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Unexpected Revelations

Day 01: Love Letters and Photos

"We have received words from Mukuro." Gokudera reported professionally as Tsuna grimaced at the mountains of paper works on top of his table. At the age of twenty-five, Tsuna had finally gotten used to being Vongola Decimo. As the tenth boss of one of the oldest and largest mafia family, Tsuna have grown accustomed to the blood, the violence and the never-ending tragedy that his family had, is and will inflict for the family.

"… 10 pages of fucking love letters." Gokudera reported through gritted teeth. Tsuna forced a smile; he has yet to grow accustomed to Mukuro's weird behavior, "I can't believe this fucking bastard! The real report is only 10 words!!"

In anger, Gokudera threw Mukuro's report to the nearest wall. Tsuna chuckled nervously, reading the papers on his table, "And what did the report talked about?"

"Guido Greco witnessed Byakuran looking at different bridal magazines." Gokudera replied. Tsuna stopped what he was writing and stared at Gokudera. Gokudera looked at Tsuna with sympathy in his eyes. Tsuna groaned and hit his head on the table.

"This is one of those days were I wished that Byakuran was the same Byakuran I knew as a kid." Tsuna said. Gokudera's eyes narrowed.

"With all due respect, Tenth, that Byakuran wanted to kill you." Gokudera reminded Tsuna.

"At least then I would have a reason to send Xanxus to kill him." Tsuna mumbled.

"Did you say something, Tenth?" Gokudera asked. Tsuna sat up and smiled cutely at Gokudera.

"Nope. Nothing at all. Please continue with your report." Tsuna replied. Gokudera nodded and looked back at the papers on his hand.

"Lawn-head's plane will arrive in Italy at three. I received a mail from Takeshi saying his stay in Hong Kong would likely be for two more days. Reborn-san and the stupid cow have already booked a flight back. Chigusa reported that their infiltration mission was a success… and the bastard…" Gokudera frowned, "We have heard nothing from him, yet again."

"Seriously Tenth, that bastard is like a mushroom!" Gokudera complained. Tsuna smiled at Gokudera.

"He's the cloud, fleeting, unrestricted…"

"Well if he wants to disappear for God fucking knows how long, he should send out a signal telling us what the fuck he's actually doing." Gokudera complained, banging Tsuna's table. This sent dozens of papers flying around.

"Ahh! Please forgive me, Tenth!" Gokudera apologized, picking the papers up. Tsuna simply looked at Gokudera, resting his chin on the palm of his right hand.

"Can it be… Gokudera, are you worried about Kyouya?" Tsuna asked. Gokudera abruptly stood and looked at Tsuna seriously.

"No." was Gokudera's answer. Tsuna sighed and took the papers Gokudera was holding. He grimaced as he began to read Mukuro's report, checking if Mukuro had encoded his real report in the torturous ten long pages describing what he would like to do to Tsuna, "I just meant that our leniency towards him affects the image you project to the other families."

"You know, Mukuro's report could be published. I'm sure those rabid fangirls would love to read this stuff." Tsuna told Gokudera, deliberately avoiding the topic. Gokudera twitched. Ever since pictures of his boss with both the mist and cloud guardians in a small elevator were published by one of the mafia's female magazines, there had been a very large fandom consisting of the daughters and other female members of different families that actually wished to see some romance between the three.

"I would object to that, Tenth. It will appear as if there is something between you and Mukuro." Gokudera objected. Tsuna smiled.

"And I'm sure Mukuro would actually support their claims." Tsuna mused.

"And then a certain bastard would hunt him down. We already have enough problems whenever they meet, please Tenth…"

"I know, I know. I was kidding, Gokudera-kun." Tsuna replied, smiling at Gokudera. Gokudera sighed in relief.

"Well then, I must be going." Gokudera excused himself and left. Tsuna sighed and began doing his paper works. More punishments, more assassination notices and very bright pink letter from Lussuria expressing the current activities of Varia... which included the magazine Mammon sold to Belphegor which had a 4 full pages about Tsuna which was then stolen by Levi to give to Xanxus. Needless to say, Squalo noticed Xanxus reading the said magazine who turned it to 4000000 small bits. Lussuria and Belphegor counted.


Outside, Gokudera lit a cigarette when he heard his phone ring, "Gokudera."

