D. I.V.O.R.C.E.

Summary: "Malfoy," Hermione started, "I want a DIVORCE—a D.I.V.O.--MMHPH!" DMHG. AN: will start off leisurely but WILL get to the point! STRONG M for adult-themes.

Author's Note: Another story! Yay! It was going to be a one-shot but it turned into something much more that might need to be addressed in about three to five chapters. Enjoy. Please leave comments.




Unlike popular assumption, Hermione did not run off with Ron in a romantic fashion, and did not run behind Harry to become an Auror. She didn't follow Ginny's footsteps in becoming a Healer, and she didn't become someone's housewife.

Hermione was a SOUGHT AFTER Defense Attorney. Her qualifications had surpassed the ADA spot and she had actually snatched the DA position right from under the noses of middle-aged, pureblood male wizards that usually snagged the job. She was the youngest DA to come to the Ministry. Soon after her little stint there, Hermione was offered a job as an Associate at the prestigious Warlock & Madden firm. She had become partner shortly after that.

So when Hermione was presented with the opportunity to hire a new Associate, she was expecting another young, vibrant witch who would look up to her and want to BE her.

Instead, she got the one and only Draco Sodding Malfoy.



Chapter One


She was quite surprised when her assistant, Mary-Sue, stumbled into her office in such a disorderly manner. Such behavior was frowned down upon by Hermione in her offices. The young girl's blonde tresses falling in her baby blue eyes, her pink cheeks even rosier than usual as an effect of blushing, giggling behind her hand as the seductively suave Draco Malfoy followed behind her.

"Ms. Granger, your two o'clock is here," the girl giggled. Hermione, despite her scowl, couldn't help but notice how gorgeous he looked dressed in a black suit, a pinstripe gray colored shirt underneath it with an even blacker tie around his neck. His blonde hair wasn't sleek back, but cut short to hang about his ears, making him—how could she say this without appearing like her secretary?—making him delectably 

desirable. She drew in a breath as he stood before her desk, briefcase in hand and a sneer on his handsome face.

"Hello Granger," he said. His voice was strong, and in Hermione's opinion, too strong. She thought to knock him down a few notches from his high stance. She stood from her seat, offering him her hand. He shook it with vigor, and Hermione motioned for him to sit in the armchair in front of her desk. She gave her assistant a pointed look, and the girl left them alone.

"So what can I do for you Mr. Malfoy?" she asked airily, leaning back in her seat, crossing her legs. Draco's sneer grew wider as he stared at her.

"I'm here to offer your firm my services, Granger. Warlock & Madden are seeking a new Associate, and I would love to take that position."

"Take? Has it been offered to you yet?" she asked. His sneer faltered.


"Then I suggest you leave your resume with Mary-Sue, and I'll get back to you in a couple of weeks after I review all the applicants." Merlin, she loved her job. And she loved it more as the look of outrage crossed Draco's face.

"I don't need a Ministry Official to appoint me as the Associate, Granger. I know I'm fully capable of doing the job superbly," he said, gripping the armrest.

"I'm sure you are," Hermione said in faux consolation. "But I'm also sure that there are hundreds who feel the same way, and I plan on weeding out the people who are snobs, liars, and overachievers to find that perfect individual. Now good day Malfoy, and please—don't let the door hit you on the way out," she said, professionalism damned. She gestured to the door, to emphasis her point. Fuming, Draco stood, having not only been knocked down from his high-horse but completely assaulted in the process.

"You'll see Granger. I WILL be hired here."

"Good-bye Malfoy, and if you would like to have mini updates on how the process is going, leave your owl post with my secretary."

With a final look of anger, hate, and most importantly defeat, Draco exited her office.


"Malfoy?" Harry asked, laughing into his beer. It was tradition. Harry, Ron, Ginny and her would meet up at a local Muggle bar every Friday to share a beer and unwind from the hectic week. She told them about running into Malfoy earlier in the day. They couldn't hold in their mirth.

"And you shot him down like that? Cor, Hermione, I love you," Ron said, swinging an arm around her slender shoulders as she sipped her beer. She was able to relax with them, having taken off her charcoal grey suit jacket to expose her ruffle-style white blouse and pulled her hair free from its tight bun, letting 

it fall down her shoulders in soft, tight curls. She was attractive, and the Muggle men kept shooting her looks once in awhile. Ginny smiled at her.

"You look just radiant tonight Hermione? Is something ELSE happening at work?"

Hermione slumped a bit. There was no special someone that she was thinking about at the moment. To be quite honest, she was just relishing in the fact that she had stuck her foot up Malfoy's ass. She shrugged. "Nothing unusual…it's just me and the cat still," she said, referring to Crookshanks. Ginny rolled her eyes.

