Making Memories

By Dueler312

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of One Life to Live.

Chapter 11

The case against Todd went for a few weeks, with Cole testifying about what he had done to him, and what Todd had done to Langston, Markko, and to his daughter, Starr. Todd went a little crazy sometimes when he thought what they said was lies, and even tried to convinced Starr that she was being lied to, but no one listened to him, as they told the court of what he had done.

Finally, the verdict had finally come, and everyone was there to here it. Starr was really hoping that her father would pay for his actions,

The jury came in first, and then the judge came in, and everyone sat down.

"Madam foreman, have you reached the verdict?" the judge asked one of the members of the jury.

"Yes, we have, your honor," the jury member said.

"Will the defendant please rise?" the judge ordered. Todd and his lawyer stood up. Starr was getting really tense, and Cole felt it, so he rubbed her side, whispering to her, "It's going to be okay." Starr knew he was right, as she kissed his hand.

"What is your verdict?" asked the judge.

"In the case of the state of Pennsylvania vs. Todd Manning," the foreman Jury member said," on the count of aggravated assault, the count of assault, and the count of attempted murder, We The Jury find the defendant, Todd Manning, guilty as charged, as there was no defense shown from Todd Manning."

"No, you are LYING!" yelled Todd.

"Mr. Manning!" the judge shouted at him. Todd then became quiet, but glared at the judge.

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of The Jury," said the judge. "You are dismissed. As for you Todd Manning, You will be taken back down to the Llanview jail cell, until a time can be set up for your sentencing hearing. And let me just say to you myself, that you are really a jerk of what you have done. Bailiff, remove him from the courtroom," the judge ordered.

The two bailiff officers took Todd and cuffed him, but Todd tried to resist being taken. As he was being taken away, he yelled out in full force, "YOU ALL ARE GOING TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE! I MEAN IT!" before disappearing through another door.

"The only one who has to pay for what he has done is you, Dad," Starr said in a low, mean voice.

"Hey, at least he won't hurt us anymore," said Cole.

"And you know what," said Starr. "I'm actually glad for that." She then took Cole's hand and then said, "Come on, lets go get Langston, Markko, and our daughter, Nicole, and head to the park."

"That actually sounds pretty good," said Cole, as he wrapped his arm around his girlfriend, and they headed out,

Later on, the four best friends, and Nicole were out in the park. Nicole was in her carrier, but was looking around, as if she wanted to explore around.

"Wow, at least your dad won't be hurting anyone else now," said Langston. Starr and Cole had just finished telling them what had happened at the courtroom.

"Well, I'm still a little scared that he may do something, but I'm not going to worry about it," said Starr.

"You know, I think you are definitely giving the Manning name a good turn around," said Markko. Everyone laughed at that one.

Nicole then started fussing. "Uh-oh, someone is wanting their parents, Starr," said Cole, as he took Nicole out of the carrier.

"Here, give her this," said Starr, as she handed Cole her pacifier. Cole took it, and gently put it and Nicole's mouth. "I can tell you one thing," said Cole. "We are definitely going to making a lot of memories here, with our new daughter. Starr smiled as big as she could, and kissed Cole and Nicole on the cheek.

"Hey, you know what, I think we actually need a picture of this," said Markko.

"Yeah, lets get a picture of the new family," said Langston.

"One thing though guys," said Starr.

"What's that?" said Markko.

"You guys are part of our family as well, because you've been there with us through everything, and you guys should be in here, too," said Starr.

"Yeah, she's right. Come on, I'll set up the camera," said Cole, as he handed Nicole to Starr and stood up.

"You guys," said Langston. They then headed over to one side of Starr, and cuddled up together, and once Cole got the camera set up, and started the second clock, hurried back over to Starr's other side, with Nicole squirming a little. The flash went off, and they knew the picture had been taken. Cole went to get the camera, and showed everyone the picture. It was definitely a great family picture.

Hey guys, unfortunately this is the end of the story here, but don't worry, there is a sequel coming. Keep an eye out for it.