Day 6: Rest and Damage Control

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Day 6: Rest and Damage Control

Gokudera opened the door to Tsuna's room and sighed. The room was a mess, scattered clothing articles everywhere you look, thrown pillows here and there. He knew he should have barged in and stopped Hibari from molesting his precious boss… but… Damn, he should duplicate the locks of his boss' room. Gokudera stealthily made his way to the bed, trying as much as he can to not step on the clothes… which was obviously Tsuna's uniform from ten years ago. Gokudera grimaced and shook Tsuna lightly, "Tenth…"

Tsuna moaned and pulled the covers, moving his body away from Gokudera. Gokudera frowned and sat on the edge of the bed. He reached out and gently shook Tsuna once more, "Tenth…"

Tsuna curled up, moaning and whimpering, as he tried to stop Gokudera from fully waking him up. Gokudera sighed and left Tsuna. Tsuna sighed in contentment and smiled, drifting fast as-

"SAWADA!! LET'S RUN TO THE EXTREME!!" Ryohei exclaimed, banging the door opened. Tsuna grimaced and covered his ears with the remaining pillow on the bed.

"Tsuna!" he heard Yamamoto called out, jumping to his bed. Tsuna growled as Yamamoto began jumping up and down his bed, "Wake up, Tsuna. It's such a beau-"

"SAWADA! COME ON!!" Ryohei exclaimed, joining Yamamoto in jumping up and down his bed. A few minutes of jumping up and down Tsuna's bed, Tsuna finally snapped and sat up, his hair more messy than usual.

"I'm awake!! Okay!! Gokudera-kun!!" Tsuna whined. Gokudera finally entered the room once more and dragged the two hyper-active guardians away from Tsuna. Gokudera looked back at Tsuna.

"Fifteen minutes." Gokudera reminded Tsuna. Tsuna sighed and nodded, his senses slowly waking up. Gokudera closed the door and let Tsuna prepare in private.

"Thank you, lawn-head, Takeshi." Gokudera thanked the two guardians. Yamamoto gave him a V-sign and grinned. Ryohei sighed and stretched.

"It wouldn't have been bad to let Sawada rest for a while, you know. He just got back from the past." Ryohei told Gokudera. Gokudera frowned, "He should be extremely tired."

"I would like Tenth to rest as well but…" Gokudera sighed, "There are a lot of paper works that needs to be signed."

"Don't worry, I'll go to the kitchen and cook Tsuna something. I mean, after taking care of damage control in Hong Kong, a little housework will help me calm down as well. Might as well hit two birds with one stone, right?" Yamamoto suggested, kissing Gokudera's cheek. Gokudera nodded.

"Yeah, the Tenth always seems to brighten up whenever he eats your cooking." Gokudera mused. Ryohei nodded, agreeing whole-heartedly to Gokudera's comment.

"What's your secret? It's probably something extreme isn't it?" Ryohei began to think what Yamamoto could be putting in Tsuna's food. Maybe it was a kind of herb that only bloomed once every month when the moon is blue-

Yamamoto laughed and patted Ryohei on the back, "No secret. Just a lot of love."

Gokudera covered his mouth, trying his best not to laugh at his lover's cliché words. Yamamoto grinned as Ryohei brightened up.

"I see, that is extreme… Then I'll do the same!! I'll extremely shower Sawada with love!!" Ryohei declared, his eyes burning with passion. Gokudera and Yamamoto sweat dropped and Gokudera elbowed Yamamoto lightly on the side.

"If lawn-head suddenly start doing crazy stuff for Tenth, I'll fucking blame you." Gokudera warned, not wanting anymore unnecessary troubles for his beloved Tenth. Yamamoto grinned sheepishly. The door opened and Tsuna came out, wearing a simple shirt with a black tie and black pants. Gokudera frowned and went to Tsuna.

"Tenth, your tie…" Gokudera mumbled, adjusting Tsuna's tie. Tsuna smiled cutely at Gokudera.

