Worth Dying For

Chapter 1: Of All the Gin Joints in All the World

It wasn't often that Hatake Kakashi would be seen in a bar. In fact, it only happened once a year. Most people wouldn't suspect Kakashi of the type of person to drink his sorrows away, and normally he wouldn't. At most he would mourn his comrades deaths and try to remember the lessons he learned from their deaths.

But today was different. Today was always different. Every year on this day, Kakashi would go to a local bar, order whatever alcohol he saw first and partake in the forgetting game. Drinking enough of the bitter sweet liquid to forget the death of the man he respected and admired most. Even still, it is hard to forget the death of Hatake Sakumo.

Now, Kakashi was not one to get drunk. He knew his limits and always stopped before he reached them and today was no exception. Sighing in content, He set down his half full glass and the required amount of money on the counter before wordlessly leaving. He pulled out his infamous orange book out of habit and opened it in front of his face and started walking towards his apartment to further mourn his fathers death.

Or he would have had he not heard the sounds of a fight in the alley next to the bar. Being a jounin, Kakashi had to help keep the peace inside the walls in Konoha, so he decided to break it up before anyone gets to hurt. As Kakashi walked past the garbage cans, he expected to see a couple of drunks fighting over something stupid, what he came upon was a couple sober looking men beating on a child, no older than 5 years old.

Kakashi approached them as they taunted the young child, when he was within arms length they started throwing punches at the boy, Kakashi coughed to get their attention on him. When on of the men turned around Kakashi quickly punched him in the gut, knocking the guy out. His companion quickly backed up from Kakashi and fled the alley.

Kakashi looked down the boy, who seemed to shy away from his gaze, when he realized, he recognized the boy. It was the local jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and the only son of his deceased sensei, Uzamaki Naruto. Kakashi sighed, he knew that people treated him coldly and tended to avoid him, but beating on him was a new low. He looked back at the boy and saw that he only had a few bruises, "Hey kid, you better get out of here before you get yourself in more trouble" Kakashi warned as he picked up the unconscious body and headed out the alley. He had to talk to Hokage about assigning a small ANBU squad to watch over the boy if things like this were going to happen.


Naruto looked up at the strong man who had just saved him. No one ever gave him the time of day, but that man was genuinely worried about him. Deciding to follow his advice Naruto stood up and slowly walked out of the alley, holding the sore spot on his side where he was hit.

Having already eaten lunch, Naruto was at a loss at what to do for the rest of the day. He thought it would be best to go to the park, hoping that some of the other children would play with him. Normally he wouldn't get his hopes up, but that man was nice to him, so maybe someone else would be nice too.

After playing by himself in the park for what seemed like forever, Naruto was about to head home, but was distracted as a cat, with a red ribbon on it's right ear, approached him. "Neko?" Naruto looked around the park from his spot in the sand box, trying to find the owner. But as he looked around he realized that no one else was here besides him. Naruto was brought from his thoughts when the cat began to rub against him and purr in contempt.

Naruto feeling happy to finally have someone to spend time with, began to pet the cat, causing the cat to purr even more. However, his happiness was short lived, as the cat was taken from him by a young girl with a Forehead protector, signifying her position as a ninja of Konoha. "I found him!" the girl yelled to her companions as they appeared out of the small forest surrounding the park. Naruto could only look on, as the gennin took his only friend away from. Leaving him, once again, alone with nothing to do.

Having nothing else to do Naruto decided to head home and make some ramen for dinner before going to sleep. Naruto calmly walked down the street towards his house when his stomach let out a large growl. Looking around Naruto spotted the ramen stand the Hokage had taken him to once. Checking his pockets, Naruto was dismayed to find only a 50 yen coin. Not enough to buy a hot bowl of ramen.

Dejected Naruto continued his trek home, hoping to sate the growing hunger pains. As he turned the corner Naruto nearly missed the copper coin lying one the side of the street. Naruto picked it up and picked the dirt off of it. Looking at the clean coin, Naruto was able to make out the 500 on it. "Yatta!" Naruto shouted energetically as he headed back to the Ramen shop.

Naruto shyly entered the ramen shop and took a seat at the counter. "Hey there, Kiddo. What can I do for you?" greeted the owner, a middle-aged man in his late 30's or early 40's.

"Ano, I would like some beef ramen please" Naruto said, not wanting to upset the people who would feed him. After a couple minutes of waiting a large, for 4 year old Naruto, bowl of Ramen was placed in front of him.

"Here you go." said the man as he went upstairs to check on something. Naruto sat there calmly, eating the warm noodles. When he was done drinking the broth, he noticed the man had returned.

"Ano." Naruto said as he put the 500 yen coin on the counter.

"Here" the man said as he gave Naruto back the coin, "Don't worry about it, that one's on the house" He said, giving Naruto a warm smile. Naruto could only look at him as if he were a saint. Nobody gave him free food. Ever.

"Arigato" Naruto said as he bowed towards the man before leaving. Today had been the best day of his life. He got free food, he found 500 yen, a stranger was nice to him and he got to play with a cat at the park. Naruto sighed. He missed the cat that had been taken from him. Not really paying attention where he was going Naruto found himself near the bar where he was beaten up earlier.

Not wanting to stay there for too long, Naruto began walking faster, determined to get home safely. It was when he passed the bar did a loud crashing sound come from the alleyway. Naruto looked back to see a brown cat with a ribbon on it's ear run past him towards the edge of town.

Naruto immediately recognizing the cat as the one from earlier, began chasing after it. It wasn't long before both the cat and Naruto were in the forest bordering the town. Naruto stopped and leaned against the tree to catch. It was then that he noticed that the sun was beginning to set, so he decided to turn around and head back home, but when he turned around all he saw were trees and bushes. Naruto spun around a couple of times just to make sure he wasn't facing the wrong way. He was tired and wanted to go home and go to sleep, so he chose a direction at random and using 4 year old logic, decided it was the right direction.

After walking for awhile after sunset, Naruto could feel sleep gripping him, so he stopped and found a tree that looked like it would stop the cold September winds from blowing down on him. As he drifted off to sleep, Naruto couldn't help, but hope that maybe someone would find him out here and take him home. If he was lucky maybe it will be that nice man that saved him earlier.


A/N: and here is the first chapter of my revised story. As you noticed that Naruto left the village, but I did it in a way that was totally different from every one else. He wasn't chased out, he didn't decided to leave, and he wasn't kidnapped or influenced out. He simply got lost while chasing a cat. A cat some of you should recognize.

I'm gonna try to release a new chapter, either every week or every other week. And incase you noticed, every chapter title is a song name. I hoped you guys will enjoy this story, so please tell me what you think.

By the way, a Japanese yen is worth about as much as a penny. It fluctuates between 100 yen to a dollar and 110 yen to a dollar. I'm telling you this so you have some sort of idea how much things cost in this story.