"VOOIII!!" a loud yell was heard from the other line. Gokudera winced as he brought the phone a few inches away from his ear.

"What do you want, shark-bastard?"


"There's no need to yell." Gokudera said, leaning on the wall, "Takeshi's still in Hong Kong."


"What the hell are you talking ab-" Gokudera's eyes widened as his phone was took from him.

"Sorry, Squalo. I'll talk to you later." Yamamoto told Squalo over the phone. Yamamoto turned the phone off while Squalo was yelling over the phone. He turned to Gokudera and smiled.

"You- What the fuck are you doing here?!" Gokudera asked. Yamamoto rubbed the back of his head.

"Um… surprise?"

"Surprise?!" Gokudera asked. Yamamoto smiled grew. He leaned in and gently kissed Gokudera on the lips.

"I was supposed to surprise you." Yamamoto explained. Gokudera frowned and grabbed Yamamoto's collar.

"You idiot. You just made me give a false report to Tenth."

"I'll explain it to boss later." Yamamoto assured Gokudera.

"You better." Gokudera warned, roughly kissing Yamamoto. Yamamoto wrapped his arms around Gokudera and kissed him back. Gokudera moaned and began to remove Yamamoto's tie. Yamamoto began to nibble Gokudera's ear when…

They both heard a loud explosion. Both of them stopped and their eyes widened when they realized where it had come from.



They ran towards Vongola Decimo's office and opened the door loudly, Shigure Kintoki and Flame Arrow ready, "TENTH/BOSS!!"

"Gokudera-kun? Yamamoto?" Gokudera and Yamamoto stopped dead as the person who appeared before them was a young cute boy with messy brown hair and innocent caramel eyes.


"It's you guys! Thank god." Tsuna sighed in relief, realizing that his future included his two best friends by his side. Tsuna had feared that his future was like that of the future he just got back from three months ago.

"Wow, did you shrink, Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked, ruffling Tsuna's hair.

"IDIOT! The Tenth was probably hit by the stupid cow's bazooka!!" Gokudera yelled, grabbing Tsuna out of Yamamoto's reach. Tsuna sweat dropped as Gokudera hugged him protectively. Yamamoto laughed.

"Maa, maa, no harm done, Hayato."

"H-H-Hayato?" Tsuna mumbled, perplexed to why Yamamoto was calling Gokudera by his first name. Gokudera motioned Tsuna to sit at the chair previously occupied by Tsuna's future self. Gokudera looked at Tsuna seriously.

"What happened, Tenth?" Gokudera asked. Tsuna began to tell them how he got hit by Lambo's bazooka while in the reception room. Gokudera frowned and asked Tsuna, "Have you traveled to the future where you had died?"

Tsuna nodded. Gokudera's frown deepened, "Tenth, you must promise me not to freak out when I tell you this."

"Okay…" Tsuna said, unsure of why Gokudera was being serious all of a sudden.

"After the Millefiore incident, the stupid cow's bazooka had been malfunctioning."

"Malfunctioning… how?"

"Instead of 5 minutes… it now ranges from days to weeks."

"HHHIIIIIIIIIIII!!" Tsuna looked at Gokudera with wide fearful caramel eyes, "D-d-d-does that mean I'm stuck in the future… again?!"

Gokudera nodded. Gokudera and Yamamoto knew that Tsuna would have a hard time adapting to the new information since they heard it had only been three months. Tsuna was beginning to calm down when he innocently asked Yamamoto, "Yamamoto, why did you call Gokudera-kun, Hayato?"

Yamamoto rubbed the back of his head, blushing in embarrassment. Gokudera tried to cover the blush he was currently having. Yamamoto took a deep breathe and answered Tsuna, "The truth is… Tsuna… I'm having a…"

Tsuna tilted his head as Yamamoto began to wave his arms animatedly. Gokudera glared at Yamamoto, "The Tenth doesn't need to know that."

Yamamoto frowned at Gokudera's words. He knew of Gokudera's devotion to Tsuna. They all shared the same feelings. The fact that Gokudera would want to deny their relationship to Tsuna annoyed Yamamoto. Of course he would be embarrassed to tell the fifteen years old Tsuna, that ten years from now, his two best friends are currently having a romantic relationship with one another. But Yamamoto would rather tell Tsuna the truth than hide his real feelings to the boy that he would gladly lay his life for, "What? That we're a couple?"