"Thank you, Gokudera-kun." Tsuna happily thanked Gokudera. Gokudera nodded, blushing lightly and motioned Tsuna to walk with him towards Tsuna's office.

"Lawn-head and Chrome came back just a moment ago with Sasagawa and that… woman…" Gokudera narrowed his eyes. Tsuna laughed and patted Gokudera's back.

"You should really just call her Haru, Gokudera." Tsuna teased.

"I refuse to call that woman by her name." Gokudera flatly replied. Yamamoto laughed and patted Gokudera on the back, putting his arm on Tsuna's shoulder.

"Hayato's just shy. He's still in denial saying he isn't attracted to Haru." Yamamoto said, winking at Tsuna. Gokudera's face automatically heat up and he punched Yamamoto on the side.

"What the fuck are you saying!! I do not find that damn woman attractive!!" Yamamoto grinned as Gokudera grabbed his collar, "And my lover shouldn't be saying that!!"

"I find Haru attractive too, Hayato." Yamamoto casually admitted. Gokudera was stunned and began to gape at Yamamoto like a fish.

"You what?!"

"Boss also finds Haru attractive, right?" Yamamoto asked Tsuna. Tsuna smiled and nodded.

"Haru has grown to be a beautiful lady." Tsuna admitted walking towards his office. Gokudera and Yamamoto followed suit; Gokudera obviously frowning. Yamamoto put his arms on Tsuna's and Gokudera's shoulders, grinning like usual.

"But my sister is still more beautiful, right?!" Ryohei said rushing towards Tsuna's side. Tsuna laughed.

"Kyoko-chan is an extremely beautiful woman, 'nii-san. I'm sure you have a lot of troubles dealing with her suitors." Tsuna replied laughing cheerfully.

"It's not too bad. Just a few broken bones here and there." Ryohei replied, grinning. Yamamoto laughed and grinned at Ryohei.

"Wouldn't that make Sasagawa an old maid?" Yamamoto joked. Ryohei shook his head and looked at Tsuna.

"Of course not. Sawada, you'll take Kyoko as your bride, right?" Ryohei asked. Tsuna laughed and rubbed the back of his head.

"I… I can't answer that. I love your sister but…"

"It won't be a problem. Tsuna can just go for a Vongola wedding." Reborn said, appearing before them.

"Hiii!! Reborn!!" Tsuna screamed out of surprised. A door next to Reborn opened and revealed Lambo, who currently was missing two buttons on his shirt and with a messier hair than usual.

"A Vongola wedding?" Yamamoto asked. Reborn nodded and they all began to walk once more.

"The first Vongola boss had a religious person as a guardian right?" Reborn reminded them. They all nodded and Reborn continued, "Because he couldn't choose between his lovers, his guardian suggested creating a new tradition which lets its family members take in more than one wife at the same time."

"I've read about that…" Tsuna mused, "Giotto-san decided to wed both his Mist Guardian and the first daughter of an allied family."

"Well at least you keep up to your studies…" Reborn teased, smirking, "Three years after that, the First also married his Cloud Guardian's sister."

"Woah… so, Vongola does support polygamy…" Yamamoto mused and smiled at Tsuna, "How about it, Tsuna? Why not marry Sasagawa and Hibari?"

"While you're at it, marry Byakuran as well…" Reborn commented. Tsuna and Gokudera frowned.

"The Vongola wedding is a tradition but it isn't commonly practiced, especially during the Fourth's reign." Tsuna explained, "He took more than five women as his wives."

"Five? Now that's extreme…"

"His oldest wife poisoned his Rain Guardian's son fearing that her own child will be unable to claim the title if the Fourth's son from his Rain Guardian lives." Tsuna told them. Gokudera frowned, having heard that story from his sister… who even told him what type of poison killed the son and how it was made and done.

"Just for that… a child died?" Yamamoto asked. Tsuna nodded.

