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If Tomo Only Had a Brain
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"I'm bored!" Tomo whined. "I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored."

Yomi sighed, gritting her teeth in irritation. "Have you thought that you wouldn't be so bored if you were doing what you're supposed to be doing?"

Tomo blinked. "What am I supposed to be doing."

Yomi groaned. "Studying. We're here at Chiyo's because we're supposed to be studying – and studying, Tomo, means opening the book in front of you and reading it at the very least."

"I don't get it though," Tomo muttered. "I mean, we have exams: how is it possible to study for exams?"

Yomi suddenly felt the very strong urge to slam someone's head into the table – preferably Tomo's.

Kagura sniggered. "Numbnut."

"Yeah, but Chiyo's not been looking at her books," Tomo muttered.

"That's because Chiyo actually knows what she's doing," Kagura shot back as Chiyo blushed.

"That's not true. The only reason my books are shut is because I'm writing things out from memory," Chiyo said, shaking her head.

"Which means you know exactly what you're doing," Yomi replied. "Unlike someone."

"What, Osaka?"

"She means you, Tomo," Kagura said, shaking her head in exasperation.

"Oh… hey! I do know what I'm doing! See, two and two is four, three and three is six…"

"We're studying for an English exam," Kagura laughed. "That's not exactly going to be on an English exam."

"So?" Tomo said. "It might be. And you can't blame me for not knowing what exam we're supposed to be 'studying' for; not all of us have Chiyo's brain."

"Yanno some tribes usedtah eat people's brains," Osaka piped up.

"What?" Kagura snorted while Sakaki paled at the thought.

"Some tribes usdtah eat people's brains," Osaka repeated.

Tomo looked at Osaka for a second, then a rather manic grin spread over her face.

"Osaka! You're a genius!"


"We can eat Chiyo's brain! If we do that then we'll be smart and get good marks! More than our hundred and three percent!"

Yomi groaned, "If only you had a brain you wouldn't be saying idiotic things like that."

Tomo, however, wasn't listening. "Yes! We'll share out Chiyo's brain between us and break our record of a hundred and three percent! Numbnuts unite!"

"You leave me out of this this," Kagura said.

"Let's get Chiyo's brain!" Tomo said, jumping to her feet.

"I think I'd better leave," Chiyo squeaked and ran out of the room.

"I'll go with you," Sakaki said.

"Me too," Yomi nodded and the two of them followed Chiyo.

Kagura burst out laughing and Tomo blinked.

"What? What did I do?"

"Ah wonder what brains taste like…"

"Osaka, shut up."