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Summary of Silent Reverie:

The sequel to WHITE LILIES. Now that Bella and Edward are together, it seems like nothing could go wrong. But there are still more questions that need resolving. And they're getting impatient to be answered.

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Here's Chapter 1 of White Lily's Sequel, Silent Reverie. Like White Lilies, the story would be mainly in Edward's POV. Bella loves the privacy of her mind. ;)

CHAPTER 1: Il Paradiso

I still cannot believe this was happening. I kept repeating the glorious scenario when I heard my beloved first speak those three little words with magnanimous depth.

"I love you Edward. I'm sorry it took a long – " she said but I cut her off by grabbing her and kissing her. I held her tight and felt ecstatic as she hugged and kissed me back, her hands on my hair.

As we kissed, I didn't want to break apart. As her lips molded with mine, as I felt her cool breathe on my mouth, her hands around me, this heavenly moment, I had to break it up as people were cheering loudly and hooting.

When we broke apart, we just gazed at each other. "I love you so much Bella…"

"I love you too…"

That was only six days ago. Now it's almost Wednesday here in Bella's private sanctuary of an island and we're leaving for home tonight.

The sun was rising and I felt a soft pressure on my hand. I turned to wistfully gaze at my beloved Bella's smiling beautiful face. Her eyes were twinkling and the soft morning breeze whipped her hair around her. I reached out and tuck a strand behind her ear and she closed her eyes in contentment and held my hand on her face.

I leaned forward and kissed her hair. She was breathtaking. She was wearing a navy blue bikini and a floral sarong wrapped around her hips. It's a good thing this was a private beach or I would have to murder a lot of blundering idiots.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. "Did you guys have fun?" she whispered, a hint of excitement pulled on the corner of her lips.

I gave her a quick kiss, "Immensely so. You're island is truly a paradise. You don't know how happy all of us are to enjoy a bask under the sun without worry."

She grinned, "I'm glad. This island is also yours now. As well as theirs." Then she frowned slightly.

"But I guess we have to leave soon." She sighed.

Moving the hand that was still holding her face, I tried to pull the corner of her lips up and said softly, "We'll come back here soon, love. But we need to settle our affairs. We are moving to another place."

She smiled a little, "Where are we going exactly?"

"Alaska. But not in Denali. Somewhere remote. We're going to live in Juneau for a while." I said thoughtful.

She nodded. "I see."

Then I smiled at her impishly, "I'm curious." Her brow creased delicately, "About what?" she asked.

I leaned in closer, "What was your original plan? I mean before us. You did say that you were only to stay in Forks for the summer."

She smirked and cocked an eyebrow, "Hmmm… I don't think there's a need for that anymore," she purred in my ear.

Her action threw me slightly off guard and I almost forgot my query. She was sly, but two can play this game. I pressed my cheek on hers and brushed my nose along her cheek and jaw. "I'm extremely curious. Please tell me your original plan?" I crooned.

She stiffened a bit then recoiled right back, "Would things change if I did tell you?"

I began trailing kisses along her jaw line down to her throat, "It might…" I murmured against her skin.

She touched my face and leveled hers with mine and kissed me eagerly, and I held her tight against my body. She kissed me passionately then broke apart all too soon with a triumphant look in her eyes.

"What was your question again Edward?" she asked whispered almost seductively and I racked my brain and I honestly forgot for a second what I asked. She laughed. Cheater. I glared at her.

She sighed, she was a sucker for guilt trips. "Okay I'll tell you."

I folded my arms, "I'm listening."

"I was planning on going to Chicago for a while. It's been ages since I went back there." She said casually.

Now I was even more curious as to why she would go back to my hometown, Oh and hers as well. She must've noticed the confusion on my face as she continued.

She shrugged, "Remember when I told you I lost three years of my memory? Well, when I came to… I was back in my house in Chicago and I felt exactly as I did when I woke up as what we are… "

I looked at her softly, "You want to see if you might remember something?"