"That's why none of the following bosses practiced the tradition. It worked on Giotto but that was because his wives…" Tsuna tried to search for the proper word to use, "… respect each other."

"And also the fact that his Mist Guardian was killed in action and his second wife died at child birth…" Reborn mused.

"So when the First retired in Japan…"

"He only had one wife." Reborn replied. They all stopped and Reborn opened the door to Tsuna's office. Tsuna sighed and went in, leaning by the door.

"The Vongola wedding is a treasured Vongola tradition but it's not something that should be taken lightly." Tsuna reminded his guardians. Gokudera nodded in agreement.

"That is why I am against Tenth practicing the Vongola wedding. One, if it is simply used to strengthened our bond with Millefiore, then I would blow the whole wedding even if Vendicare hunts me down; and two, do any of you actually expect a certain bastard to sit still and let Tenth marry someone?" all of them except Gokudera and Tsuna look at one another.

"Extremely not."

"He'll kill the one Vongola would be marrying…"

"Hahahaha, Hibari doesn't like to share."

Reborn smirked and lowered his hat, "I may be able to persuade him…"

Tsuna glared at Reborn and hissed, "Don't. Don't even tell that we had this conversation to Kyouya. He'll definitely bite Byakuran-san to death."

Reborn continued to smirk, "I was kidding, Baka-Tsuna."

Tsuna frowned and walked towards his chair, "That's because you have that weird smirk on your face again. I've known you long enough to know that you're planning on doing something that will make my life more hell than it already is."

Reborn's smirk grew and he grabbed Lambo, "Come on, you stupid cow."

"But we just did it!!" Lambo whined but let Reborn drag him away. Yamamoto grinned and looked at Tsuna.

"I'm going to cook you some breakfast, what would you like, boss?" Yamamoto asked. Tsuna smiled cutely and tilted his head.

"Some waffles would be nice." Tsuna cutely replied. Yamamoto gave a thumb-up.

"Your wish is my command, boss." Yamamoto replied. Gokudera covered his face in embarrassment, making a note to help his lover learn more less-cliché lines. Tsuna waved as Yamamoto and Ryohei left. Gokudera closed the door and motioned Tsuna to sit on his chair. Tsuna grimaced at the paper works that had seemed to create a mini city with towering skyscrapers.

Yamamoto cheerfully whistled as he walked towards the wing where the kitchen was. Along the way, Ryohei began to sing to Yamamoto's whistle, earning curious stares from the other Mafioso in the vicinity. Soon enough, Yamamoto and Ryohei were both singing on the top of their lungs, not minding if they were off-tone and were simply making up lyrics that described how 'extreme' they feel for Vongola Decimo… of course the Cuore were hiding near them, taking down notes and actually recording the whole thing.

"Onii-chan!" Yamamoto and Gokudera both stopped as they noticed Kyoko waving at them by the garden.

"Kyoko…" Ryohei's eyes began to water.

"KYOKO!!" Yamamoto, Haru and Chrome sweat dropped as Kyoko was pulled to a bear hug by a crying Ryohei.

"O-o-onii-chan?" Kyoko worriedly called out her brother's name.

"I'll extremely get stronger!! I'll become stronger than Hibari and I'll make your wish come true!!" Ryohei promised, crying on Kyoko's shoulder. Haru whispered on Yamamoto's ear.

"Did something happen?" Haru asked. Yamamoto chuckled softly.

"Uhh… we just had an interesting talk with boss a while ago…" Yamamoto replied.

"Then Tsuna-san is okay?!" Haru asked. Yamamoto looked at Haru and noticed her eyes were quite red and her cheeks were puffy. Yamamoto smiled softly, the poor girl had probably cried for quite a long time.

"I'm sorry, it's because I couldn't explain boss' situation clearly." Chrome apologized, bowing.

"What exactly did you say?" Yamamoto asked.

