The Dream Land Story

by GameTrekker

Chapter 1: Days Daze

The sun rose above the distant mountains. Another day had begun in Dream Land.

For Popopo, it was like any other day. He kept his eyes closed at first, savoring the last moments of his wonderful dream. When he was ready, he got up and made breakfast.

Popopo was of the Dream Lander race, which was named after its only known residence: the country of Dream Land on the planet Pop Star.

The body of a Dream Lander has a very simple design, so a sketch of one is easy to make. First you draw a circle. Then you add smaller semicircles for the "arms". After that, add medium-sized semicircles for the feet. Lastly, all you need are two vertical ovals for the eyes and a dot for the mouth. As for coloring, each Dream Lander's body and feet are different colors. Popopo's distinguishing color was pink, while his feet were magenta.

He had a huge breakfast. It consisted mainly of Pop Star's local fruits, as they were so plentiful and easy to collect. The pile he was eating today was over two feet tall, even though Popopo himself was only eight inches in height (average for a Dream Lander). He gulped down the mountain, not bothering to chew with his nonexistent teeth. (His kind has no bones at all, let alone teeth.) Popopo was feeling even hungrier than usual at the moment, so he fixed himself some pancakes. He could hold the pan by wrapping one of his flap-like arms around its handle. Once the pancakes were done he piled syrup and berries on top of them. Then, stretching his pinprick mouth to the size of a dinner place, he swallowed them all at once.

After breakfast, Popopo went outside to play with his fellow Dream Lander friends. They were Tututu, who was blue with pink feet, Vavava, who was green with yellow feet, and Ririri, who was orange with blue feet. Their favorite game was "Hide and Seek". Due to the vastness of Vegetable Valley, which was the area of Dream Land where they lived, Popopo and his friends set up boundaries first. Then the game began. "Hide and Seek" was their favorite because their kind had the ability to inflate (or "puff up") at will and float through the air. They used this ability to fly up onto rooftops or into trees to hide.

Once play was done, they each took their afternoon nap, a tradition among Dream Landers. Sleep is entered more often in Dream Land than anywhere else in the Milky Way galaxy, probably because the residents always have good dreams. This is how Dream Land got its name. Revitalized after afternoon nap, the four friends resumed their play.

As the sun set, Popopo parted with his friends and returned to his dome-shaped house on the hill. He fixed himself dinner, which was at least as big as breakfast and consisted mostly of vegetables. Satisfied and content, Popopo lay down on his bed and went to sleep.

Life was sweet. Popopo could play all day, eat when he was hungry and sleep when he was tired.

He had never wondered how his way of life was possible. Yet, to an outsider, it would seem strange that Popopo's kind was able to thrive while doing nothing productive. There were plenty of other races in Dream Land, so why didn't they all have this privilege? The truth of the matter was that Dream Landers were generally ignored by the others. They were used as a method of keeping the incredibly rapidly growing vegetation of Dream Land at bay. But being neglected turned out to suit them just fine.

Collapse, however, was unfortunately inevitable. All that had to occur was the presentation of an outside force that was willing to exploit such an abundance of innocents.