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Summary: This is the story between morality and immorality. Young lass, looking so prim and proper, yet, a hentai manga addict! And, ah well, a real life pervert young lad looking for excitement in his boring life. What if the REAL LIFE pervert lad found out the REEL LIFE pervert lass' secret? Will they learn from each other's expertise? Love and sex would really be so0 exciting between this two!

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Unrequited Pervertness

Chapter 1: Introducing my Pervertness

Hi! I am Mikan Sakura, the ever imaginable bookworm of our class. They usually called me Four eyed. Why they say so? Well, I didn't mind really, since, it's partly true. I had my squared glasses (it simply fit, isn't it?), that's why they labeled me by that name. I am the typical two goody shoes and I don't evade laws (city and school rules). Nah, it's just a waste of time.

I am a quiet person. I didn't really have friends at school (they are usually noisy, it's just simply annoying). So, I usually end up alone and isolated to everyone. Well, as I said I didn't really mind. It's better to have no friends than to have one, so that all secrets were all by me. I didn't need to worry anyone. Sounds selfish? Well, I'm kinda like that. Sort of, actually. Besides, I'm protecting my secret…

Rina moaned as Gravin touched her wet womanhood. They were still wearing their clothes, but, the hotness simply lingered their skin as if they were both naked.

"Ah… just like that, Gravin." Rina begged, spreading her legs for…

Yeah. That was my secret. Hehe. Shocking? Nah. I am a bookworm. Yes, that's true. BUT most of the books I'm reading were perverted novels and mangas. I have lots of collections with those books and I love reading them (want to borrow?)… because… it simply arousing. Yeah, yeah, I'm a pervert.

But one thing for sure, maybe my mind was not anymore a virgin BUT I am a virgin. Hehe. Shocked? Nah. I love reading perverted books but I didn't apply it to real life, you know. Besides, whom I applied with? I didn't have any boyfriend since my birth. Maybe, to other teenagers I'm such a loser and unattractive, but, I love the way I am now.

The thought of that, I sighed. A big sigh, it seemed I become insecure recently. What? Did I just say that? Nope, I'm not insecure it's just that… (Glanced at her class)… everybody seemed in love! Whoa! 'This is the curse of being so in fantasy,' I'm in my teenage life and I didn't have any boyfriend yet. I sighed, again, while wandering my eyes on the class. I checked every male classmate who could be my gigolo.

"Go out with me, Sumire," Kokoroyome, her classmate almost begged to Sumire, my very liberated classmate.

I giggled at the thought Koko-kun would be my boyfriend. Nah. Koko was too weird for me, I mean, I didn't want to sound rude, but, he seemed so interfering, since, he could as if read minds, for goodness sake! Well, I didn't mind his 'talent' really, as long as he won't discover my secret.

I gave my attention to Yuu or our Iinchou here, who was busy scolding our naughty classmates to, "Keep quiet, everyone! Sensei is coming—Hey Kitsuneme stop that!" he ordered to everyone.

I rolled my eyes. Well, Iinchou qualify one of my types, and that was being able to stand with others. He did save me many times from countless bullies, except, that Iinchou was too busy and I'm afraid that if we were a couple he won't give me much attention to teach everything on my book (In the other words Iinchou is inexperienced in that aspect). I giggled at the thought; here I am criticizing others, while I haven't got any experienced, yet, and just merely learning from books. Oh, speaking of books, I began to read again..

"Just the way like that, Rina, it feels so good," Gravin groaned sexily to his lover as Rina licked him on his chest, and as he squeezed her molds. They were making love on the old Equipment tools for P.E and it was late afternoon, so no one would take notice if they'll make something special.

"ah… Not fair. Not fair," Gravin suddenly said.

Rina looked at him, "And Why?"

"Because you are not doing good unlike yesterday—oh like that, that was you did yesterday..Oh.." so much feeling expressed unto him as Rina gave her big shot…

"Arg." I groaned. Not with pleasure but in annoyance. Why? Because of my dearest female classmate's whines, they were whining like a chicken again. They were always like that if ever these two classmates of mine came. I referred them disturbance. Every time I reach the climax the two disturbance would came, crashing my solemn sovereignity.

I sighed, looking at them. Since, I lost my concentration on the book; I'll just watch the two disturbance. Hmm… handsome as ever, they still had an explicit charm since our first year of Middle School. They're still holding the title of two most handsome in Alice Academy, and even in town! They're such a handsome species. I've been their classmate for three years and they've been holding my disturbance title for that long.

Ruka Nogi, the one with blonde hair and azure eyes, smile charmingly to all of the girls including me. He was a friendly person and I did like him. I think I still like him, I like his 'Prince Charming' aura. He's always plastering his charming smile that would hook every girl (even boys) in our class. I rolled my eyes when I saw my classmates drooling at him, "Tch,"

Behind the Prince Charming was this 'Bad Boy' sleepy-head type (I called him sleepyhead because I always found him sleeping). Yeah, he was Natsume Hyuuga, my bad boy classmate for three years (I know him since our childhood days, but, I'm not close to him and we're not friends). We just became classmate for the first time when we entered at the same class for our Middle High School in the prestigious Alice Academy. And at the stepped on him in this school, as well as Ruka, every girl wanted them to be their gigolo. Well, they do both have charms and striking handsome face to captured every girl's hearts. As for me, I don't know why most of the girls preferred the cold sleepy-head Hyuuga than the playful Nogi. It's not really my business to find it out, it's just, I found it a trivial matter. Well, I didn't care about him, anyway, so I should stop talking about them, before, someone might interpret that I like him!

