A/N: My friend got me so addicted to Final Fantasy Crisis Core – or rather, hooked onto Zack and Aerith pairing

A/N: My friend got me so addicted to Final Fantasy Crisis Core – or rather, hooked onto the Zack and Aerith pairing. Heh. So, we decided to make our own version, except we'll be using the cast of Naruto instead. Besides, it's also a gift fic, her birthday's on June 8. I'll be focusing on this first, but I will update the other fics from time to time. I'm just watching some movies which I think would serve inspiration for my fics. For those who have yet to finish or start playing, be warned of the spoilers this story will have. For those who have played and/or finished the game, we changed a few scenes, added some lines, and edited the script a bit and such. This is a Crisis Core inspired story by the way. So it's not exactly a replica or a remake, but just a fandom story.

Summary: AU Cross-over of Crisis Core and Naruto. "You're my living legacy…" he said, dying and bleeding. "If you see Sakura," he gave a small smile. "Say hi for me…" and Naruto couldn't help but feel guilty that his friend will die because of him. His friend, Sasuke, won't see Sakura ever again, and it was his fault.

Characters: By the end of the story, the cast shall be explained. XD

Zack – Sasuke
Aerith – Sakura
Angeal – Itachi
Genesis – Gaara
Sephiroth – Madara
Lazard – Kakashi
Kunsel – Shikamaru
Cissnei – Tenten
Tseng – Neji
Rude – Shino
Reno – Kiba
Cloud – Naruto
Tifa – Hinata
Yuffie – Moegi
Hollander – Fugaku
Hojo – Orochimaru

Crisis Core (Revised)
Chapter 1: Embrace you Dreams

Honor is Pride… Pride is Honor…

"Don't fear the darkness..." he thought.

"Wutai troops have hijacked Shinra express MK 93 II. The train is currently headed to Midgar Sector 8. A SOLDIER operative will be inserted to neutralize the situation. We are to proceed as scheduled. Commence mission in 3… 2… 1… mark! Begin mission! Operative is ready for insertion."

He breathed in and out, calming himself down…

"Face it."

…before opening his eyes and getting up from his seat; he walked towards the door of the copter, his head lowering to take a good look down below, where the train he will be infiltrating continued running.

"Sasuke," he looked back to see his superior. "The train has been overrun by Wutai troops. Eliminate them and regain control of the train."

His once blank face turned to a goofy grin as he raised his left index and middle finger together to form a salute.

"Oh yeah."

"Get serious!"

And he jumps out of the copter, landing perfectly on top of the moving train. Sasuke looks up to see his superior jump down after him.

"Sasuke, focus! There are no Shinra troops on this train, understood?"

"Whatever you say," he smirked. "Aniki."

He then turns around and punches one fist to his open palm. He starts running off towards the engine train, but ends up almost getting shot, causing him to nearly fall off the train as he tried to regain his balance. "Hn, hello to you too." He gets back up and rushes towards the Wutai soldiers dressed in Shinra army uniforms.

"Come and get it!"

Sasuke takes his sword out and slashes at the soldiers, jumping and dodging every counter thrown back at him. He sees an opening and jumps high enough to reach the train engine.

"SOLDIER second class Sasuke, on the job!"

Sasuke cuts loose the cart and slashes his sword down as a sign of mission accomplished. He enters the engine room, stopping it at sector 8 station. His ears pick up the sound of the radio from the transmitter.

"Train MK93 II re-routed to Sector 1 station near Mako reactor 1. Proceed to mission phase 2 and change surveillance rank…"

After making it in sector 8, he jumps off, feeling accomplished. "That wasn't so hard." He heard his phone ring, so he took it out to answer the caller.

"Sasuke here." He says.

"Making progress?"

"Itachi, what the heck is going on? Why are we fighting Shinra troops?"

"They're not Shinra, but Wutai in disguise." He sighed. "Head to the open area above."

"…You mean towards sector 8?"

"Aa, but first, you must clear a path." He cut Sasuke off from asking. "You'll get what I mean."

Sasuke turned when he saw a bunch of Shinra disguised Wutai troops, all aiming their guns at him and firing. "So I can cut lose, right?" he asked with a wicked smirk.

"Whatever, be discrete about it."

Sasuke hangs up afterwards and draws his sword out once again, turning to look at the Wutai soldiers who pretended to be Shinra. With a click of his tongue, he got into a fighting stance. "Showtime." He said to himself, licking his lips in excitement before running to attack. He raised his weapon and brought it down to one soldier, then another, successfully eliminating every enemy he sees.

"What now..?" he took his phone out again when it rung. "Aniki." He answers.

