Two more glasses of champagne and a swig of some little bottle in the mini fridge Chloe was on cloud nine. "I love that pool." After getting confirmation from the rest of the team that everything was okay they had made there way out to the balcony and where now looking over it to the pool.

"Yea, well I'm not sure about swimming where everyone can see." Oliver glanced over at her, once again checking to make sure he had not let her drink to much champagne. When she had opened the mini fridge and said aloud 'I wonder what this is?' and downed it he had gotten a little concerned. Especially, when she choked on it.

"I'll be back." Chloe stood up strait and ran off towards the bedroom.

"What are you doing?!"

"You'll see!"

Oliver groaned and dropped his head. He'd let continue drinking because he thought she might eventually pass out. There seemed to be no end in sight though. For a long time there was no sign of her and just as he was ready to check on her he heard a door open. Below him Chloe exited the first floor and was standing on the edge of the pool. "Come on Chloe!" She then turned to him and looked up. At first he hadn't been aware of what she was wearing. Now that she was facing him it was hard to miss. Instead of the expensive dress he had purchased for her, she now wore a green lace bra and what appeared to be pink boy shorts. It was an outrageous combination but that wasn't what bothered him. "You're in your underwear!"

"It's like a bathing suit!" She yelled up to him. "Be grateful! I changed out of the matching thong!" With that she waved and dived in.

For a moment he panicked. She'd had a lot to drink and probably shouldn't be swimming on her own. Oliver had been ready to launch himself over the balcony when she surfaced. "Don't move!" He stepped away from the balcony then went back again. "I'm serious!"

"Gotcha ya!" Chloe saluted then dived back into the water.

After racing down to the first floor and throwing open the glass doors he found her against the side of the pool with her arms resting atop the granite floor.

"Coming in?" Just for extra measure she waggled her eyebrows at him.

"Don't be ridiculous." But she was still looking up at him with a knowing smirk. "What the hell." Perhaps he could use alcohol as an excuse if he ever had to explain what he and Chloe were doing in a pool with only their underwear on. But there would probably not be another opportunity to be around Chloe in her underwear again, he couldn't pass it up.

Chloe grinned and clapped her hands. He started to unbutton his shirt and her grin slowly faded. What the hell had she been thinking? Seeing Oliver in his Green Arrow suit was hard enough on a girl but seeing Oliver without his shirt was a very bad idea. But she had started it and was determined to finish it. So with a knowing smirk she turned around and dived back into the pool and swam to the other end. When she reached the granite wall she resurfaced. "You could be at least a little teasing."

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" He'd already disposed of his shirt and was now pulling his under shirt over his head. She smiled again but there was something totally different in her face. If it hadn't been Chloe he would have though she might attack him.

"Maybe." When he reached for the buckle she held her breath. She'd at least run to the room to undress, but he didn't care in the least.

"Now don't get to excited." He said as he unzipped his pants and smirked down at her.

"Please." With an annoyed frown she turned around. "I won't even look."

"Sure." True to her word though, she didn't turn around. After he was left in only his boxer briefs he dived into the pool.

At the sound of the water splashing her breath caught in her throat and she spun around. It took her only a moment to see his body under the pool and it was only a second later before he had yanked her under. Chloe screamed before she was pulled under water and wound up with a mouth full of water. When she resurfaced she was coughing and doing her best to glare at an amused Oliver.

"Serves you right." He stepped back, sure that if she had the opportunity to pay him back she would.

"What? Why?" After finally coughing up all the water she smoothed her blond hair back and did her best to look dignified.

"Oh come on Chloe. I'm a lot of things. And one of them is a guy. Any decent looking girl in her underwear is going to get a reaction out of me." He should have held his tongue he realized. Because she grinned and he could have sworn he saw her ego inflating.

"Really?" Chloe waded forward and kept herself afloat near him. "So, you're saying I look hot?"

"For the love of-." Oliver shook his head and glared at her. She was intent on making him say it. "You looked hot earlier." He reached out a hand and pulled her to him through the water. "Now, is a totally different story."

His voice was much lower and instead of panicking like she should have she wrapped her arms around his neck. "You might need to explain further."

"I'll show you." He whispered as his lips pressed against her own.

Chloe gasped as his lips made contact with hers and dug her fingers into his shoulder when his tongue slid past her lips. Without any thought she wrapped her legs around his waist and returned the kiss.

"Victor to Arrow, we've got trouble."

Oliver released Chloe's lips and looked in the direction of his earpiece which lay in the pocket of his pants. "Just, hold on." Her legs fell away from him and just as he turned away from her he began having second thoughts and looked back. "I'm serious."

Chloe fought a smile and nodded. When he finally retreated to the shallow end of the pool she swam over to the side and rested her arms on top off the granite.

When his pants were within reach Oliver grabbed them and yanked out his earpiece. "What's going on?"

"We've got a spy." Victor responded. "I think he's been taping you."

"He made us! He's on the move. Orders!"

The last voice was AC. Bart was bound to be there somewhere. But that didn't matter. All Oliver could think about was the fact that everything that had just happened between Chloe and himself was on tape. Even with alcohol clouding his brain his mind was still running a mile a minute. Finally he came to a conclusion. "Let him go."

"What?" AC exclaimed.

"Let him go." It was perfect really. Lex had Chloe and him on tape, and in a very compromising position. He couldn't have asked for more. When Oliver set down his earpiece, he turned back to face Chloe. "We need to talk."