Fallen Revenge:

Chapter Seven: Realisation

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It was late evening in Shibuya, just before midnight. The evening crowds had began to thin out and started to head home. Cat Street was very quiet, the shop closing early, so the streets were barren.

Inside Wildkat, however, a small light could be seen in the window that illuminated two figures.

Joshua and Mr H sat on chairs nearby the counter, drinking their coffee in silence. It had been several hours since Neku had delivered the letter to them, of Diablo's whereabouts and his challenge.

They had sent the kids home, after the large argument between Beat and Joshua about coming with the Composer, Producer and Conductor to battle with Diablo. After many objections, and the girls holding Beat back on several occasions, Joshua had grudgingly relented and agreed.

Azufuji had gone back to the Reaper HQ to mobilise a team of Reapers to accompany them.

This left the Composer and Producer alone for most of the day in a rather tense silence.

One that ended as soon as Joshua placed his empty cup on the table loudly, drawing Hanekoma's attention to him.

He raised a silvery eyebrow and folded his arms as he sat back in his chair, "Sanae, what did you do?"

Hanekoma sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Nothing."

"Then what is he talking about? He's accusing you of taking something from him." Said Joshua coolly, referring to the letter which sat on the table.

A small silence occurred for a moment as the two stared at each other relentlessly. Hanekoma broke it first as he downed the remainder of his coffee.

Hanekoma sighed again, "I do have something connected to him. BUT! I didn't do anything like your thinking, Josh! I'm serious!"

He pouted when Joshua shook his head. "What is it that you have that he wants, Sanae?"

"First things first, he can't have it," grunted Hanekoma, "I will not give it to him. Second, it is rather simple what he wants."

"Oh? What is it then?" Hanekoma twitched, briefly rubbing his forehead before looking up at Joshua.

He fiddled under his shirt collar for a moment before pulling something out. Joshua's eyes narrowed in disbelief when Hanekoma held the item up for his inspection.

"…A pin?"

Indeed, the offending item was a pin, a dark black grey colour, but a metallic shiny colour; so the decoration could not be seen in the gloom of the café from where he sat.

"That's what he wants?" breathed Joshua, "A pin?"

"Yup, pretty much" shrugged Hanekoma, gently turning it in his fingers.

Joshua's expression turned suspicious in a moment, "What does it do?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing." Sanae," growled Joshua in annoyance, "You promised-"

"I mean it does nothing for you or me," said Hanekoma, "But for Diablo….it will do something."


"I can't really tell you that, and no its not 'cause I'm being evasive; it's an upstairs thing, ya dig?"

Joshua looked angered instantly, but didn't press the matter because he knew it wouldn't get him anywhere. He sighed exasperatedly, running a hand through his hair, before leaning on his palm.

Hanekoma lent forward to press a comforting hand to his shoulder, a small frown on his face, "Sorry boss…."

Joshua shook his head. Hanekoma sighed and went to pull back his hand when Joshua grabbed it.

He froze when Joshua squeezed his hand, before he looked up with an understanding yet annoyed smile.

Hanekoma chuckled and used his other hand to ruffle the Composer's hair, which caused an outraged squawk from the shorter male who tried to sort out his now messy hair.

Hanekoma chuckled heartily again, before stretching in the same manner as Beat and clearing his throat. "Well boss, I'm gonna go have a shower, 'kay? Behave."

"Fine, just go away," said Joshua, still distractedly sorting out his hair.

Hanekoma shrugged, before wandering away to his bathroom, taking off his shirt as he went.

Joshua watched as he left, before sighing tiredly as the door closed, "Wonderful…."

He twirled a strand of hair, eyes falling on the letter on the table before looking away.

He blinked suddenly when his eyes landed on the black pin, sitting on the table next to Hanekoma's empty cup.

Had he forgotten it in his haste to have a shower? Unlikely.

Joshua eyed it for a moment, sending a fleeting glance the door before snatching up the pin.

The design was that of a pair of wings that were moulting into black, white and grey feathers. The design was unusual yet beautiful.

Joshua ran a finger lightly along the edge of the pin, turning it softly in his hands.

"What could be so special about you….?" asked Joshua quietly, holding it up to his face.

He suddenly felt a small pulse from the pin before a white light consumed his vision…

He opened his eyes and blinked as giggle from his right causing him to whip around.

Hanekoma lent against his desk, a sly coy smile decorating his face. On the desk was a pile of what looked like doodles on important looking report-like documents.