"You should let me hook you up with my Instructor. He's a little bit older than us—"

Harry snorted. "You mean he's about a decade older than us?"

"No!" Ginny exclaimed, nudging him in the rib. "He's only 31."

"That's nearly a decade!" Ron shouted. "That's WAY too old, Hermione here is only 22…she's way too young for him."

"But he's handsome, sweet, intelligent…he loves kids," Ginny said, wiggling her eyebrows. "He's the epitome of perfection."

"Wow Gin, why don't you go off and marry the bloke?" Harry said sullenly. Ginny laughed and wrapped her arm around Harry's, leaning into him.

"Can't, love. I'm dating you."

"Damn right."

"Hermione can't POSSIBLY think of children right now. She just made partner," Ron injected.

"Exactly. I just made Partner. There's no way I'm going to settle down and become some worried mother suffering from depression because her husband is never home and her baby is always crying…"

"Ah, c'mon Hermione! Since you've made partner you haven't been your usual self. You're all stiff and lawyer-ish. You're even borderline mean," Ginny said lightly, to protect Hermione's feelings.

"Not true," she replied simply, ignoring the dubious looks on her friends faces.

"Well, he's still worth the catch, Hermione. Why won't you let me hook you two up?"

"Ginny, Hermione is successful, beautiful, and smart—I'm sure she can find a bloke all on her own," Ron said, the tips of his ears turning red. It was obvious that Ron was attracted to her, but was too shy to tell her. Hermione, despite being the power-freak she was, had a soft spot for Ron, but secretly wanted a man who would TAKE CONTROL of her and lasso her in. Ron just wasn't her type.

"I'm sorry, did I just hear you right Ronald? Did you just call Hermione beautiful?" Harry teased.

"And smart and successful?" Ginny giggled.

Ron was incredibly red now, hiding himself behind another beer.

"Lay off guys," Hermione said mischievously. "Won-Won is just shy." This elicited another fit of laughter from her friends, Ron thoroughly embarrassed.


It was Monday again, and Hermione was as usual making her trek from Muggle London to Kings Cross, the Warlock & Madden high-rise in the Financial and Business district not too far from the Ministry.

As she waited for a Muggle to finish her conversation in the telephone booth, she opened her compact mirror to peer at her reflection and nearly dropped it in surprise. Behind her stood Malfoy.

"Malfoy!" Her hand jumped to clench her neck in fear. "You scared the bloody hell out of me, you great oaf!" she hissed. "Are you stalking me now?" She tsk'ed in disappointment, realizing that it was a damn shame that Malfoy looked and smelled so good, but was a complete evil dolt.

Her frowned at her, "Is that any way to speak to your new Associate?" he asked.

"What?" she laughed in his face. "My new Associate? I thought I told you already, Malfoy, but you'll have to WAIT like everyone else—"
"—Despite everyone's preconceived opinion of you being highly intelligent Granger, I believe someone needs to do their fact-checking. I told you before I left that I WOULD be hired at the firm. You laughed at me, mocked me even, and I warned you. You should've held your tongue. Perhaps we wouldn't be having this ridiculous conversation if you had. Nevertheless, I was indeed hired by Marcus Warlock himself. I went to his office as soon as I left yours and he didn't need to see my resume…he hired me on the spot before I even sat down. We even shared a cigar together…"

Hermione gasped, her face contorting in pure shock and then anger. He had gone to her boss. Hermione had only shared a cigar with Warlock ONCE and that was when she made Partner—when she had become "one of the boys." Malfoy, who seemingly appeared out of thin air, was able to bag a job AND a cigar through Warlock without ANY effort. It hurt her even more that Warlock had overrode her decision to review all the applicants individually. She had explicitly told him this when he told her to find the new Associate. "I see the glass-ceiling has not been cracked at all," she croaked.

"Pish-posh, Granger, don't give me that Feminist bullock. What you need to give me though, is an apology, and perhaps a handshake. We are a TEAM now…"

"You bastard!" she cried. "I would rather die under a rock than shake your hand. How dare you go above me and above all the other possible applicants who took their time, their DEDICATION, to send me their resumes and their life stories in pursuit of getting that position! How dare you. You aren't a part of MY team Malfoy!"

He smirked, "Perhaps not a part of your team, Granger…but Warlock & Madden's team, most definitely."

She wanted to scream—no—she wanted to KILL Malfoy. But instead, she remained as composed as possible, and turned sharply on her heel to the now empty telephone booth. Cursing under her breath, she stepped into it and picked up the phone.

"Ministry of Magic," she barked into it. Immediately, she was pulled down into the tunnel.


