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I revised the lyrics a bit to give it my own little twist. The lyrics are based on those from the English dub done by MilkyCabbage on YouTube. Enjoy my first ever songfic!

Haruhi walked through the hallways of Ouran. Glancing at her watch, she realized she was 5 minutes late for class. Breaking into a run, she didn't see the tall, blonde boy with lavender eyes walking down the hall towards her. Haruhi did, however, notice when she ran right into Tamaki's arms, them both falling to the floor. They were both clutching the other, and a strange feeling shot through her.

It's easy to see, when I'm with you.

My heart almost skips a beat.

But what is it? Hating? Loving? Or paranoia?

Haruhi looked up at Tamaki's eyes, which were shining with a certain emotion. They looked happy, maybe even ecstatic. Haruhi was very confused with this, because she had no idea what it could be.

I'm so oblivious to love,

But what else could this feeling be?

What should I do?

But I know that,

It doesn't matter!

A look of understanding flashed across Haruhi's face like lightning. She understood what his expression meant. It felt crazy, but maybe he was feeling this emotion for her.

It's so clear to me now.

You're always on my mind.

Could it be that you're the one?

Maybe you're my love!

Love. Tamaki loved her. Did Haruhi feel anything back? That warm feeling…was it love? Was Tamaki the one for her? She knew the answer to that question. Haruhi leaned forward a planted a cherry blossom kiss on his soft lips.

I need you here with me!

So I can give you my best

Sakura Kiss!

And if your heart grows warm,

It's meant to be!

Tamaki was taken out of breath by this, but kissed her back tenderly. He wondered if this was the first and last time he'd get to kiss her. He started to tell her of his worries after she broke the kiss, but Haruhi placed a finger to his lips before any words came out.

Please don't worry now.

I know that my future is

Sealed with you!

Love is in the spring air.

Haruhi kissed him passionately, almost hearing the sweet sound of the breeze whistling through the trees. Tamaki and Haruhi were in heaven.

Like a blossom,

We'll see what happens,

With us!

The kiss broke apart and they embraced each other. Gazing into Tamaki's eyes, she knew he was the one.

Hey, hey,

Maybe you're my love!

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