Title: A Seventh God-General

Author: Kei White

Rating: G

Characters: Luke, Jade, Tear, Guy, Anise, Ion

Pairings: None

Genre: AU

Spoilers: Everything, but none really in this chapter

Summary: A skit based on my story, Cantabile's Tales.

Disclaimer: I don't own TOTA.

Luke: Damn, I thought there was only six God-Generals.

Guy: It seem as though we were wrong.

Ion: I had heard there was a woman named Cantabile in the Oracle Knights but I didn't know she was a God-General.

Anise: You didn't!?

Jade: Hmm.

Tear: Do you know something, Colonel?

Jade: I rather not say.

Anise: Colon--el. Why not?

Jade: I would like to know for sure before I tell you all.

Ion: That's fine. We can wait, can't we, Luke?

Luke: Whatever.

AN: I hope you enjoyed this rather random skit. Please Review.