He felt the urge to roll his eyes.

"Well, you can't say I haven't been productive today." smiled Hanekoma, winking at him cheekily.

Annoyance pulsed through him and he felt himself say something, although he couldn't hear what.

Whatever it was Hanekoma let out barks of laughter, "Yeah, yeah, love you too…"

He ran a hand across his face…

…And then found himself staring at the ceiling.

Joshua blinked in confusion before sitting up with a start, looking around. He shuddered and rose shakily from his spot on the floor as he returned to his seat, and then looked at the pin in his hand; it glinted in the light at him innocently.

He found the urge to quote his ex-proxy, "What the hell?"

So absorbed in the pin, he didn't notice the shadow of what looked like a grotesque ram flicker at the window, watching him before it vanished……


It was roughly nine the next morning when Joshua and Mr H left Wildkat, both tense.

Neither spoke as they passed through the long streets of Shibuya. They finally faced each other as they stopped at the entrance of Dogenzaka.

Mr H weakly smiled at the silvery composer, who toyed with a strand of hair before averting his eyes.



"Sir!" called a familiar voice, as Azufuji rushed up the street before skidding to a swift halt by the two males. She huffed tiredly once before straightening.

"Azufuji, what is the status of the Headquarters?" asked Joshua, eyes on his Conductor.

"On alert sir," said Azufuji, "Our escort group shall be here soon to accompany us inside."

"Good," nodded Joshua.

Hanekoma ruffled his hair and said "Now we gotta wait for the-"


"-The kids." He chuckled in amusement as the trio of kids dashed up the street to them, Beat in the lead on his board.

Flipping off the board, he stopped in front of them sharply before nodding, "Aight."

"Good morning" nodded Joshua stiffly. Rhyme and Shiki caught up in the next moment, panting heavily.

"G-good morning," gasped Rhyme as she straightened, noticing Shiki trying to soothe a stitch in her side.

Hanekoma chuckled pleasantly at them, "Morning guys, you all ready?"

"Yeah," nodded Shiki, drawing Mr Mew out of her handbag, the siblings nodding next to her.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Azufuji, "This will be very dangerous."

Joshua snorted, "They know that and they can't change their minds now."

Everyone looked at the composer, who stared at the kids sharply. Beat glared defiantly back at the composer and crossed his arms. Joshua snickered softly, before nodding.

Mr H snorted at the proceedings with amusement before clearing his throat to attract the attention to him. "Well, since we have you three tagging along, I thought I'd prepare these for ya; here catch."

From his shirt pocket Hanekoma produced three pins, before tossing one to each of the kids. From the questioning looks he received, he merely shrugged and said, "You're gonna need all the help you can get for this…."

While Joshua raised a silvery eyebrow at his Producer, silently wondering when he had made the pins, the kids observed each of theirs.

Beat's was a dark moss green, with red markings on it like force marks, a shape of a board in the back of the image slamming down.

Shiki's was black with shocking pink claws bursting from the ground; a pair of cat-slit shiny silver eyes glared in the background.

Rhymes' pin was a pale blue; a broken heart stitched together, the hearts having noise like wings attached to it in a light amber colour.

"Yo, coffee man, what do they do?" asked Beat, looking at his pin before looking at Mr H.

"That," smiled Mr H, "Is all up to you three."

Shiki and Beat both frowned at his vague answer, but Rhyme nodded cheerfully, "Thank you Mr Hanekoma."

"No probs."

"Azufuji-" said Joshua as he began to address the conductor but Beat cut him short by shouting out, "Yo, where we goin'? Where's Diablo at?"

"Beat…" said Rhyme tiredly, with a sigh. Joshua too sighed in faint annoyance, Azufuji frowning disapprovingly at Beat's impatientence.

Only Mr H wasn't annoyed, so he took the liberty of answering the skater's question, "Pork City, that where we're heading."

"Pork City…" Beat repeated, trailing off as he looked up the street at the building in question.

"Yes, and we are just-!!"

"Let's stop standing out and book it!!" roared Beat, pumped before he took off down the street, pushing past Joshua.


"Whoa Beat! Wait a minute!"

"Fool!" shouted Joshua angrily before taking off after the skater, the others following hastily.

Beat raced up the street, weaving skilfully through the crowds as the doors to Pork City came into sight.

Warm air rushed around the area he entered, but he didn't notice. He grinned and went to push the door open.

However, unfortunately for Beat, the door didn't budge and he crashed painfully into the glass door and bounced off it.