"Ms. Granger! Ms. Granger!" Hermione ignored her assistant's calling as she made her way to her office. "You have thirty-seven messages and—"

"I'll address them LATER. Do not direct ANY calls to my office this morning. Tell them I'm in a meeting. I want a latte on my desk in two minutes, or so help me Merlin, I WILL fire you," Hermione growled, entering her office and not turning to look at the other girl once.

Mary-Sue looked as if she would burst into tears as she held out the parch-notes to Hermione. Quickly withdrawing them, she said, "Mr. Warlock would like to see you immediately." And with that, the young assistant flew from out of Hermione's sight, seeking a latte.

Hermione threw her briefcase behind her desk and allowed her shoulders to sag. She was very keen on posture, so doing this was a guilty treat she indulged in once-in-a-while. She shook her head in confusion at the thought of Malfoy being hired underneath her like that. She couldn't believe it. She wouldn't.

She tidied herself up a bit and exited her office, heading towards the lift. From the corner of her eye she saw her assistant dodge people, holding a steaming latte in her hands. The lift had arrived.

"Ms. Granger! Your latte!" the girl cried, holding it out. Hermione rolled her eyes and took the cup from the girl.

"Thank you. Now get back to work," she ordered, before the lift of the door closed. She was able to catch the relieved look that flew across the blondes face.

Hermione pressed the 68th button. The entire floor was dedicated to Warlock. His offices, secretaries, and conference rooms were all there. The trip up took about five minutes, and she was painstakingly pissed when the door opened and she was opposite of none other than Malfoy, shaking the hands of Marcus Warlock AND Alexander Madden with a brilliant smile on his face. She stepped off the lift, slowly making her way towards them.

"Excellent, Mr. Malfoy! Just EXCELLENT!" Warlock complimented, pleased at something Malfoy must have said.

"We're lucky to have you on the team, Son," Madden said. Hermione froze. SON? Her brain screeched. THEY'RE CALLING HIM SON NOW?

"Ah! Hermione!" Warlock called out happily, having noticed her. He turned to Malfoy, "Hermione is our Partner here and she's just superb! We made her Partner a year ago, and let me tell you, she hasn't taken a day off since! She's a determined young lady. She'll show you the moves around here," Warlock chuckled. She stood before the men, her heart pounding against her ribcage in anger, but her face cool, professional and just a tad-bit impassive.

"Pleasure to have you on board," Hermione said silkily, offering her hand to Malfoy. The blonde shook it with uncertainty, probably curious to her state of utter calmness. She dropped his hand immediately and turned to her two employers. "I believe Mr. Malfoy and I attended Hogwarts together," she paused, watching the two older men smile and nod their heads at her in approval. "So what did you want to see me for Marcus? Would you like to go into the conference room?"

"Oh, yes! Our mini meeting," Warlock said, startled into remembering why he had called for her. He placed his hand on her shoulder gently. "Please excuse us, Mr. Malfoy, Alex; we'll be back in a jiffy!" Warlock led Hermione into a small conference room around the corner and held the door open for her, making Hermione smile at him at the chivalrous gesture. When they were seated and relaxed, he started.

"Hermione, you've been a wonderful aspect to this firm since you came to us three years ago. You passed your Wizarding Law Exam with world-setting numbers, you're the youngest to have been a DA at the Ministry and first female to ever grace the seat of Partner at Warlock & Madden, and you're just an overall excellent worker. I want so much for you here…"

"Why thank you, Marcus. I feel like Warlock & Madden have made my three years here rather comfortable and welcoming—this is home to me, if I may say, you all are like family to me," she said automatically.

"I'm glad to hear it, Hermione. Very glad…So glad that I feel even more comfortable telling you this…"

"Yes?" she asked, holding her breath. She would go insane if it dealt with Malfoy—

"I have a stepson, about your age…"

"Oh?" Hermione asked, obviously surprised.

"Yes, and he's very ambitious! A ball of energy, if you ask me, and incredibly intelligent…he's going to be a therapist. I think—well, Hermione, I see you're here all the time, and I know you're not married. Perhaps I'm digging a little bit too far into your private life, but you're a very beautiful witch, and I've bragged about you to my stepson numerous times…I just think maybe you two should meet, probably go out for a coffee?"

Hermione sat back in her seat, a million thoughts running through her head. She didn't want to decline the offer, even though she didn't want to be set up by her boss of all people. She also didn't want to appear rude to him, jeopardizing their relationship. She smiled.

"Oh, Marcus, I'm flattered! I've been so busy…it would be a rather nice break for me to have coffee with someone who will talk to me about things not pertaining to law and the firm," she said sweetly. There, she thought, easily said and not promising anything. She wasn't a lawyer for anything. She had a way with words.