"Well… it was actually Ryohei-nii-san that explained that boss was in an extreme situation." Chrome answered. Yamamoto grimaced; leave it to Ryohei to make things more extreme than they really are…

"Don't worry. Boss is fine! In fact, he's back to normal." Yamamoto laughed, patting Haru on the shoulder lightly.

"Really?!" Haru was relieved and hugged Kyoko in joy.

"Chrome, go ahead and see Boss." Yamamoto whispered, knowing that the only female guardian wanted to see their sky. Chrome nodded and ran towards Tsuna's office.

"Ha-hi? Where is Chrome-chan going?" Haru asked.

"Oh, I said that she could go ahead and greet Tsuna."

"Haru also wants to meet Tsuna-san!" Yamamoto laughed and rubbed the back of his head.

"We'll all go and meet Tsuna later, but for now…" Yamamoto friendly rested his arms on the two girls' shoulders, "You guys are gonna help make the best breakfast for Tsuna."

"Haru will help!!" Haru cheerfully replied. Kyoko nodded and they both walked towards the kitchen… leaving a mumbling Ryohei who kept on saying how he will defeat Hibari for Kyoko's sake…

"Ah, that reminds me." Yamamoto looked at Haru and grinned, "Haru, would you like to marry Gokudera and me?"



Chrome shyly peeked inside and softly smiled. Tsuna was on his chair, grimacing as he signed the paper works with lightning speed all the while listening to Gokudera's report, "And of course, Mukuro has decided to send a bouquet of roses while you were away… with each rose wrapped with a piece of his report…"

"That doesn't sound bad…" Tsuna mumbled as he threw a paper to the trash, "Gokudera, any documents that talks about marriage proposals goes straight to the trash bin, okay?"

"I'm sorry, Tenth. It won't happen again." Gokudera apologized. Tsuna smiled cutely at Gokudera.

"No harm done." Tsuna cheered Gokudera. Gokudera smiled but grimaced as he looked back at his report, "Gokudera-kun?"

"There were more than two dozen roses." Gokudera informed Tsuna. Tsuna chuckled sardonically and rest his forehead on his hand.

"That's Mukuro for you…" Tsuna commented. Chrome knocked on the door and shyly entered. Tsuna smiled softly and greeted Chrome. Chrome rushed to Tsuna's side and pecked him on the lips.

"Welcome back, boss." Chrome greeted, hugging Tsuna, "How was the past?"

"It was… eventful…" Tsuna replied, smiling softly at Chrome, "Although I am a bit disappointed that it was cut so short."

"Tenth, if your visit to the past had been any longer, the paper works would never get finished and your past self would have been traumatized for life." Gokudera informed Tsuna, clearly showing his displeasure.

"How are you sure he already isn't…" Tsuna mumbled. Chrome giggled at Tsuna's side comment.

"Did you say something, Tenth?" Gokudera asked, not really hearing Tsuna. Tsuna shook his head and cutely smiled at Gokudera.

"Nope. I didn't say anything, right Chrome?" Tsuna smiled at Chrome. Chrome nodded, playing along. Gokudera's phone vibrated and he grimaced as he looked at the message he just received. Gokudera sighed and placed more than twenty pages of crumbled paper on Tsuna's desk.

"Tenth, I suddenly have an urgent business to attend to. Please, these paper works need to be signed today." Gokudera reminded Tsuna. Tsuna nodded and began scanning the paper nearest to him.

"I'm on it." Tsuna cutely said, grinning at Gokudera. Gokudera nodded and began walking away but stopped as his hand held the door knob and looked at Chrome.

"Don't… even try…" Gokudera warned. Chrome blinked as Gokudera closed the door.

"Boss, what did he mean by that?" Chrome asked, tilting her head slightly.

"Gokudera is afraid that you've been corrupted by Mukuro." Tsuna replied, smiling at Chrome.

"Oh, you mean he thinks I might do more than kiss you?" Chrome asked. Tsuna nodded and Chrome smiled, "I don't need to do that."

Tsuna looked at Chrome curiously, "Really?"