"TAKESHI!!" Gokudera yelled, grabbing Yamamoto. Yamamoto instinctively evaded and caught Gokudera's wrist. He pulled Gokudera to his side and captured his lips with his own. Tsuna's eyes widened and he began to stutter. His two best friends, kissing in front of him!! Tsuna's eyes widened so much they looked like they were about to pop out when Gokudera moaned and wrapped his arms around Yamamoto. They both heard a loud thud and backed away from each other. What they did not expect was Tsuna on the ground… unconscious.



Gokudera grimaced as he placed Tsuna on his bed… or future bed. He closed the door and looked at Yamamoto who was currently on the phone.

"Yes. No, his life is not in danger… yet. It's better if all of us returned; who knows what may happen if it came out." Yamamoto told the person on the other line. Gokudera lit another cigarette and looked outside. Yamamoto closed his phone and whispered to Gokudera, "I managed to contact Mukuro and Chrome. They're on their way back."

"That leaves a certain bastard…" Gokudera sighed, "I actually hope he doesn't show up."

Yamamoto laughed, leaning on the door, "Unfortunately the number Kusakabe gave me was out of range."

"Unfortunately? That's fortunate, Takeshi!"

"To you. But don't you think Hibari has the right to know on our Boss' current situation?" Gokudera frowned.

"No. He'll make it worse." Gokudera mumbled. Yamamoto laughed and patted Gokudera's back.

"Ah, Gokudera-san, Yamamoto-san." Gokudera and Yamamoto looked at the direction that called them. Gokudera's jaw dropped when he realized it was Kusakabe calling them… with Hibari behind him. Speak of the devil…

"Oh. Yo, Kusakabe, Hibari." Yamamoto happily greeted. Hibari stopped and stared at them. Yamamoto instinctively gulped as he realized that Hibari was dangerously letting out a murderous aura.

"Yamamoto Takeshi, Gokudera Hayato. Why are you outside our room?"

"God dammit! I've said a hundred times, either call us by our last name or by our first name!! Stop calling us by our fucking full name!!" Gokudera yelled. Yamamoto placed a hand on Gokudera's shoulder.

"Don't shout, Hayato. Boss might wake up." Yamamoto reminded Gokudera.

"Has something happened to Tsunayoshi?" Yamamoto and Gokudera let out a small 'eep!' when Hibari suddenly appeared in front of them. Hibari let his dying will engulf his Vongola Ring and dangerously looked at the two surprised guardian, "I asked: has something happened to Tsunayoshi?"

Yamamoto chuckled softly, "Actually Hibari…"

Tsuna woke up hearing Gokudera shouting behind the door. Tsuna looked around at the room he was currently in. The room was quite big, a large bookcase on his far right next to a couch and a table. On his left was a door which Tsuna presumed to be the bathroom. Moonlight came from the big window just a little to the right of the bookcase, leading to a veranda. Tsuna tried to stand up and winced as he clumsily hit his foot on the drawer next to the bed. Tsuna's eyes gleamed with curiosity as he realized three mahogany framed pictures on top of the drawer. Tsuna picked one and realized it was a picture of his Famiglia, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Lambo, his mother, Bianchi who decided to wear goggles, Dino with Romario, Kyoko, Haru, I-pin, Fuuta, Chigusa and Ken. Judging from Lambo's appearance, the picture was taken a few years in the future. His eyes widened as he realized that Chrome and Mukuro were on the same picture and smiled cynically when he realized that Hibari was nowhere to be found.

'I should have expected it…' Tsuna frowned when he saw a beautiful looking girl sitting at the center. Did he know her? His frowned deepened when he couldn't find himself on the picture. He picked up the next picture and realized it was a picture of The Ninth in the center. Once again, Tsuna frowned as the same woman appeared in the picture on the Ninth's left, wearing a mafia suit. She was just next to a grimacing Xanxus. On the Ninth's right were his father, Iemitsu, and Basil with another man who wore a mafia suit and hat. As he tried to pick the last remaining picture, the door opened with a bang, making Tsuna loose his balance falling to the ground while holding the last frame.