"Not too bad."

"Heh. Piece of cake, I'll make it to first in no time."

"Riiight…" Itachi murmured. "Now, go upstairs at the end of the platform, shouldn't be too hard for you now."

"Tch. Duh."

"Give me a good answer and show a little respect, will you?"

"You got it." He hangs up once again and heads over to sector 8, seeing many people run pass him. Furrowing his brows at this, he decides to check the situation and is faced by none other than Behemoth, a monster. "This mission just keeps getting better and better." With a few slashes and quick moves, he manages to defeat the monster, giving out a loud "hell yeah" afterwards.

Unfortunately, his celebration was short lived when he found himself in a tight situation – someone had caught him off guard, and said someone is pointing a sword directly at the back of his head.

"To have your back to the enemy is a sign of confidence or foolishness."

Sasuke turned his head slightly, before his whole body followed, eyes widening at who was standing before him: None other than Madara.


With quick and simple slashes, Madara gave Sasuke a hard time in defending himself.

"You're not the only hero." He hissed.

"It's over…" Madara said, hitting him hard, causing Sasuke's sword to break in half.

"That's impossible!" Itachi growled. Sasuke was in trouble, and Madara looked like he was just about ready to deliver the finishing blow. But before that could happen, Itachi quickly took a hold of Sasuke's broken sword to block the attack, preventing Madara from killing him just yet. Due to this, Madara takes a few steps backward while Sasuke takes this as his cue to get back on his feet.

"Phew, thanks Itachi…"

"Tch." Itachi takes his phone, chooses the "Abort Mission" choice and selects "yes". Sasuke's eyes widens at this. "Training is over Sasuke."

"What?! How come?!"

Itachi quirked a brow at his way and pointed the broken sword at him.

"For real?! I was just about to get serious!" he counters, removing his VR headgear.

"Hn. This was just a Virtual Reality mission, and you failed." He handed back the broken weapon. "Sasuke," said boy looked up at him. "Embrace your dreams, remember that." It was the younger boy's turn to raise a brow. "If you want to be a hero, you need to have dreams, as well as honor." And he takes his leave, not glancing back at his subordinate who stood still, reflecting on what Itachi just said.

"Embrace my dreams, huh?"

With his hands pocketed, his shoulders a little slumped and face contorted to one of annoyance, he decides to settle in the lounge area of level 49, where he can do some squats to relieve himself from the stress he was feeling. "That was embarrassing…" he thought, recalling how he was easily defeated by a VR Madara.

"Hey, Sasuke…"

He turned his head slightly, not stopping from his squats.

"You seem a little on the edge."

Nara Shikamaru – a friend of Sasuke's, also a second class SOLDIER.

"Can you blame me? All this training – and no… no assignments! It's like they're hanging me out to dry!" he huffed, trying to calm down. "You must be pretty busy lately, with everyone else off-base."

"Off-base..?" Shikamaru repeated. "Wait, you mean, you haven't heard? There's been a mass desertion at SOLDIER."

He nearly fell off-balance at that. "Mass… desertion?!"

Shikamaru shook his head slightly and explained the situation. Somehow, every SOLDIER has gone missing, and it was a bit weird for Sasuke to not know this, especially if he was directly under Itachi, himself.

"One of the 1sts has deserted, taking a bunch of seconds and thirds with him. Nobody knows why he left or what he's up to."


Shikamaru continued when Sasuke didn't speak. "The mass desertion is the reason why your training is on-hold." He looked up when someone entered the lounge, causing him to straighten himself up. "Head's up, a first." He informed.

Sasuke turned to see Itachi.

"New assignment." he said, eyeing Sasuke.

"Hn. I finally get some real action, huh?"

"Yeah, this will be your show." Sasuke turned serious at this. "Report to director Kakashi, we'll give you the details there…"

With a nod, they both head to the briefing room of level 49 in silence. The second class SOLDIER wanted to ask his superior about the mass desertion, but decided to remain silent for a moment, trying to recall what Shino had said. "It's… weird." He thought, snapping back when they reached the door to the briefing room. "Show respect, got it?"

"Yeah, yeah…"

They enter and Kakashi looks at them then at Sasuke, smiled and got up. "Sasuke, I presume?"


"Good to finally meet you." He offered a hand to shake, and Sasuke took it. "Well then, on to business." He gestured the two to take a seat as he did as well, his once friendly face turning to one of seriousness. Sasuke looked up when the screen in front of Kakashi showed a picture of a red haired SOLDIER with green eyes. Written on the screen were the words: SOLDIER 1st class Gaara; Current Status: MIA.