"I'm supporting Mukuro-sama." Chrome replied, smiling cutely. Tsuna smiled sardonically… he should have been expecting that answer. With a tired sigh, Tsuna began to focus his attention at the paper works. Chrome began to fidget and looked at Tsuna shyly. Tsuna blinked and looked at Chrome.

"Is something wrong, Chrome?" Tsuna asked.

"I'm sorry, boss!" Chrome apologized, bowing at Tsuna. Tsuna blinked and touched Chrome's cheek, lifting her head to look at him. Chrome's visible eye was definitely trying its hardest to stop the tears that threatened to fall.

"Why are you apologizing, Chrome?" Tsuna asked, smiling softly. Chrome's lips began to tremble.

"Because… I almost told your past self…" Chrome closed her eyes, "I wanted to tell him to not join Vongola…"

Tsuna continue to smile softly, wrapping his arms around Chrome. Chrome began to cry, burying herself on Tsuna's shoulder. Tsuna slowly soothe Chrome's back, "Thank you…"

"I don't want him to experience the pain. I… I… Boss…" Chrome began to cry harder, holding unto Tsuna as if he was the only thing that was keeping her alive at the moment…

"Chrome… I never regretted being Vongola Decimo." Tsuna explained, lifting Chrome's chin and softly kissing her forehead, "Being here… being with all of you… I never regretted it."

"But- But- you were-" Chrome was silenced by the gentle smile Tsuna gave her.

"Thank you, Chrome… really…" Tsuna patted Chrome on the head playfully, "Besides, if I didn't become Vongola Decimo, I wouldn't be with all of you."

Chrome nodded and a smile returned to her face. She wiped her tears with the sleeve of her shirt and gave a grin to Tsuna, "If boss wasn't Vongola Decimo, then we wouldn't be able to cheer for Mukuro-sama right?"

Tsuna nodded, smiling forcefully at Chrome, "I guess… that's one way of putting it…"

Tsuna sighed and returned his focus on the paper works all the while thinking how much he spoils his female Mist Guardian. There was a knock on the door and Chrome opened the door, revealing a very cheerful Byakuran. Byakuran quickly closed the door and Tsuna forced a smile once more, "Byakuran-san… did you run away from Irie-kun and Greco-kun again?"

Byakuran continued to smile, "They wouldn't let me meet you."

Byakuran walked towards Tsuna but Chrome blocked his way, smiling sweetly at Byakuran, "There is a reason why you cannot see Boss, Byakuran-san. He's busy at the moment."

"Just a minute. I just need a minute alone with Tsunayoshi-san." Byakuran said, bowing slightly to Chrome. Chrome's sweet smile turned to a smirk.

"Do you really think I'll let you do that, Byakuran?" Byakuran looked up and saw Mukuro smirking at him. Byakuran sighed but continued to smile.

"If it isn't that silver-haired grouch, it's that murderous guardian… and then you. When will you guys let me be alone with Tsunayoshi-san?" Byakuran asked childishly.

"You see Byakuran, if you wish to be with Tsunayoshi-kun, then you should be prepared to face more than the three of us." Mukuro warned.

"I'm actually quite ready for that." Byakuran smiled at Tsuna, "The man wearing a hat told me of a certain traditional called 'Vongola Wedding'."

Tsuna groaned and hit his head on the table, "I would really like to kill Reborn now…"

"Would you like me to do it, Tsunayoshi-kun/Tsunayoshi-san?" Mukuro and Byakuran asked at the same time. Tsuna smiled at them cutely and shook his head.

"Thank you but I would like both of you to live." Tsuna replied. The door opened once more and Greco glared at Byakuran.

"Bya. Ku. Ran. Sa. Ma!!" Greco shouted through gritted teeth. Mukuro smirked and Greco silently thanked him for telepathically telling him where Byakuran had gone off to. He pulled Byakuran's ear and dragged him away.

