grip.

"I kiss you because you are a compassionate being. You are not a freak. Do you think just because you have shell and you're cold blooded it makes you a freak? How about your alien allies, the Utroms? Are they freaks?"

"No. They are aliens. Other people would think of them as freaks."

"I'm not one of those people. Lives are precious no matter if they are accidents or not. Yes, you are a mutant, a freak accident, if you will but that doesn't make you any less of person. Many people are born everyday because of accidents. Some are born because of rape.

"How about those people who are shunned because of the color of their skin, or religion, or just plain the way the dress. What do you think they are called? They are called freaks but does that stop them from having a right to walk this planet, or go to school to learn. Your friend April loves you guys like family. She would die if something were to ever happen you guys."

Leo lowered his head in shame. He never thought of it like that. There are African Americans who are treated unfairly just because they have a different color skin. Even people who dress differently are treated as freaks as well. In a way him and his family were no different.

A single tear suddenly found it's way out and began to make a track over his mask and slide down his face. Alex saw this and moved in closer, hugging the turtle. With her arms around him, a floodgate opened. He silently cried as he did when they first met. How was she able to do that to him, he would never know? She was able to make him release his tension just by her gentle touch and soft voice, which was slightly laced in a Japanese accent. Her voice was more American though.

While he cried, he vaguely felt her remove his bandanna and began to rub the good portion of his shell in a soothing reaction. When her fingers gave his damaged part a feathery touch, he realized the position the two were in. His head was leaning on her shoulder as his arms were tightly holding her back. He didn't even remember when he moved his arms to wrap around her. What was she doing to him?

Well the answer was simple…he was falling for her and falling hard. In just a few short weeks, of meeting her he was having feelings for her. Was it because she looked like Karai? No, that couldn't be. What he had felt for Karai was lost. As soon as she had stabbed him, she was dead to him. He never even knew a heart could shut off that fast for anyone. Of course that was very rare for the heart to shut off like that towards someone. It normally would take weeks, months perhaps even years to no longer care for someone.

Leo slowly lifted his head to look her in the eyes. "Is this even possible?" he whispered.

Alex looked in his eyes and saw what his question was asking. He was asking if it was possible for someone to love him and he love back. "Anything is possible," she whispered back. "I can assure you this isn't because of Karai. We may have the same face but we have different views."

"I can see that." Leo continued staring her in the eyes. He was slightly scared that if he blinked, she would disappear and this would have been a dream.

As if reading his mind, Alex moved her hand away from his injury and gently wiped a tear. "Does this feel like a dream?"

"Is it? I mean what if I am in the house, sleeping this whole thing, hoping that my heart would heal from Karai's betrayal and my failure. What if you are someone I wanted Karai to be?"

"If this is a dream, do you want to wake up?" Her other hand came around and lightly caressed the other side of his face.

Leo thought for a moment, rationalizing things. Was she a dream or was it real? If this was a dream why would his dream then make up a secret Ninja group called the Blue Dragons? He turned away for a moment, breaking the contact but quickly brought it back. "This isn't a dream. You are real."

"Then prove it," she challenged. "If I am real, prove once and for all that your imagination isn't playing tricks. That your mind isn't giving you false hopes like it did before."

What could he do to prove it? She challenged him and he was never one to back away from a challenge dream or no dream. For several minutes he thought of what to do. During that time the two never looked away from each other. Then he remembered she had kissed him, twice. And both times she had surprised him. She kissed him and he never got the feeling that she was repulsed by it. Deciding perhaps he should return the favor, he snapped his arms from around her back and wrapped them into her hair. His hands pushed her head until his wide lips and beak were touching hers.

It was the first time he ever kissed someone. As soon as he felt her lips, the lips were quickly responding to him. His arms slowly made their way to her back as hers wrapped around his shell. She pushed her body, further into his, forcing him to lose his balance. He fell to the ground, with her on top of him.

Before his shell hit the ground, she quickly moved her hands to wrap around the edges of his shell. When the two finally came up for air, she moved her head away.

"That's not so bad, now is it?" she asked, breathing heavily.

"I guess my theory was right. You are real," he breathed.

She chuckled. "As much as I would really love to stay like this, but I'm sure you should head back to the house. I will be leaving in the morning."

"I know, and my brothers and I are going to a camping trip tomorrow night."

"Don't let Karai be your undoing."

"I won't. I have someone else I can think about now," he smiled. He caressed her cheek. "Thank you for your help. I believe you have had success in your task."

"Oh, and what task was that?" she smiled back.

"Healing my heart. And making me realize that what Karai did was not my fault. I tried my best to convince her to leave your father, but she didn't want to listen."

Alex pulled away from the turtle and stood. She was about to give the turtle a hand up but he quickly did a kick up and was on his feet before she had a chance to offer her hand. She bent down and picked up the blue mask.

Thinking that she was going to hand it him, he held his hand for it but she didn't give it to him. Instead she walked behind him and put the mask on for him. When she had the knot tied, she dropped a light kiss on his head. He quickly turned and pulled her face to him so he could kiss her again.

When he released her, he quickly jumped to the trees and disappeared into the night, leaving her alone in her campsite. As he made his way to the hosue, he wondered how long he could keep their meetings a secret. When he got to the house, he noticed his brothers and friends were still immersed in their game. He quietly walked past them and made his way to the loft where his master was sleeping. Not wanting to disturb his Sensei, he quietly crawled into his bed, which was closest to the rat and was soon asleep. He didn't even hear when his brothers had decided to retire for the night.