With a curse of surprise, he fell back, "AW CRAP!!!"

"Beat are you ok?!" called Rhyme as the group caught up with him, rushing to his side. Joshua slowed into a stop before freezing.

Hanekoma winced as he caught up and then lightly whapped Beat on the back of the head, "Next time give us more warning before you run off!"

"Fool! We were waiting for backup!" growled Azufuji.

"Sorry man…" Beat glared at the door, pointing at it "but it won't budge!"

"What?" asked Shiki.

"The door won't open!"

"Won't open? Asked Azufuji, raising an eyebrow, "That's not possible, the doors are always open…."

Shiki walked over to the door before pushing on the door, pushing harder when she found it wouldn't open. "He's right! It's locked!"

Mr H frowned, shared a look with Joshua before walking forward. Joshua twitched before moving forward quickly next to his Conductor, a deep frown etching itself on his pale face.

Hanekoma observed the door for a moment, and when he didn't see or feel anything wrong with it, pushed on it. A small spark of energy occurred, causing him them all to jump back, while Joshua dashed to Hanekoma's side.

Green light filtered into the air before it took on a legible form. "The more green the less you see…..the cold wind shows the real me…..exposed…..frail….beautiful……oh what could I be…?" asked Joshua questioningly, reading the riddle on the door.

"What the hell?" asked Beat, "What's this guy on?"

Mr H snorted, "Diablo likes being a pain, and this would reflect that."

"Well, what is the answer?" asked Shiki, adjusting her glasses.

"My best guess? Its-?!"

Whatever Mr H was going to say was cut off sharply when a noise like arm punched out from the wall and sent him flying backwards.


"Mr H!!"

Another light a darker green blended out of the wall, forming the shape of a noise refinery before a large bottle green Noise formed from it.

It was made up of two stocky humanoid bodies, their grey noise like fingers weaving together before hastily unlocking and extremely long arms sweeping through most the group sending them backwards to join Hanekoma.

Joshua gasped when the creature's arms passed through him and he spun around in surprise.

"Are you all ok?" he shouted as they struggled to their feet. He went to dash forward when he found he couldn't move.

Looking down, he saw Noise markings wrapped around his legs. "Hey what the?"

"Josh, you gotta figure out the riddle!" shouted Hanekoma as he sat up quickly and dived back when the creature slashed it arms forward, "Diablo wants you to answer it! Hurry!"

"Ok!" Joshua whipped back around to the door to figure out the riddle.

The kids and conductor leapt back, similar to Mr H when the creature slashed forward again.

"Whoa!" Beat cried, his board humming with imagination. He dashed forward, jumping up to attack the beast's face.

It roared in annoyance before swatting at its face. Beat avoided the swats and grinned when he saw Mr Mew attack next to him, claws scratching and clawing where it could.

He felt a swoosh of air, slicing into the beast's face and turned to see Rhyme using her pendant to generate shockwaves a bit further away next to Shiki.

He turned and felt a pulsation of energy on the other side of the beast. Azufuji raced up the Noise's back and launched herself into the air before plummeting down again in a gravedigger hit. Beat saw and felt the impact which had the creature staggering and winced.

Its noise arms lashed out, catching him and Mr Mew by surprise and sending them flying into the air. Beat twirled mid air and launched straight back at the beast.

Azufuji dashed past him and off the beast, and he saw her stop when she saw Mr H. A brief conversation occurred, which ended when the creature's arms crashed between them and had them jumping back.

Both nodded and Mr H crackled with imagination, sending many black-grey balls of explosive matter as the Noise's feet.

Beat leapt high into the air, off the creatures face. It roared again in pain, giving Azufuji the perfect shot for attacking the noise.

She charged forward at high speed and used a sabre attack to take out the beast's feet.

It fell, but Beat, from his vantage point, realised in horror, "RHYME! SHIKI! MOVE IT!!"

The creature creaked as it fell forward onto the girls, too quickly for them to move out the way. It crashed down harshly, shaking the ground beneath it.


"Beat look!" cried Azufuji, pointing from her spot nearby. Beat flew to the ground, landing next to her and his eyes widened.

The creature hadn't completely fallen down, it was being propped up by dark black and grey waves of energy that resonated from Mr H; the barista had thrown up a shield to protect both Shiki and Rhyme, who were both fine if shocked, and was struggling to maintain it under such high pressure.

"Mr Hanekoma!" cried Shiki as he faltered slightly.