"He must be the guy Shikamaru was talking about…"

"A month ago," Kakashi began. "He went missing during a mission in Wutai. Do you know anything about this?"

"…or maybe not." He turned back to Kakashi. "Not a clue."

"I see," he replied. "Well, the mission is currently stuck in Limbo. That's why we decided to send you."

"Me..? To Wutai..?"

"Yes. The war has gone long enough."

Itachi cleared his throat, gaining Sasuke's attention. "And I've recommended you to 1st class."

"…1st… class…" for a moment, Itachi couldn't decipher the glint in Sasuke's eyes, until he jumped and tackled Itachi to a hug. "Oh man! Aniki! I love you for that!!"

"Ugh. Sasuke, don't make me regret this."

"…Sir." Sasuke recomposed himself as Kakashi blinked and eyed them. "Aniki..?" he echoed, eyeing Itachi.

"He sees me as his older brother."

"Oh, but you're not related, right?"

"No. Thank God…" Itachi mused.

"Hey!" Sasuke snapped. "Are you insulting me?"

"No." Itachi said in a sarcastic tone. "Anyway, once you pack, you leave at once."

"Got it."

Sasuke then runs off to Shikamaru who just entered the room. "I just heard that Shinra is offering missions through Save Points." He informed, eyeing Sasuke who just took out his mobile phone to read his emails. "Are you listening? Stop reading the emails you get from guys!"

"What the?! Shikamaru, how many times do I have to tell you that I'm perfectly straight?!"

"…Could've fooled me. You don't show any interest in girls."

"Haven't found the one, nor do I have time for relationships."

After a few more minutes of talking, Sasuke left to pack his things. "Man. Aniki really did recommend me as a 1st class, huh? I can't disappoint him." He finished packing and went back to the briefing room to have a last chat with the two.

"Are you ready?" Itachi asked.


"I'll be joining you as well," Kakashi said. "Oh, and Sasuke?"


"What's your dream? To become a 1st, is it..?"

A small smirk made its way to Sasuke's lips. "No." he answered. "It's to become a hero."

"A hero, huh?" Kakashi shrugged. "That's good, unattainable dreams are the best kind."

"Um… thanks..?"

He eyed the place, checking if the coast was clear before turning to Sasuke. "Alright brat, listen up. We need to follow the path that leads to Wutai's Tamblin fortress, we have to hurry. B unit is standing by." With a nod, the two headed towards their destination, stopping when Wutai soldiers suddenly came in sight.

"You two! Identify yourselves!"

When Itachi made a move to attack, Sasuke took a step forward and drew out his sword. "Leave it to me."

Itachi quirked a brow and folded his arms behind his head. "Knock yourself out."

"Heh." With a smirk, Sasuke started attacking the troops, bringing them all down with a few simple swish and slash. "Alright, next!"

"Calm down pup." Itachi said, placing a hand on top of the boy's head. "Teens these days…" he murmured.

"No can do aniki, I need to make a good impression."

"What for..?"

"The director is watching, right?"

"Pfft. Show off."

He started walking, and Sasuke quickly followed. "Do you know about Dumb Apples, kid?"

"How many nicknames do you have for me anyway? And what the heck is a Dumb Apple..?"

"A lot." He answered the first question, before continuing. "Unbelievable," Itachi murmured. "How can you not know about Dumb Apples? You'll never make 1st at that rate."

Sasuke's eyes widened. "Wait! What?! What the heck is a Dumb Apple?! Hey, aniki!" he runs after his superior who was making his way towards the Tamblin fortress, Sasuke managing to catch up. "What are Dumb Apples? What's the deal with them?" he asked, a little more calmly.

"The official name is White Banora," he began explaining. "The trees bare fruit at random times during the year, because of that, the townspeople affectionately call them Dumb Apples. A local farm has plenty of them to spare."

"Oh really?" Sasuke raised a skeptical brow. "So, you stole them..?"

"We were poor then, Sasuke."

He snorted. "Nice excuse Itachi, really."

"Sarcasm may lead to your permanent position in second class."

"Is that a threat?!"

Itachi ignored that statement. "But even then," he stopped, looked up at the sky and closed his eyes for a bit. "I had my honor."

"…Are you… being dramatic on me..?"

"The largest Banora White tree grew on a wealthy man's estate. It was rumored that those apples tasted the best. But I never stole from that tree, because the wealthy man's son was my friend."

Sasuke sighed. Looks like Itachi was purposely ignoring his remarks. "Hey, wait." He said. "If he was your friend, you should've just asked for some."

"Honor and pride can be quite a burden at times."

"…What exactly does this have anything to do with me?"

