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"Just stop crying! What do you want from me!" Holding his hands over his ears, it was all he could do to attempt to drown out the sobs of a brunette tween. 'Jesus Christ, does he ever stop?' Looking left and right, he finally shook his head in defeat when he realized no worried parent was looking for their lost child. "Listen, kid, if you stop crying… I'll buy you lunch. I get off soon, this failure at life can buy you an ice cream cone with his minimum wage paycheck. You're like what, 9? You like ice cream and shit, right?" With that last sentence, all sobs ceased as red rimmed blue eyes looked up.

"I'm 13. Thir-teen. Not 9, jerk," Sora hissed out, wiping his eyes.

"Fine, jeez. I didn't know 13 year olds didn't like ice cream. You want a beer or something, big man?" Sniffling to himself, Sora turned his head, trying to regain his posture quickly before anyone else saw.

"Don't even get me started. But I do accept cheeseburgers…" Smiling slyly, Sora grabbed the redheads hand and dragged him towards the food court.

"Wait!" the taller of the two cried whilst being dragged away from his place of employment. "I still have to clock out!" From behind him, he could hear his manager murmur something about clocking him out 10 minutes ago and trying to save money. Pulling Sora towards him and causing him to stop, he sighed before running a hand through long, red hair. "Fine. Just let me change and get my shit… Nobody wants a mascot suit in exchange for food around here. Trust me, I've tried." After 15 long minutes, both boys were seated at a table, food in front of them.

"So Axel." Upon hearing his name leave the brunette's mouth, Axel's eyes squinted in suspicion.

"… Have you been following me?" By now, Sora had the beginning of a cheeseburger stuffed in his mouth and a straw from his soda hanging out the left corner.

"No," he somehow managed to mumble out. "Uiev meht chu befow, remembuw? Wif Weeku." Quickly, Axel pulled his phone out and hid it just out of Sora's view to text. Riku, I'm at the mall with a crazy stalker that claims they know me through you. Without much waiting, a reply of "Who?" was received.

"Uhh… What's your name again, kid?"

"Slorua." Uhh… Laura? Is that someone you slept with? Name sound familiar? Riku's response of "No, are you sure it's not someone you slept with?" caused Axel to look up and examine the subject before him. Definitely someone YOU slept with. Looking up briefly and watching Sora again for a moment, he sent another text. You sick bitch. Placing his phone down and picking at his own burger, he eyed Sora with a curious look. "So… how do I know you again?"

"I met you! We got lunch, remember?" A big grin was plastered across his face and Axel just couldn't bring himself to turn it upside down. Shaking his head in agreement with a quick "uh-huh" he went back to his nibbling. Not long after that, he received another text from Riku. "Listen man, I really don't know. Bring them by the house or something, I could probably put a name to a face." Cringing at the thought of how Riku could really know this kid, he shook his head at his phone. I don't know if I can do that. A response of "And why not?" met Axel's phone less than a minute later. Practically slapping himself in the face, he leaned forward towards Sora. "Hey, kid. You're parents coming to get you anytime soon?" Sora stopped mid slurp and gave Axel a look of bewilderment before slowly shaking his head no and continuing his slurping. Alright…Axel texted back, I guess I'll bring 'em by…You sick bitch. Just when he thought the conversation died, he received "Why do you keep calling me that?" Not responding to Riku's text message, he thought to himself 'You're the one that knows Laura. You tell me.' Axel then glanced up at the boy in front of him, who by now was finished eating. "You said you knew Riku, right?" Sora shook his head vigorously.

"Yes! I haven't seen him in soo long!"

"Right… Wanna see him?"

"DOES HE WORK AT THE MALL TOO?" Lifting his head, Sora leaned forward and shot Axel a wide-eyed smile. His big blue orbs seemed to make Axel feel a little uncomfortable. It was as if his blues were seeing straight into him, and it made him start to squirm in his seat. Just there looking into the brunette's eyes he saw something, and if he could compare it to anything it'd be closer to a feeling, maybe one when he's with Roxas or when you received a surprise gift from a long time friend. It was just that nice feeling, yes nice. That is what it was and it made every hair stand on end, and that's when it hit him. A friend. A small friend. A very small friend. A very small friend with a sexy babysitter. A very small friend with a very sexy pedophilic babysitter… Well, old babysitter now. A babysitter who happened to be his best friend. 'If this is what Riku saw then I can't disagree.' Still shifting Axel opened his mouth to respond when Sora blurted out again. "I hope you say no, 'cause if I find out he's a mascot like you I'd be embarrassed for him. I mean he's beyond that."