"I-I'm ok!" he grunted out, before sending a look to Beat and Azufuji, "But hurry and get this thing off me!"

"Hang on guys!" shouted Beat as he charged at the noise, who lashed out again. Azufuji jumped back to avoid the swipes before turning to Joshua, who was intently focused on the riddle, and shouting, "Hurry Sir!"

Beat slammed at the creature's side several times before realising it had little effect. Even Azufuji's hits started to have little effect; Mr H was tiring and the creature would not budge. Any longer and they would be done for.

"Dammit!" roared Beat in frustration, gripping his fist sharply, watching from a distance. A green glow emanated from his hand, making him realise he still had the pin in his hand.

Looking at it, he stared in surprise before it spread a green glow across him and new strength pulsed through him. He became determined at once.

He charged forward and up into the air. Using the force of the aerial assault, he slammed into the noise's side, the force of the collision sending it flying off to the side.

Mr H dropped the shield quickly and sat back harshly, the girls going to his aid. Azufuji charged forward and pull them away to safety.

Beat followed after the beast, continuously and relentlessly crashing into its side, waves of imagination showering on contact. The creature's arm lashed out again and sent him backwards into the air.

"Hang on Beat!" called Hanekoma, who had made it to his feet and was charging a bolt of what looked like black lightening. The creature lashed out at Beat and aimed to take him out.

"IT'S A TREE?!" roared Joshua from the door.

The scene froze at his shout. The Door noise froze mid grab, which stopped Beat falling to the ground.

Everyone looked around at the Composer, who turned back to them looking annoyed and slightly dumbfounded. Hanekoma's eyes were wide.

Beat yelped in surprise when he was dropped as the Noise vanished suddenly, his shout alerting Hanekoma, who skidded beneath him and used himself to catch the fallen skater.

Two grunts of pain filled the air. "Whoa, thanks coffee man…ow…"

"No probs…ugh….just lose a few pounds next time ok?" asked Hanekoma as Beat rolled off him. Beat grunted.

"Sanae, Beat are you ok?" called Joshua as he ran over, now free from his restraints.

"Beat! Mr H!" called Shiki and Rhyme, who ran over to them, quickly making a fuss. Azufuji quickly made her way behind them.

"Yeah… we're fine…." Laughed Hanekoma pleasantly, rubbing the back of his neck as Joshua lent knelt next to him.

Beat stared at Joshua for a moment before saying, "….A tree?"

They all looked at him for a moment, before he shrugged, "What? That was the answer to his riddle." He turned to Hanekoma, "I never pegged him to be a nature lover."

"You'd be surprised."

It was left at that for a moment before Rhyme said, "The doors opening!"

They all turned, watching as the green light disappeared from the door and the door's swung open. Joshua and Hanekoma rose, staring at the door. The kids noticed their dark frowns, before turning to Azufuji questioningly.

"Feel that Josh?"


"What is it sir?"

"Diablo is inviting us in" said Mr H, a frown still on his face. Joshua nodded starting forward, Hanekoma putting a hand on his shoulder to stop him. A quick warning look was given, to which Joshua nodded. "Let's go"

They all nodded, Beat getting up with the girls' help.

They all entered Pork City doors, the room eerily dark. Looking around, no-one could see much beside faint outlines of the others.

"Diablo where are you?" called Hanekoma, wandering ahead slightly. Joshua glared around the room, before jerking. "Sir?"

"There's something there…!!"

The lights in the building suddenly flared to life, causing them all to wince at the harsh light. Once the glare died down, the all looked up. "Neku!"

Indeed, the former proxy sat nearby, lounging on what looked like a throne made out of noise refineries. He looked around, facing them before clicking sharply.

Then, to the horror of all present, hundreds upon thousands of taboo noise refineries blended out the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Every free space was covered with them.

"What the hell-?!"

"Dear god, what has he done?!"

The refineries began to shift and move before releasing themselves from their confines and heading straight toward the open door. They all had to block and duck to avoid the waves of noise.

"Sanae, the door!"

Hanekoma whipped around, eyes wide. "No way! It was a trap on the door! That was the only thing keeping these Noise in! Now their flooding into Shibuya!"

"They'll destroy the whole city!" gasped Joshua, "The Headquarters will have no idea what's hit it!"

"Sir! I'll go! I'll gather the Reapers against the Noise!" cried Azufuji, angrily slicing down a noise, as she fought her way over.