"G-G-Greco-kun…! T-that hurts…!" Byakuran whined as Greco pulled him. Tsuna smiled and waved goodbye at Byakuran.

"It was nice seeing you, Byakuran-san." Tsuna said. Irie bowed in greeting and Tsuna smiled at him, "Hello, Irie-kun. How's Spanner-san?"

"Ah, Spanner has been quite busy as of late… but…" Irie fumbled a bit and Tsuna blinked as he suddenly saw a flash. Irie smiled, pocketing his camera, "I'm sure he'll be more than happy to see you, Sawada-san."

"I… see…" Tsuna rubbed his eyes, smiling at Irie.

"Sawada-san… I-"

"Sho-chan!!" Irie's eyes widened as he was suddenly pulled by Greco.

"What are you doing?!" Irie shouted, trying to pry Greco's grip on the back of his collar. On Greco's other hand was Byakuran, grinning at Irie.

"Misery loves company, Sho-chan." Byakuran said. Irie frowned and yelled as he was pulled away from Tsuna's office by Greco.

"I'll see you again, Sawada-san!!" Tsuna continued to smile and wave at them. Mukuro closed the door and Tsuna let out a very long sigh. Mukuro smirked and approached Tsuna, nuzzling his cheek.

"Mukuro… you promise not to use Chrome's body… That's why I freed you, remember?" Tsuna frowned, trying to focus his attention back on the stacks of paper works. Mukuro paid no heed and kissed Tsuna's cheek softly.

"Tsunayoshi-kun… when will you be mine?" Mukuro asked. Tsuna looked at Mukuro and smiled softly.

"I'm already yours… just not yours alone." Tsuna replied, kissing Mukuro on the lips briefly before returning his focus back on the paper works. Mukuro smirked and nuzzled Tsuna's neck, kissing it softly.

"The you I want is Sawada Tsunayoshi… not Vongola Decimo."

"Mukuro…" Tsuna whispered, his eyes softening. Mukuro frowned but said nothing, biting Tsuna's ear in frustration. Tsuna winced but did not do anything, signing another paper.

"I am jealous of Hibari-kun, Tsunayoshi…" Mukuro admitted and Tsuna involuntarily shivered as he realized that Mukuro had dropped the suffix. Mukuro smiled and kissed Tsuna on the lips, licking his bottom lip briefly before pulling away. Tsuna looked at Mukuro and Mukuro's smile turned to a grin as he began to walk away from Tsuna. With his hand on the knob, he faced Tsuna and grinned childishly.

"That's why, one of this days; I will replace Hibari-kun." Mukuro declared, closing the door. Tsuna sighed once again, scanning the newly emptied room. Tsuna sighed and rubbed his temple. Those five days in the past made Tsuna felt… sad. The fact that their childishness has been replaced by their maturity given to them by their choice made Tsuna sad. Tsuna yawned and rubbed his eyes, leaning on his comfortable chair. Soon enough, Tsuna began to succumb to the temptation of slumber. His eyes opened when he heard his phone vibrate.

"Hello…?" Tsuna tiredly answered his phone.

"Tsunayoshi…" Tsuna smiled tiredly and closed his eyes.

"Now this is rare… Is something the matter, Kyouya?" Tsuna asked.

"I've just… extracted three boxes with the same capability as the last. I'm returning to Italy by morning."

"But… you've only been in Taiwan for five hours. What's the rush?" Tsuna asked, yawning. Tsuna began to play with one of the rejected paper as Hibari did not reply for the last three minutes. Sometimes, Tsuna wished Hibari would just say that he wanted to see him, but this was Hibari we're talking about. Tsuna smiled and threw his newly made air plane in the air.



"When you come back, will you kidnap me once more?" Tsuna asked sweetly.

"Where would you like to go?" Tsuna smiled contently.

"Anywhere would be fine… just the two of us…"

But even though that fact may remain and sadness still dwells in Tsuna's heart, he never regretted it. He never regretted being Vongola Decimo…


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