"Stop it, you bastard!! The Tenth doesn't have to know about THAT!!" Tsuna heard Gokudera yell. Tsuna rubbed his forehead and tried to pick himself up.

"Maa, maa, Hayato." Yamamoto and Kusakabe restrained Gokudera from using his boxes on Hibari. Tsuna blinked as he stared at the frame on his hand. Then he blinked once again. It was the same woman who had her arms around an adult Hibari's neck. Once again, Tsuna blinked. The woman had brown hair and glistering caramel eyes. Tsuna swore she looked strangely familiar...

"Hello, Tsunayoshi." Tsuna looked up and backed away as he realized he was only a few inches away from an adult Hibari.

"HIIIII!!" Tsuna exclaimed crawling away from Hibari. Tsuna winced as the back of his head hit the bed. Whimpering he began to caress the back of his head, letting the frame fall from his hand. Hibari took the frame from Tsuna's lap and smirked.

"Why were you looking at this, Tsunayoshi?" Hibari asked amused. Tsuna began to stutter.

"I-I-I didn't mean to pry, H-H-Hibari-san- I just- I- I woke up here and saw- I'm so sorry I didn't mean to stare at her." Tsuna furiously bowed his head. Hibari blinked and his smirk grew.

"Her?" Hibari asked. The other three people in the room remained silent, in fear of what Hibari would do to them if they were to butt in and curious to Tsuna's understanding to the picture on Hibari's hand.

"T-t-the woman in the picture." Tsuna replied, fear evident in his big caramel eyes. Hibari looked back at the picture and he gently traced the woman's outline in the picture. Tsuna began to tremble like a small animal, fearing that Hibari may think he was interested in the woman in the photo, "She seemed like a very important person to you, Hibari-san…"

Hibari smiled at Tsuna, "He is."

Tsuna blinked. Did he just heard Hibari say 'he'? Tsuna shook his head inwardly; he must have heard it wrong. He definitely heard it wrong. No matter how you look at it, the person on the picture was obviously a woman. Tsuna looked at Hibari curiously as he placed the frame back on Tsuna's trembling hands.

"SAWADA!! SASAGAWA RYOHEI HAS EXTREMELY ARRIVED!!" Tsuna heard Ryohei yell, running towards the room. Kusakabe, Gokudera and Yamamoto ran to the side as Ryohei came sprinting towards them. Tsuna's eyes widened as Ryohei continued to sprint towards them.

"SAWADA, RUN!! I EXTREMELY CAN'T STOP!!" Ryohei told them.

"HIIIIIII!!" Tsuna panicked, his legs refused to move. Tsuna blushed when Hibari picked him up bridal style and kicked Ryohei on the face. Ryohei stopped dead on his tracks, his face still implanted on Hibari's foot.

"EXTREME KICK, Hibari." Ryohei told him, giving Hibari a thumb up.

"N-n-nii-san!" Tsuna called out.

"Sasagawa Ryohei, I will not allow further destruction of our room." Hibari warned. Tsuna began to blush as he felt Hibari's hold on him tightened. Tsuna's blush deepened as he inhaled the fragrance of steel, blood and apples.

"H-H-Hibari-san's r-r-room?!" Tsuna stuttered, wondering why Gokudera decided to place him in Hibari's room of all places. Ryohei rubbed his face and noticed the frame Tsuna was holding.

"Oh, Sawada, that reminds me." Ryohei opened the duffel bag he was carrying and took out a sky blue dress. The dress was simply, with lace at the end and sleeves.

"It's very pretty, 'nii-san…" Tsuna said, wondering why Ryohei was showing a dress… and why Hibari was still holding him, "Is it for the woman in the photo?"

Ryohei looked at Tsuna and blinked, "What are you talking about, Sawada?"

"Hiiii? Isn't that for the woman in the photo? Or is it for Kyoko-chan?" Tsuna asked.

"Lawn-head, WAIT-"

"It's for you." Ryohei replied.

"HHHHIIIIIII!!" was the only thing that came out of Tsuna's mouth.

"I forgot to tell you something, Tsunayoshi." Tsuna looked back at Hibari, who was currently smirking at him, "The person on the photo… is you."

Tsuna looked back at the photo, then back at Hibari, then back at the photo. The brown mop of hair, the big caramel eyes- the Vongola Ring of Sky on the middle finger!!


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