This is my first (well, actually it's the second, but the first was too cheesy,) Rangershipping fanfiction. I hope you enjoy fluff and harmless teasing. Teehee. Enjoy.

Solana and Lunick had been in the process of clearing out a cave-in in Panula Cave when another earthquake caused by a Steelix resulted in another rockfall and trapped the two in a secluded part of the tunnel with no Pokemon to help get them out. Lunick was sitting against the wall watching Solana pace and forth. It was starting to make him dizzy.

"It's days like this I wish I brought a pic axe," Lunick muttered as Solana turned and walked again. "Solana, calm down."

She stopped pacing and turned to glare at him. "I am calm. I'm just trying to figure a way out since our Styler's signals won't reach the Ranger Bases through the rocks and it won't be long before we freeze to death," she insisted, talking fast. Solana noticed Plusle and Minum curled up against each other in the corner to keep warm and sighed, a little annoyed, and sat down beside Lunick. "You think they'll send someone soon?"

"I'm sure they will," Lunick reassured, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Sorry for being so negative."

"Well, nobody can really blame you." He pulled her into his lap and wrapped his arms around her.

She began to blush immensely. Her heart beat so fast that she was certain Lunick could hear it. Luckily he couldn't. And lucky for him, she couldn't see the flushed face of her friend. "Lunick, what are you doing?"

"Body heat," he replied. "You won't freeze to death as long as I can help it." He had meant it too. It felt good to have her so close. He was kinda worried though. Her skin was really cold.

She nodded and relaxed into his hold, quickly warming up. "Thank you." I could get used to this- HOLD IT! Where did that thought come from? We're just friends. Despite convincing her mind, she hadn't convinced her heart of that in the slightest.


Spenser had taken it upon himself to go after Solana and Lunick himself. He and Fearow could sense something had happened to them. Within the first seven minutes of being in the cave, he'd calmed all the Pokemon on the way.

He now stood before the rock fall as Medicham broke it all away in one blow. He saw Solana wrapped in Lunick's arms, both of them sleeping. Spenser took note that they both looked content and neither were shivering and smirked.

"Hey you two, wake up," he told them.

Lunick slowly opened his eyes, noticed where Solana was, noticed that Spenser was smirking, and blushed.

"Who? What?" Her eyes opened and looked down at herself and saw someone's arms around her. "Lunick?" The poor confused girl looked up to see Spenser standing in front of them. They both jumped to their feet, going into the posture they always assumed when in front of a Ranger Leader.


"Relax. I think I get what's going on here," he teased, smirking.

Solana and Lunick glanced at each other from the corner of their eyes and looked back at Spenser, blushing. "This isn't what it looks like," they both insisted.

Spenser's smirk just got larger as Plusle and Minum started laughing. Apparently they hadn't been sleeping as long as thought. "Well, what is this then? My two best Rangers sleeping on the job? Or maybe there's something you're not telling anyone."

"What? No, that's not it," Solana sputtered.

"We... uh..." Lunick racked his brain for words, but found none.

Spenser laughed. "I was kidding. You'd better get back to work. There's still the rest of the cave to clear out."

The two just looked at each other nervously, then looked away as Fearow, Plusle and Minum kept laughing and giggling. "Right away Leader."

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