Fallen Revenge: Prologue

Fallen Revenge: Prologue

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How could this have happen? How could he do this?

Neku didn't – no, couldn't- understand what was happening. Udagawa was deadly silent, almost barren as the only sound was Neku choking on his own blood.

Coughing, feeling the warm blood running down his back, arms and face, he weakly gazed up from the tattooed arm gaping through the hole in his chest to the eyes of its owner: Mr H.

Mr H…

Mr Hanekoma's face had remained remarkably passive with a slight smile, paying no attention to the splattered blood dripping down his face.

The physical pain had dulled, leaving a pain to creep across his head as its main source.

Tears prickled in Neku's eyes, his vision dimming as he whispered, "M-Mr H…..w-why….?"

Mr H, Mr Hanekoma, CAT, a person he greatly respected, was killing him; against his own mural, Neku's personal favourite, the same place Neku had been killed by Joshua a year ago. Something was greatly wrong, it had to be, very wrong, especially with Mr H….

He had seemed slightly different from normal when he had first approached Neku, wearing a long dark trench coat that clung to his figure as opposed to his usual outfit and larger then normal sunglasses blocking his eyes from Neku.

Neku had been glad to see him, yet as they began talking unease and discomfort crept in and started to grow his chest; almost as a warning.

Something out Mr H seemed off, really off… If only he had listened….

Mr H, who hadn't reacted to Neku's blood, slowly began to smirk. The glasses slipped down his nose, revealing a frighteningly demonic glint of mirth in his eyes that seemed desperately out of place, as he licked at the blood.

"Well, Neku, didn't you say you would do what you could to help me?"

Neku gasped weakly; it was true that Mr H had asked him to help with something, and Neku had uneasily said yes….

The tears bleed down Neku's face as his vision faded to black; the pain in his head becoming excruciating, as he watched Mr H's face faded away and the numbness of death claiming him….

Help…help you do what…? M-Mr H...?

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