She sighed and nodded once, "Something like that. But… the more that I think about it, the more that I feel that my disappearance didn't happen there. I'm sure that when I woke up, I had just… arrived… or on a greater note, placed back there."

I see. I was right. Her disappearance was not an accident. Someone was responsible. Right now I felt my muscles tense. She touched my arm and smiled softly.

"Juneau sounds lovely. Chicago can wait and I'm sure my house had been torn down eons ago." She tried to distract me but I said nothing.

She touched my face and looked into my eyes with intensity, "I'd rather concentrate on the present now. I'm here… you're here. That's all I need now."

I relaxed and smiled crookedly at her then captured her lips once more. She was right. We only just had gotten together. I want to enjoy this. Let what needs to come, come. I'll be waiting.

"Emmett, make sure Bella doesn't get hurt, you hear?" I called at Emmett who was grabbing a board with Bella behind him, holding a board of her own.

Emmett rolled his eyes, "It's not like she's going to frown or get eaten. No, we're just going to surf." He said mockingly. I sighed then watched them head towards the waters.

I sat down on one of the beach recliners next to Alice and Rosalie. They were sunbathing, which was a funny sight, as we don't get burned. But because of Bella's spray on tan idea, we only shimmered slightly, not at all ostentatious sparkling.

"Where's Jasper?" I asked Alice, not even bothering to read her mind.

"Oh he's around. Just count to ten and he'll be right here." Alice said coolly. True enough, my blond brother came strutting towards us.

I read his mind and nodded at him. Alice nodded excitedly as well and Rosalie looked irritated.

"Spit it out. I'm no mind reader or a seer." She said impatiently.

"Jasper wants to grab some jet skis. You game?" she jumped up from her recliner. You're so on. She thought.

So the four of us rode on jet skis and raced all around the island. When we got back, Bella and Emmett were starting a bonfire. I hadn't realized how late it was.

As we approached, Bella freed one of her hands that were holding up some wood and waved at us. I went to her side immediately and took them from her in a swift motion.

She sighed and smiled then walked over to Alice and Rosalie and started a conversation with them.

Once things got settled down, I took my place beside Bella, Emmett ran to Rosalie's side and Alice was on Jasper's lap.

As I sat down, Bella slid herself between my legs and leaned back. I encircled my arms around her and kissed her hair.

"I love this summer!" Alice exclaimed.

"I love the warmth." Jasper said as he snuggled closer to Alice.

We were all contented with the silence as the warmth of the fire created a relaxing atmosphere against the cool salt air when I felt Bella stiffen against me. Alice and Jasper looked at her at once followed by Emmett and Rosalie.

"Bella, what's wrong?" she held her rigid pose and said nothing. I looked sharply at Alice and she was having a vision. Just as I was about to look into Alice's mind, Jasper interrupted me with his frantic thoughts.

Brace yourself Edward. I could feel it coming again – her intense fear.

I looked at Jasper's alert face with shock and in an instant Bella trembled and began to whimper. I stared at her frozen as she started thrashing in pain and screaming.

I bent over her collapsed figure and tired desperately to comfort her. I took hold of her shoulders. "Bella, Bella! I'm here… sweety please calm down, please, oh please Be –"

I bared my teeth and crouched over Bella. Someone's here! I thought fiercely and my eyes darted around sharply at anything moving in the darkness. No doubt by the scent, the intruder was one of us!

Alice and Rosalie dashed over to me and Bella, both in defensive position, crouched and with teeth bared. Emmett and Jasper stood farther out, sniffing for the scent, their eyes sweeping around. All of us noticed the presence and growls and snarls erupted from each of us.

The tense atmosphere became worse as Bella screamed another piercing cry of agony. I nodded at Emmett and Jasper and in a blink they were out of sight, trying to track down the fiend.

I continued comforting Bella, stroking her hair gently but I didn't relax my position.

Edward he's gone. Alice said in a mental message. I turned to her and she looked at me with piercing eyes.

He just left. I didn't get a clear look at his face. He was wearing a long dark cloak. He won't be back for long. He just decided to check on her from what I've seen. She said.