"Damn kid, what the hell did I ever do to you?"

"Nothing…" Sora shrugged his brows a bit in confusion to why the red head would ask such a question. "Why'd you ask that?"

"Don't worry about it, and no he doesn't." Still a little perplexed Sora just sucked up the last of his soda when he noticed the red head standing up. "I'll do you a favor kid."

"You know just 'cause I'm younger than you doesn't make me a kid Axel." Sora pouted placing a hand on his hip after standing as well, only to receive a short laugh from Axel.

"Ha-ha, fine whatever. Are you in?" he asked dumping both trays of food in the trash can then turning to face Sora once again.

"Uh, am I in?" Sora asked, giving a crooked smile while scratching the back of his head at the same time. Just giving a devious smile in response, Axel grabbed Sora's small arm and began dragging him toward the mall exit.

"That's what she said! Come on! … She said that too, hehe" Axel stood a moment and laughed at his joke before starting back up again pulling Sora out the door. "I'm serious, let's skedaddle."

A skip and a leap past a very awkward car ride landed the two boys in front of an apartment complex. Not a shabby cheap one, but a decent one. Once the redhead typed the pass code in, he drove his car forward and took some more uncoordinated twists and turns till they finally parked. Stepping out, Sora took a moment to examine the place. It had trees in strategic places and a nice outside appearance. The architect did a nice job.

"Hey, come on this way!" Axel yelled waving an arm in the air while starting to step up a staircase, which put Sora's feet into action as he ran right behind him almost close enough to bump him. They climbed up to the second floor where there were two doors and a window for each on the inside of the balcony. On the right, the door had a nice semi-circle sign hanging with a bold 'WELCOME' carved into it, as well as a small outside carpet at the foot of the door right next to some small potted plant. It was plain black, causing Sora to assume it was an 'I'm here for your dirt' carpet and that's all. You couldn't see in the window, for it had one of those side window curtains that fit ever so perfectly. The door on the right, however, did not have a welcome sign or carpet or even a plant. It did however have a curtain that looked like it was ripped on one side though, and right where a perfectly good welcome carpet could be, Axel's feet stood and where that beautiful, homely welcome sign could sit, Axel's head leaned forward. His hand was jiggling the door handle wrestling with a key.

"…Should have guessed…" Sora stated slightly under his breath but still provoked an answer form the occupied redhead.


"Nothing. You got it? I mean it's just a key?"

"Uhhhhhhhh… stupid key…" Then a click was heard. "Yep, come on in." They both headed for the door. Inside at first glance was a bit messy but actually quit bearable at the same time. Once Sora's eyes started to really look around the room was when he saw him.

A hand reached for the lighter sitting on the table and brought it up to his pipe to light the pile of leaves in a bowl held right up to the mouth. As soon as the flame hit the pile, a red burn started to crumble the leaves as the person inhaled deeply. Throwing the lighter back on the table, the other hand holding the pipe slowly brought it away from the mouth. Seconds later, a cream colored smoke released itself from soft pale lips filling the air and hovering right in front of his lips, only to be quickly sucked back in again. A pale, barely there smoke was the next thing that escaped, followed by a series of coughs.

"Hello!" Axel stated to the head that was titled back enjoying the scene of smoke above him. "I've brought Laura." Sora stepped into the room so the door behind him could be closed, and as he moved, he took the liberty to correct Axel.

"It's Sora, not Laura Ax-el." Without even turning to face the brunette, Axel's face twitched, staring straight at the other man.

"Is that MINE?"

"SORA?" Riku's coughing only worsened upon examining the small brunette standing in the doorway looking directly back at him. His eyes had widened so much he had to constantly blink to keep refreshing his eyes in hopes that it would help his brain register what he was looking so intently at. Axel did a double take from Riku's questioned face back to Sora, who looked out of place and a tad uncomfortable.

"Well…" Axel started, "I knew it was someone that you had relations with Riku~" Riku then turned his focus to Axel.

"This is Sora… I, I used to baby-sit him… remember the uh… easy money." At that moment Axel only smiled in return.

"I know." Then he turned around with a quickly and pushed Sora inside completely while he twisted himself out the door yelling before slamming the door closed, "Peace!"

"Well… this is… a surprise!" Riku managed to stammer out. The high he was getting from the pot he just smoked was not doing well to help him in this situation.

