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Harry wondered why things had ended up like this. Why he was currently chained to the wall in a cramped cell in Voldemort's dungeon. Why they had lost the war. He couldn't remember much from the battle itself, just bits and pieces. People dying, both from the Dark and the Light, curses and hexes being sent, shouts and screams from those hurt.

The only thing he could say for sure, was that the Light had lost. He had been there when Dumbledore, the one person that kept the Light forces strong, died. Killed by a simple killing curse from a masked death eater.

Harry cursed. How could the the headmaster have died so easily? He was supposed to be the strongest wizard alive for god's sake! But he still died.

If someone asked hi, Harry would say that he was loyal to the Light side and Dumbledore, but if he had to be honest with himself, he wasn't too fond of the headmaster. He didn't really know when he started to dislike Dumbledore, but he had found it harder and harder not to deliberately go against his orders and just do whatever he wanted to. It was pretty obvious that the old man only wanted him as a weapon for the Light side anyway.

Harry was sick and tired of just being 'the Boy who Lived' and Dumbledore's 'Golden Boy'. He wanted someone to like him for him and not be someone who just tried to be friends with him because he was who he was.

Hermione and Ron was his only true friends, but now he had no idea where they was, or if they where still alive. The shock of seeing Dumbledore die made him unfocused, something that Voldemort used to his advantage. He had easily managed to rid Harry of his wand and then knocking him unconscious.

When Harry had woken up, he was in this cell.

Harry sighed for what must have been the thousandth time. He didn't really care anymore. It didn't matter what happened to him. Voldemort was surely going to kill him anyway. Maybe torture him. He honestly just wanted to die. There wasn't anything in this world that made him want to stay alive. His friends were probably dead or kept prisoners like himself.

Suddenly a noise made Harry lift his head a little. It sounded like a door being opened and the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer. Harry thought the footsteps were going to continue past his cell, but they stopped. He could hear someone taking up some keys and then the door opened revealing a masked death eater.

The death eater made his way over to Harry and started to unlock the chains that the black haired boy had around wrists and ankles. He didn't give Harry an explanation, in fact, he didn't say anything. He just grabbed Harry's shoulder and forced him to go out of the cell and up a narrow, dim-lit corridor.

Harry had no doubt that Voldemort was going to kill him or make fun of him in front of the death eaters.

The masked man behind him pushed him trough a door and Harry found himself walking down a new corridor just that this one wasn't so narrow and it was a little more well-lit than the other one. He watched some of the paintings on the wall. Most of them were old, serious men that looked very important, but sometimes there were younger people, both men and women, but also those looked serious. The corridor, Harry concluded, was pretty eerie.

After walking for what felt like hours, they finally stood before some huge double doors. The doors were black with many small silver snakes on them.

The man behind Harry knocked on the door and waited until he heard a 'come in', before he opened the door and walked in with Harry in tow.

The room was large and looked like a living-room. It had a huge fire-place, a lot of bookshelves, a desk, one sofa and two comfy-looking armchairs.

But Harry didn't focus on the interior, it was the person leaning casually against the desk he was watching. Voldemort.

He was dressed in a plain, but elegant black robe. Harry also noticed that Voldemort looked like his twenty-year old self. It was just one thing that made the man in front of him look like Voldemort. The eyes. They were blood-red and the pupils were slitted like a snake's.

Voldemort nodded to the death eater and the man hurried outside, leaving Harry alone with the dark lord.

"Well well, Harry" Voldemort said and smiled a little "who would've thought this. The Boy who Lived being a prisoner of me, the dark lord."

Harry just watched him, not bothering to answer him.

Seeing that the boy in front of him weren't going to reply, Voldemort continued.

"I actually pity you a little Harry. Now you're all alone again, and this time you don't have your friends to comfort you"

Harry bit his tongue so he wouldn't say anything.

Voldemort smiled and poured himself a glass of wine that was placed on the desk.

Neither of them said anything for a couple of minutes and Harry started to wonder what Voldemort was planning, when he heard a knock on the door.

Voldemort grinned and told whoever outside to come in.

The man that walked into the room where none other than Lucius Malfoy. His long, silver hair was tied in a loose pony-tail and he wore an expensive looking cloak with small silver embroideries on. When he saw Harry, he got a puzzled look on his face and turned to Voldemort, expecting an explanation.

"Ah, Lucius! How nice of you to join us" Voldemort said and poured another glass of wine and gave it to the silver-haired man.

"My Lord, what is Potter doing here? I thought you were planning to kill him" Lucius said bewildered.

"Well, that was my plan, but then I remembered that you Lucius have been a great help in this war and now that it's over, I decided to give the boy to you as a gift."

Both Lucius and Harry looked at Voldemort like he was mad.

"M-My Lord, I'm honored, but what am I going to use him for? It's not like I don't have house-elves to do the cleaning and cooking." Lucius sounded both happy and confused and Harry couldn't help but understand him. Harry himself didn't mind that much. After all, the Malfoy's couldn't possibly be worse than the dark lord himself and even though he'd never admit it out loud, Harry had always been fascinated by Lucius. He had often caught himself wondering if that long hair was as soft to touch as it looked like. Whenever that happened, he would try to tell himself that he hated the man with a passion and that he liked girls not boys and absolutely not a man that was old enough to be his dad.

Voldemort smirked and walked over to Lucius and whispered something in his ear which made the normally stoic man blush a deep crimson. Harry wondered what it was the dark lord had told the man that made him blush like that.

"I-I understand My Lord" Lucius said after a little while "I thank you for giving me Potter as a gift"

Voldemort grinned and nodded, then turned around and began to sort some papers on his desk as a sign that he was busy and that they could leave.

Lucius walked over to Harry who eyed him nervously. The older man sighed almost inaudibly, before motioning for Harry to follow him.

Harry couldn't help but wonder what would happen from now on.

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