Emmett and Jasper appeared. They still bore the same face as I, furious and frustrated.

"The area's sound. The intruder left. He swam away. And he must've had a vehicle waiting, a speedboat of some sort that was built for stealth. The trail ended there." Jasper explained.

Bella calmed down but passed out. I relaxed my posture and the others did so as well. I carried Bella extra gently and looked at Alice.

"Alice, was the intruder alone?" I asked, my voice icy.

Alice nodded. "He was alone and cloaked. I didn't see him coming but I saw his decision to leave. He also decided not to come back for the mean time." She said grimly.

"He was too fast, dammit!" Emmett said with spite. "I got a quick look at his figure. He was tall and big."

"Did you guys by any chance witness his power? Does he have an extra sense as well?"

Jasper suddenly tensed, "I felt his amusement and extreme confidence so I tried to send him some lethargy but…" he glanced at Bella, "His will was too strong for me to break."

My eyes bulged. "But he didn't block you, right?"

He shook his head. "I don't think that's his ability. But I do feel that he is strong. Incredibly strong."

Rosalie placed a hand on my arm. Edward, let's get Bella out of here. She thought. I nodded at her and took Bella to the beach house and laid her down the sofa. She was still out.

"Rose and I will take her for a minute. We will have to dress her up. You guys go pack." Alice said kindly.

"Okay. But we leave in no less than five minutes." I instructed. She nodded and carried Bella to her and Jasper's room. I sped towards the room Bella and I shared and started packing.

When we arrived home in Forks, Bella was still asleep. What the intruder did to her must have upset her so much. It was uncharacteristic of Bella to sleep for more than ten hours. Usually she just sleeps for an hour. My anxiety increased as every second passed.

I recalled the scene of our arrival.

"Oh my goodness! What happened?" Esme wailed frantically as I carried Bella straight to her room. Carlisle wordlessly bent over Bella and examined her.

"There was an intruder – one of our kind." I hissed. Esme gasped and stroke Bella's hair. Carlisle looked up at me, his eyes big.

"What happened? Did the same thing that happened in the forest with Jasper occur?" Carlisle asked calmly, trying to control the situation.

I nodded and his eyes flashed. "None of us got a glimpse of him. He was cloaked, fast and strong. He left as soon as we came." I muttered under gritted teeth.

Carlisle nodded but he was still concerned. "How long was Bella out? I don't believe she passed out from the initial attack."

"Ten hours. She slept through the flight. We ran into a bad weather and the plane almost didn't make it. I'm concerned as well"

"Where are the others?" Esme interrupted.

"They're checking to see if we've been followed."

Just then, Alice and Emmett entered the room. Alice was surprisingly calm. But Emmett's face was covered in chagrin.

"I don't see anything happening for a month at least. The intruder planned the visit very well." She said in a monotone.

Emmett nodded, "He must know of our powers. He was dead silent. Only Jasper got a feel of him and he was amused."

I growled, "I wasn't able to get a look into his mind. He had me blocked." Carlisle's eyes shot up and shifted to Bella the same way Jasper did a while ago. I shook my head at his thought.

"No, I don't think he can block me the same way as Bella can. He just blatantly thought – nothing… this is a cause for alarm. Only powerful minds can keep their thoughts sealed and controlled like that." I said disgustingly.

"He might have another power. Something Bella can't block." Carlisle suggested grimly.

A shadow fell on my face as I considered his suggestion. Maybe Carlisle was right.

"No. I don't think that's it." Jasper's voice suddenly filled the room. I turned to his voice and he with Rosalie behind him has appeared.

"Why is that, Jasper?" Esme asked her voice covered in worry.

"I could feel Bella's anxiety increase when the intruder came. It built up in her. I think it's the mere presence of the visitor that triggered Bella's response." Jasper said ominously.

I considered that for a long time. But I felt that it was only partly true…

"Let's let Bella rest. Come on dears, out we go." Esme commanded.

"I'll stay here and guard." I said determinedly. Esme nodded then all of them left us alone.