"…No story is not worth hearing." He smirks and starts walking away, all the while laughing as Sasuke blinked and realized that he had just been stooped. He jogged after Itachi with a glare.

"That's it? Yeah, well, thanks a lot!"

No sooner did they arrive at the Wutai Fortress' entrance.

"B unit will set up an explosion. That will be our cue."

"Hn, so the diversion will allow us to infiltrate."

"Correct." Itachi readied himself. "I'll be setting up the bomb inside the fortress, while you charge the front gate, and…"

"Uh-huh, and..?" Sasuke asked. "And, and, and, and..?!"

"…Indulge yourself."

"Heh." He smirked. "That's what I do best." He stared at the front gate, his smirk turning to a scowl as he got up and paced. "Ugh… come on B unit… hurry up…" beside him, Itachi stared with an amused expression. "Tsk, he can be too reckless at times." He closed his eyes and took his Buster sword, saying a little prayer to it.

Sasuke turned to eye him. "I haven't exactly seen you use that, don't you think it's such a waste?"

"Use brings about wear… tear… and rust. And that's a real waste."

"You're serious aren't you?"

"Yeah, I can be pretty cheap."

"No kidding."

They turned their attention to the explosion that had just occurred, and the excitement and determination in Sasuke's eyes earlier came back, his lips forming the usual anticipating smirk. "Begin the mission." Itachi ordered.

Sasuke jumps, twisting his body before making a perfect landing. He then storms to the front entrance to be greeted by a bunch of Wutai soldiers. He quickens his pace and reflexes, managing to expertly avoid the attacks his enemies sent as he effortlessly eliminated them. He fights his way towards the center, made his way to the rear and finally arrives at the courtyard, then at the entrance of a dojo, where a female Wutai soldier was waiting.

"Hm..?" he raised a brow.

"One: avoid unnecessary training, two: protect Wutai at all costs, three: ugly Shinra SOLDIER dudes…" Sasuke looked up "…must be punished!" and found a little girl standing on the top of the stairs that led to the temple dojo.

"Who… are you?"

"I'm Wutai's greatest warrior, Moegi! If you wanna go further, you have to go through me!"

"…A kid..? You shouldn't be playing here, it dangerous! Go home to your parents."

Moegi jumped and landed behind Sasuke. "You're the one who's going home! If you insist on going any further, you'll have a fight on your hands!"

Sasuke sighed. "Oh man, what am I supposed to do here?"

"Whap-Pow-Bam! Take that, bad guy!"

He stared at her with a weird look, standing there as the kid was still in a fighting stance. Those punches… weren't even hitting him!

"………Arrgh! No! You got me!" he fell to his knees, all the way down to the ground as Moegi jumped in victory. "There! That'll teach you to mess with me! Once again, I've brought peace to Wutai!" she then runs off, believing that she was successful in taking Sasuke down.

"…You gotta admire that energy." He gave a small smirk. "Well, back to work, I guess."

He enters the dojo, hoping to find something, but all he finds are two huge Wutai monsters.

"You must be the anti-SOLDIER monsters I've been hearing about."

Quickly drawing his sword out, he fought the monsters, slicing and dicing, dodging and evading, until he was successful in defeating them. "Phew. I hate monsters." He blinks and looks at his mobile phone, answering the caller.

"SOLDIER second class Sasuke, victorious once again."

"Good, now get out of there quickly. There's only five minutes left until detonation."

"Understood." He hangs up, all the while glancing around the place. "Director Kakashi, are you watching?" he shakes his head for a bit and rushes off, laughing a bit. "Heh. Gotta move!" he runs off, looking up and quickly rolling to the side when another monster jumped from above. He glares at it. "No time to play!" he attempts to draw his sword but ends up dodging when the monster used its weapon to attack. Sasuke continued rolling away, doing a few back flips before drawing out his sword. He jumps and delivers one powerful slash, causing the monster to drop on the ground. Twirling his sword a bit, a habit he does after every fight, he approaches to monster for inspection, and was caught off-guard when it awoke and swished its huge arm at him, causing his head to hit a wooden post, which weakened him and impaired his vision temporarily.

"Ah shit. Not good…"

Down for the count, Sasuke looks up, bracing himself for the attack but instead, gave a surprised look when the creature suddenly fell.

"That's one more you owe me." He smirked and turned his head slightly to Sasuke who tried to clear his vision. "You lost your focus..."

"Uh… yeah?" he looked at Itachi then at the Buster sword. "Oh, sorry if your sword got any wear, tear or rust on it."

