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Spoilers: If you know about Sam and Pete then yes no wait..no? Uh..No but those of you who have seen Threads you will recognize this. Kinda

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Now for this piece...well...I was sitting here at my computer. Sitting. My sister (and beta/proof-reader) walks in. We talked...about what I don't remember...then BAMM this kinda just Popped out. It's not much. I don't even know what it should be called and/or labeled. For now it's just a Drabble to me :p only 50 words. That and it's just, Conversation.

"I'm sorry Pete. I never meant to hurt you."

"No. Sam you didn't. You just needed a smack upside the head to know you really love Jack. I was the one to get burned...But no. You never meant to hurt me. Goodbye Sam."

"Pete? Wha...huh...eeeh?"

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