"I'd be surprised too if I just WALKED OUT OF SOMEONES LIFE COMPLETELY AND NEVER TALKED TO THEM AGAIN AND HAD THEM SHOW UP ON MY DOORSTEP RANDOMLY ONE DAY… JERK." Sora took it upon himself to make a comfortable spot for him on the couch. Crossing his arms across his chest, he allowed a pout to form on his lips. Glancing over at Riku and seeing his eyes on him, he hastily looked away again, determined not to maintain eye contact.

"Soo let me get this straight Sora. You ran into Axel at the mall, came here to see me, and now that we're finally together again, you're ignoring me? A little contradictive, don'tcha think?" The smirk growing on Riku's face as he tried to lighten the mood was not missed by Sora. Slowly, he allowed Riku to scoot closer and closer to his side of the couch. When his lips were against Sora's ears, whispering how sorry he was, the smell of smoke coming from his breath was greatly outnumbered by the chills it made roll down Sora's leg. "You know I missed you," he whispered gently. "I never wanted to leave…"

"I know…" Sora began whispering back, "I just don't understand why you couldn't call?" His voice was wavering now, posing more of a question than a response.

Seeing the hurt in Sora's eyes as his questioned Riku, he wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into a hug. "There was just lots of complications, Sor. You're mom made it very clear I wasn't welcome to contact you and to be honest… our situation… our relationship… it's not exactly, you know, something many people would speak too highly of. I could have gotten in a lot of trouble with more than just you and your mom." As he listened, Sora's anger began to subside. He felt dumb. He never considered their age difference to be that kind of a problem. He turned to look Riku in the eye, and seeing the desire for a response of any kind, leaned forward and kissed him.

It was light and slow and unexpected. Sora's hand cupped the side of Riku's face as he continued pressing his lips against the others. Riku's eyes, which at first were widened in surprise, slowly closed as his shoved his fingers through Sora's mass of hair and attempted to deepen the kiss. His tongue slowly began poking Sora's lips until they were granted entrance and it wasn't long after that that Riku had Sora laying flat on his back, shirt off and panting. Trailing kiss after kiss from his lips down his neck, down his chest, and down even lower to the waistline of his pants, Riku made his way back up to Sora's neck. Sora, who was moaning all the while, couldn't help but reach for Riku's shirt as well, only feeling it as fair that both of them were half naked. The passion and desire that Riku was emanating was obvious and without asking, he took it upon himself to undo and lower Sora's pants.

"No," Sora stated bluntly, catching Riku's hands with his own. "This time, I'm going to make you happy." With that simple sentence, Sora wriggled his way out from under Riku and made his way on top of the elder, all the while shimmying Riku's pants down to his ankles. It was only a matter of time before Riku was the one moaning as Sora took him all into his mouth, not even hesitating at the size or the idea like he had once before. After a surprisingly short time, Sora had Riku begging for more. The way his lips wrapped so perfectly around his member and the way Sora's face was covered in an innocent blush was almost too much to handle. Grabbing Sora by the nape of the neck, he pulled him into a deep kiss, not even giving him a second to breath. Pulling away, Riku looked Sora in the eyes. With the slightest nod of the head that was almost nonexistent, Riku swapped their positions for the second time, and lowered himself onto Sora. Looking around for something that could be used to ease the younger ones pain, Riku's eyes landed upon a bottle of lotion. After properly distributing the lotion in his fingers, he went to work on preparing the small brunette for what was the come. After some minutes of discomfort, Sora nodded his head to Riku who then used the lotion on his own member and slowly began pushing himself into Sora.

"Uhhnngg," Sora whimpered in response to the intrusion, but Riku quickly began kissing him all over his while he quietly grabbed Sora's penis in his hand and began thrusting his hand up and down in unison with his body. Soon, Sora's whimpers turned into mews of pleasure.

"I love you, I love you, ohh I love you," Sora whispered into Riku's ear. As soon as they were spoken, Riku and Sora's bodies clenched up as they finished almost in unison. Riku gently pulled out of Sora and ran to the kitchen to grab some towels to wipe themselves up with.

Once they were all clean, Riku grabbed Sora and hugged him to his chest so tight it's surprising Sora could still breath.

"I love you, I love you, I love you too Sora, so much. And Sora, if you're going to be getting into this much trouble, leaving the mall with random strangers and having sex with men you haven't seen in months, then I think I'm going to have to stick around for a while to keep an eye on you."

Sora scoffed at the remark and laughed. "Oh, you mean like a babysitter?"


It has been a joy writing this story with co-author Alesia and I hope she finds this a suitable ending!