"You're a little more important than my sword." He turned to him and smirked, raising his thumb and index finger as a gesture about how big a deal or small Sasuke's life was. "But just a little." He moved and offered a hand to his "little brother". Sasuke blinked before giving a small smile, which Itachi returned with one of his rare ones.

"Hn. Thanks." and Sasuke took Itachi's offered hand.

They both head out of Fort Tamblin to meet up with the camp, but they were greeted by Kakashi on the way.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm not used to being on site."

Sasuke blinked. "And yet you're the director…"

"You didn't have to come." Itachi assured, nudging Sasuke lightly on the side.

"This operation will bring an end to the war. I have to see it through personally." He turned to the younger boy. "SOLDIER 2nd Class Sasuke,"

"Sir!" Sasuke said, standing at attention.

"You performed your duties admirably at Fort Tamblin. I saw it with my own eyes. Frankly, my evaluation of you is---you supported Itachi well by diverting the enemy. An acceptable level of work for a Second. Be ready for your next assignment."

"Sasuke, do you know the difference between 1st and 2nd Class?" When the teen just blinked, Itachi continued. "A SOLDIER 1st class performs above and beyond the call of duty at all times. Remember that." He paused for a bit. "Now, let's hurry. Madara is waiting."

"…Madara? The SOLDIER hero? Wow I get to meet a hero!" As soon as he said that when Itachi walked away, enemies attacked, and he killed them.

"Sasuke, let's go." Itachi called. The second class runs over to the two, stopping when he saw them standing still. A rustling of leaves from behind caused all three of them to turn, seeing two more enemies approaching. "Take the director to a safe place." Itachi says.

"Then contact Madara." Kakashi said.

"Sasuke is more than enough." He assured. "Now, go." The second class SOLDIER led Kakashi away from the danger, and left him with two Shinra soldiers who spotted them.

"Thank goodness you're safe Director."

"I should be fine now, Sasuke, go and assist Itachi." The director said with a small smile, aware that the lad was worried for his "aniki".

"I know, I know!" He rushes back to where they last left Itachi, spotting him nowhere. "Aniki!" he called out, then looked at the soldiers his mentor defeated. "What? These guys aren't Wutai troops." he glances up and sees a red materia floating. "Oh shit…" he cursed as his surrounding changed into a fiery department. "A summon?!" he exclaims, seeing the beast, Ifrit, right before him. "Who the hell called it out?!" without getting an answer, he draws his sword out and fights the being.

Having a bit of a difficulty, he closed his eyes and concentrated, remembering his aniki's lessons.

"Prove your honor to me…"

He smirked and opened his eyes. "You got it." And he rushed to Ifrit, punching nonstop, until he delivered a finishing blow, adding one more slash of his sword to do the job. "Che. That was easy." He returns his sword and turns, but glances back to see Ifrit get up, ready to attack once more until a swift swing of a blade eliminates it. Sasuke looks at the new arrival, only to see Madara.

"Whoa…" he mouthed.

Madara looks at the "Wutai" soldiers on the ground, taking one of the two's helmets off. "Gaara." He murmurs. Sasuke looks shocked. "The missing first class..?"

"Gaara copies," Madara clarifies, after taking off the other helmet, also revealing another Gaara. "Not the real one."


"Where's Itachi?"

"He was supposed to be fighting here but-"

"So he went with him as well…"

Sasuke stopped and turned to Madara. "Just now… what do you mean..?"

Madara looks at him. "Itachi…" he starts. "Has betrayed us, that's what I mean."

His eyes widened at what the "hero" said. The words "Itachi" and "betrayed us" didn't seem to fit in one sentence. "What're you talking about..?" he murmurs, turning to glare at Madara. "That's a lie! He would never betray us! I know him! He wouldn't do this!" he clenches his fists tightly. "Itachi… Aniki… he would never betray me…"

And yet somehow, why did he sound so unconvincing, even to himself?

Embrace your dreams and protect your honor as SOLDIER…

To be continued…

Next on Crisis Core (Revises): Chapter 2: An Angel's Dream

"Welcome partner…" Gaara greeted with open arms. Itachi only pointed Sasuke's sword at Gaara. "Huh…" Gaara placed his arms down. "I see, you've finally made your decision. I'll respect your wishes old friend, however…" he approached and stopped beside Itachi. "Can you really live on that side?"

Itachi made a move to follow, but Sasuke tried to stop him, but only got pushed back. "Itachi!" he called. The older SOLDIER only stabbed the ground with Sasuke's sword, made one eye contact with the younger SOLDIER and turned to leave. Sasuke, not wanting to lose his brother figure again, took his sword and ran after him. Upon stepping out, he was greeted by two monsters.