All That I've Got

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We took a long ride around town to ease our selves and relax. We took turns driving. I yelled at him for not wearing his seat belt but it didn't really work. He drove to the hotel with out a seatbelt. He walked me up to the entrance and took my hands in his and looked me dead in the eyes.

"I Love you Chris." He said and kissed my lips. He turned to leave but I caught his coat sleeve.

"No No, Stay with me tonight, please?" I pulled my puppy dog look again. He nodded his head an smiled.

"Of course I'll stay with you babe." He took my hand and let me lead him up to my room. I pressed the elevator button and we stepped in. All of a sudden he was on me. He was kissing me all over. My face, my neck, my shoulder, whatever he could find. I began returning them in the same manner, my hands making large knots and tangles in his long hair. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. My back hit the cold metal wall. He held me up there with my back supported by the wall and kept kissing me passionately. I could almost feel the passion coming from him. The elevator became unbearably hot and my pants too tight. The elevator opened and I slid down from my spot and took his hand. We went straight to my room. Once inside we hurriedly locked the door. I shoved him on the bed and straddled his hips. I pulled his coat off his arms and slid it from underneath him and began to kiss his neck all over, leaving it wet with my saliva. He turned his head whichever way I wanted him too. I kissed his scruffy jaw and nipped his ears. He moaned and pulled me closer to his body. I moved lower and lifted the hem of his shirt up just a little, to expose his belly button. I ran my tongue on the outside of it. His back arched in pleasure. He pulled my hair and clenched his teeth. I lifted his shirt even more and began to lightly run my tongue over his nipples while I gently squeezed the other one. He moved so he could rest on the pillows and I saw my chance to just pull his shirt off of him. I ran my hands over the soft golden hair on his chest and gently pulled on a few strands. I sat up and looked him in the eyes. He knew what I was thinking because he smiled and nodded his head. I took my shirt off and pressed my lips to his. His breath was sweet despite the beer he had before we left. I felt his soft tongue push against my lips. I opened my mouth and let his tongue in. I felt it touch every tooth and then come back to play with my tongue. He bucked his hips a little. I took it as sign. So I got off and slowly undid my pants. I let them fall to the floor slowly. He watched every move I made. Then he stood up and did the same to his pants. Only he actually folded them and set them on the chair. I laid back on the bed and waited for him. He came to lay beside me, our bare skin touching felt so warm. His skin was softer than I had imagined. I turned to face him and ran a finger down his hair chest and down to his pubic area. He let out a small giggle and batted my hands away,

"Stop it, that tickles." He laughed. I laughed with him and while he was distracted pulled his cock out of the slit in his boxers. He was pretty decent size. I took it in my hands softly and began to pump it up and down slowly, unsure of what pace he would prefer. He clasped his and over mine and made my hands work faster. His mouth went into a perfect O shape as began moaning. His soft moans filled the room and turned me on even more. I don't think my cock has ever been this hard before. I can feel my cock press against his well muscled thigh. Shawn's body tenses and I stop pumping him. I don't want him to cum just yet. I straddle his hips and reach into my drawer and pull out some baby oil. His eyes widen a little but I reassure him everything will be alright. I lower myself so I am between his legs and coat his cock in the oil until it is wet and slippery. I position my self on my hands and knees on the bed, offering myself to him. HE smiles at me softly and gets bind me. I tense a little as I feel his tip poking around at my butt. I pushes into me slowly and gently prods around till he finds a comfortable position. He grips my shoulders loosely and begins a rhythmic pattern. Every other thrust hits my spot and makes me moan. My back arches and I squeeze the pillow tightly. He pleasure me so well and our bodies just seem to fit like pieces in a puzzle. The pleasure is over whelming and I have to will myself not to come. He leans over and begins to kiss my neck and jaw. He nips my ears and scratches my back. He trails kisses down my back and rubs my thighs. His fingers lightly run across my balls sending shivers down my spine. I cant take it much longer.

"Im gonna come Shawn. I cant hold it much longer." I pant.

"Its ok Babe, just do it Im-" I feel his warm fluids inside me. He gets up and goes to the bathroom and I hear the water running. I follow him and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I don't think I've ever looked this wild in my life. My hair is so messed up. He stands by the sink with a damp washcloth, washing his forehead then rinsing it and cleaning up his privates. He smiles at me and struggles taking the pony tail band out of his hair. That was one of the reasons I cut my hair, my little bands always got stuck in my hair. I smile and move behind him and take the pony tail out for him, without losing much hair. I reach on to the counter and grab my Ouchless brush and begin coming through the tangles. After I brush his hair out all the way I rub my fingers through his long golden hair. He turns to me and smiles.

"Lets go back to bed." He takes my hand and leads me back to bed. We lay there for a while and let the silence wash over us. His hair fans out behind his head and I play with his hair some more. He looks at me and opens his mouth to speak but I place a finger over his lips. I enjoy these quite moments. He seems to understand. He rolls over and I sit on his butt and rub his shoulders. He grunts as my massaging releases the tension from his muscles.

"Mmmm baby I like it. More on the right." He mumbles and rolls his shoulders.

"Hey Shawn, do you think what we just did was wrong? I mean do you think that maybe we shouldn't have done it, or maybe we should have waited?"

"No Chris." He rolls over so I fall off gently and faces me." No Chris I really don't. I think we just did what was in our hearts to do. Nothing was going to stop this from happening Chris. Everything happens for a reason." He caressed my eye brow and kissed my lips softly.

"So are we like…together now? Or was this a one time thing?"

"I told you that I loved you and I came up here with you and made love to you. I didn't have sex with you I made love. Now what does that tell you Chris?"

"That you love me?" I asked with my eyebrow cocked. He chuckled and hugged me to his chest. He kissed the top of my head.

"Yes that means I love you Chris. I really do."

I cant help but to get that warm feeling and my stomach gets filled with the butterflies at these three words. I feel like a school girl with her first boyfriend.

"Hey Shawn what do you think the others are going to say?

"That's a whole 'nother story baby." He smiles. "Don't listen to what other people say. Follow what your heart tells you and you'll be just fine."


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