Dedicated to my friend, DaemonSadist.

Cho Chang was miserable. One year she lost her boyfriend to an accident during the Tri-Wizard Tournament (the Ministry said it wasn't You-Know-Who so she was inclined to believe them), the next she was being dumped by that stupid Potter. At least that's how she saw it. She had only cried a little, honestly! And it's not like emotions were a bad thing.

Cho sniffled and tried to hold in tears. "Must not cry," she muttered to herself. "Must not cry. Must not cry. Must not-"

"You know, talking to yourself is a sign of your hairbrush being infested with purple-nostriled helegrumbles," said an airy voice behind her.

That was it. Cho broke down sobbing and turned to the person who had spoken and threw her arms around them. "Great! That's just what I need!"

A hand rubbed her back and said, "It's alright. I know how to get rid of them. Purple-nostriled helegrumbles absolutely hate same sex snogging."

Cho sniffled and looked up and realized that the person she'd been covering in torrential amounts of tears was Luna Lovegood. "My," she said, rubbing a hand across her slightly runny nose, "isn't that convenient?"

Luna nodded, her radish earrings swinging madly from the movement, and placed her hand on the small of the older girls back. "The problem should be dealt with immediately. They multiply like you wouldn't believe," she said, leading Cho towards their common room. Cho simply nodded, still sniffling slightly, and allowed herself to be pushed away.

Behind her back, Luna smiled a rather odd smile. "And to think," her mind supplied mischievously, "purple-nostriled helegrumbles haven't been seen for centuries!" She quickly caught up with the Asian girl and tried hide the smile that seemed to have firmly planted itself on her face.