Joshua nodded, "Go!"

"Yes Sir! Good Luck!"

The Conductor turned on her heel and quickly blended in amongst the floods of noise leaving the building and was gone.

"Gah! So whadda we do now?!" shouted Beat, angrily punching a Noise that got too close to Rhyme and Shiki. Soon, the noise thinned out and the air was still and silent.

Joshua turned and found Neku now standing near them, his wings flexing slightly and his claws unsheathing. "Sanae."

Hanekoma turned, hand channelling black-grey energy, while Joshua pulled out his phone. The kids got into defensive positions, albeit less willingly. "Phones…?"

Neku stared for a moment before launching forward. Hanekoma released force rounds, surrounding a low strength energy beam from Joshua. Neku sliced at the energy, cutting it half and making it explode.

They both felt a whoosh of air as Neku charged past. He wasn't targeting them.

"Watch out!" shouted Joshua as Neku flew at his friends.

They had no time to avoid, as he lashed forward which sent them flying backwards into the open elevator.

"Ahh!" cried the kids as they harshly hit the back of the elevator, sliding to the floor with a thump.

"Are you guys ok?!" called Mr H, racing over.

"Sanae, careful!" shouted Joshua, sending a ball of energy at Neku, who released his own at Hanekoma. Hanekoma crashed back, covered in ice. Neku slammed against the wall, waving off the backlash before slamming his hand down on the elevator controls.

The door slid shut swiftly, the kids still inside, and went up.

Hanekoma cursed, breaking the ice off and back by Joshua's side. Neku turned to them, tilting his claws, before sending glowing bomb orbs at them. Joshua jumped into the air and Hanekoma slammed up a shield before charging at the proxy.

Joshua fired energy blasts using his phone, which Neku deflected back or else where.

As Hanekoma went for him, Neku's other hand swung around, releasing flame as a protective barrier.

It slowed Mr H's assault but not enough.

He flattened the proxy, sending them both tumbling to the floor. They wrestled for a moment, before Mr H managed to pin Neku's struggling arms above his head.

"P-Phones! Stop it! It's me, Mr H!"

Neku froze briefly, glazed eyes glaring up at Hanekoma. His face twisted into an angry snarl, before displaying a surprising show of strength and throwing Hanekoma off.

He jumped to his feet and sent a horizontal swing of energy to knock Hanekoma back further.

He didn't pay attention to Joshua, who sent a powerful blast of energy at him to knock him back, despite the violent spark of electricity that coursed over him.

The Proxy silently screamed and went flying back, a faint blue light falling from him. He reeled back and vanished in a portal through the wall.

Joshua fluttered down to the floor before falling to his knees panting.

Mr H staggered to the Composer, rubbing his side, "J, you ok?"

Joshua didn't voice how he felt but nodded, looking up.

Mr H weakly laughed before stopping as a faint blue light caught his attention. He wandered over cautiously, frowning.

He plucked up the glowing item and gasped, eyes going wide.

"Sanae?" called Joshua, getting to his feet and walking over to the Producer, "What's the matter? What is it?"

Joshua looked over Hanekoma's arm and saw the item, which was a pin.

After feeling a little fed up about another pin in the mix, Joshua's eyes widened when he saw the design on the pin: Neku's image.

Both exchanged glances of surprise. "Sanae, what the hell-?"

A spark of imagination charged across the air, bringing their attention to the other side of the room; Hanekoma stashing the pin quickly under his collar.

A portal swirled to life near them and Minamimoto stepped out, a staggering proxy by his side. He smirked at them, "Hello Hectopascals, you finally arrived! Took you long enough! SINE!"

"You!" growled Hanekoma angrily.

"So its you that set up that cacophony of Noise when we came in here?" asked Joshua, eyeing their two opponents.

Minamimoto snorted, "No, that was Diablo. Him doing that has allowed me to calculate your demise! FOIL!"

"And you trust him?!" snapped Hanekoma, "The Noise will destroy the whole city is that what you want?!"

Minamimoto snickered, "To start anew, you have to get rid of the old."

He straightened, flicking his tail around expectantly, "And that applies to you too!"

He slammed on a wave of imagination, which caused reality to fade away in static.

Both Joshua and Hanekoma became acutely aware that they were separated and in the noise plane.

Joshua looked across the way, staring at his opponent Minamimoto….

Similarly, Hanekoma came face to face with his opponent, Neku…..

A single thought simultaneously occurred to both of them, "Oh crap…"

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