"Excellent!" Warlock boomed, clapping his hands together in glee. "My stepson is coming in this afternoon, actually. Maybe I'll let him swing by your office for lunch?"

"That would be lovely," Hermione gritted out. She stood from her seat as Warlock stood to his feet, straightening out his robes. Although robes weren't a part of the dress code, Warlock was known for his lavish style of robes and wore a different one every day, despite being a rather beefy man. As they exited the office, Hermione gave a little exclamation. "Oh, my apologies Marcus, but what is your son's name?"

"Ah! How foolish of me, it's Blaise. Blaise Zabini."


Hermione sat at her desk, still pale from finding out that she would be going on a lunch-date with none other than Draco Malfoy's best friend, Blaise Zabini. To be honest, she hadn't really spoken to the handsome dark wizard at Hogwarts, believing him to be one of Malfoy's minions, but she hadn't ignored how amazingly sexy he was at school. Lavender and Parvati would often giggle about him in Potions and in the dorms. She couldn't help but agree with them. She hadn't even known that Warlock was married to Blaise's mother, who had a reputation of being…well, poisonous to the men she married. Hermione shook her head of the thoughts, and settled for another one—Malfoy's job. With a sneer she realized how he had gotten the job. He had obviously gotten help from Blaise. This made her sick to the stomach.

"Ms. Granger—" said a voice from her door. Hermione was jolted out of her thoughts as Mary-Sue pushed open the door slightly. "Mr. Malfoy is outside. He would like to speak with you."

"Send the basta—I mean, please send him in, thank you," Hermione said, biting her tongue over the curse word.

Malfoy entered her office, dressed exquisitely in gray suit pants and a collared white shirt, a matching gray tie dangling from his neck. "Granger, I know you may be mad at our little evil stint that occurred last Friday and this morning, but…I would like to make it up to you."

Hermione lifted a brow. "Make it up to me how?" she asked, suspicious of his words. She was usually great at reading people, figuring out if they had hidden agendas, but reading Malfoy was hard. He smiled at her—a GHASTLY smile!

"Let me take you out to lunch," he said confidently. She coughed, actually wanting to laugh loudly in his face. She then smiled.

"Oh, I'm sorry Malfoy, but my lunch is booked. Perhaps some other time?"

"What do you mean booked? I asked your secretary about your lunch schedule today and she said you were free. Actually, she said you're always free during lunch."

Hermione flinched. Her silly little assistant had batted her eyelashes too much in Malfoy's direction, and now she was sharing her agenda with the ass. She cleared her throat. "What an obvious violation of my privacy, Malfoy," she said icily.

"I wouldn't be in a direct line of violation, since your secretary provided the information."

"Ah! But you requested it from her, and probably persuaded her with less-than-gentlemanly methods to boot!"

"Maybe you shouldn't have whores as secretaries then, Granger."

She was about to agree with him when she realized he was, in sense, insulting her. "Bugger off Malfoy! I've got REAL work to do."

"Ah, but Mary-Sue also told me that you're WAY ahead of ALL your caseloads. You've closed ten cases this past weekend, and you've already debriefed three clients for an upcoming trial in front of the Wizengamot."

Hermione was practically seething! There was no way in fucking hell she would allow Mary-Sue to continue her employment here, and no way in hell she would let Malfoy embarrass her in such a way.

"Get OUT Malfoy!"

"Just let me take you out to lunch," he said, almost pleadingly. Hermione froze. Okay, maybe not pleadingly, but in a sense that he really wanted her presence. She smirked.

"I can't. I have a date."

"With who? Weasley? Potter?"

"No, your friend…Blaise Zabini…" she said lightly, suddenly finding interest in the files on her desk.

"Liar," he said.

"Liar?" Hermione asked, stunned, looking up. "Just because I'm a lawyer doesn't mean I'm a liar, Malfoy," Hermione said with a quirk. He frowned at her.

"I don't believe you."

"Why the hell not?"

"He's never spoken of you to me."

"Why would he talk to you about ME?"

"Because…" Draco trailed off.


"Whatever Granger, go on your foolish date with Zabini. But when you get back, I want to hold a meeting with you so we can go over all the cases that need to be dealt with, especially cases brought by the People in Special Victims cases, those our my top priorities here."

"Who would ever think a Malfoy cared about the physical welfare of other people?"

"Shut it, Granger, and just come back with your knickers still on," he said grossly, before leaving her office, the door slamming behind him. She jumped at the noise.

"Okay…" she said in confusion. She turned back to work.

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