I laid down beside Bella and wrapped my arms around her." whoever did this to you will pay, I swear it." I whispered in her ear.

I opened my eyes as my recollection ended. Bella stirred, I stroked her cheek gently and her eyes fluttered open. I leaned closer to kiss her forehead.

"Hey there sleepy head. You had us worried back there." I said softly.

She tried to sit up and I helped her. I watched as she looked around the room then her frantic eyes reached mine. She was confused and anxious.

"We're home? What time is it? What happened? Edward?" she asked, panic rising in her voice.

I kissed her hair and rubbed her back, "We're home and it's four in the morning. Something upset you again at the beach." I explained slowly.

Her forehead was still creased and she was thinking hard. Then her eyes shot panic again, "Where are the others? Did anyone get hurt?" she took my face and searched for any damage, "Did you get hurt?"

I touched her hands and placed them on her lap, my hands not leaving them, "No one's hurt. But you were again in pain. Do you feel better? Does anything else hurt?"

She shook her head. I sighed and took her face by the chin and made her look at me, "But you were out for quite some time."

"I guess I was…" Then realization came like lightning. She jumped back when my posture stiffened. I tried to act coolly then looked at her intensely.

"Bella, do you remember me carrying you to the beach house?"

She looked puzzled then shook her head, "No."

"How about when Rosalie and Alice dressed you up? Any glimpse of that?"

She took time to think then slowly shook her head the second time. "Not a glimpse."

Now I was starting to panic, "How about getting on our plane? Any slight memory of our trip back home? Nothing at all?"

She was looking very alarmed and scared as she continued to shake her head. "N-no. W-what's wrong Edward?" she was starting to feel nervous.

I grabbed her shoulders gently and looked her straight in the eye, "So you mean to tell me all this time that you were passed out you never heard, seen or felt anything? Nothing at all?" I knew I was frightening her with the ascending urgency in my voice.

"N-no, n-nothing! The last thing I remembered was us – the bonfire then a searing pain and that's it! I-I'm sorry…" she stammered. She was on her way to sobbing when Jasper and Alice burst in the room.

Jasper placed his hand on my shoulder and forced calmness over me, and Alice tried to pull me off of Bella. Both Alice and Bella's eyes were wide with horror. Edward, you're scaring her, stop it! Alice pleaded with her mind.

I blinked and released Bella and let Jasper's calming flow through my body. I pinched the bridge of my nose and took a deep breath.

Then a hand reached out for me and touched my arm, it was Bella's. The fright in her eyes was replaced with genuine worry. After scaring her she was still forgiving and worried about me!

I managed a half smile, and then touched her hand. "I'm sorry Bella. I just had an epiphany. I didn't mean to frighten you."

She smiled, "It's okay." Then her tone became serious. "What's on your mind?"

"When you passed out, you didn't remember anything at all right?"

She nodded. 'Nothing at all." Alice not surprised must've seen this. She sat down and patted Bella's back. Jasper remained standing behind me.

"Would you say this was like your experience from before?" I asked silently wishing my hunch was wrong. Alice and Jasper looked at each other. Both knew what I was referring to.

"Before?" Bella asked meekly. "Do you mean –"

I nodded at her. The suspense was killing me. Then after a moment she gasped and all of us jumped back. I was right.

She looked at me frantically, "You don't think… that what happened before, during my missing years… whoever did that to me… could possibly be… back…?"

I sighed. And nodded once. "It's a possibility."

"I wonder why he's after Bella…" Alice trailed off.

Jasper looked serious and as I read his mind I nodded at him. Things were looking grim. And Jasper was right.

The fact that Bella was deeply affected by the visitor could mean that she was an easy target to manipulate. And we could only think of one reason why anyone would want to control Bella.

He was after Bella's ability.

The two visits that we witnessed were just tests.

The last was a success.

I grabbed Bella and held her so tight then Alice and Jasper sped off the room to gather everyone to the dining table. We would have to make a move now. Bella's fears were turning into a reality. That, we already expected. But the timing, we did not.

It was too soon. All too soon.

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