Oh, I forgot to mention. Not to boast, but, almost all the students here were well financed. You couldn't enter Alice Academy without loads of money in your pockets. Yeah, they were rich students. Yup, those students only, not including me. Well, my dad can financed me in this expensive school since he owned a Publishing House (that's why I could get any manga and novels I wanted, though, without he's knowledge. I just sneaked in), but recently the business was fluctuating due to… I glanced at him, Natsume Hyuuga… yeah, it's because of him. It's his family's fault, because they established a new publishing house and they were more popular AND bigger than ours. Huhu, my father was depressing of it. So, I harbored hard feelings to Natsume Hyuuga. If ever I couldn't get the latest copy of Shinjo Mayu's manga and my other perverted mangas, it's his own fault why it turned out like that. I prayed it wouldn't happen.

The thought of losing any latest copies of my mangas and novels, I gripped tightly my book. I treasure them like my life and I'll do my best to get the full collection of it.

I sighed. I hope it wouldn't happen.

"Quiet!!" a loud voice of our first teacher that morning, Jinno-sensei, croaked. He was pointing his wand, I mean, stick to each noisy students, ordering them to be proper. "It's almost time and you're not in your proper seats unlike--"

"Sakura, the little two goody shoes Four Eyed girl.." my well bully classmate, Mochiage, cuts then it followed by laughs of my classmates.

I rolled my eyes before I glared at him, "Shut up," I uttered that only gained another laughs. They said that I'm amusing when I'm angry, so, they kept bullying me (though, I fought back), and they said, too, that I'm the favorite student of Jinno-sensei, which I really found disgusting. Eew… being a favorite student should really be an overwhelming except that…

"Stop it!" Jinno croaked again (when I say croaked it means he's talking or shouting). "Why are you bullying Miss Sakura? She's the ideal student and much reminds me of my daughter. She's really too…" and he'll start babbling about how well his daughter was (though he's saying nonsense), and start his comparison to me, which gained snickers from my classmates. Oh, how embarrassing. That's how our first period started.





Finally, the class has ended, and it always a tiring one for me. It always turned out a hectic day for those all questions I needed to answer, let me rephrase, required to answer. Why? It was because of my classmate's boneless antics…

"Ryuuzaki, How will you get a herb like Milfoil to be a medicine?" my teacher would ask.

And my dearest classmate would just yawn, and point at me, "Dunno. Let Sakura answer that," and then calmly seated.

And my idiotic teacher required me to answer.

"Koko, what is the--"

"Answer of that problem?" Koko boredly interrupted, "Let Sakura answer that," he suggested and seated down, leaving the question for me to answer.

Geez. It always happened that every now and then, and here's the poor of me they thought of an Encyclopedia that could answer everything…

I stretched out my hand out of tiredness. I'm closing my eyes and breathe the afternoon air. 'How refreshing!' I thought. When I snapped my eyes open, I found myself alone in the classroom. I sighed, "My group is assigned to clean today, and here I am again, left alone to clean," why it kept happening to me? Maybe, it's because I didn't have any friends to rely on or they just thought of me easy to be bullied. I shrugged at the thought. Well, it's too late to reflect now, better start cleaning!

Whistling, I started cleaning. I properly arranged the chairs, swiped the floor and lastly erase the writings on the board. When I'm done, I smiled. I glanced at the wall clock; it's merely four in the afternoon. It's too early to go home. Probably, my grandfather was not yet at home now (Did I forgot to mention that I'm living with jii-chan 'coz my father usually not at home? Btw my mom passed away when I'm still in my first year of Mid-school).

"The bus would be at exactly five. I'll just stay here for a moment to read," I grinned. I'm alone in the room, and I could read without disturbance. I picked my manga from my bag and started reading Shinjo Mayu's Love Strip.

Yuuko was trying to control her moans when her sneaky hot boyfriend Yagami-kun force himself to plunge on him. Sure it was hurt, since this will be her FIrST time.

"Ah...Yagami-kun!!" she yelled

'Shit! making a cute face like that and inducing me...The lesson is a failure!' he thought. Sure enough, he was Yuuko's Academic tuitor for her to get accepted at the school where he was currently schooling. They both agree that they would enter highschool in the same said school. Hence, Yagami-kun was not only teaching her Academic lessons, but also sex!

"Are you really willing to learn?" he hissed, "You're too cute," he suddenly complimented.

"I should be the one saying that!" responded Yuuko.

His eyes became tender all of a sudden. Tender and getting sexy, that made her heart beats faster more than ever.

"Yuuko..." his husky voice made her more aroused, "..I love you." he continued. As he said that, his hands landed inside her cotton panties, and then making his way through her ear, "I can see only you.Only you.." he whispered, rubbing his finger on her wetness.

"Ah..." she moaned in pleasure. All emotions that Yagami-kun drifting within her were all stranger, and she didn't have any idea of how to handle this. He plunged to her, and she felt the familiar pain, 'i'm not anymore...' Yagami-kun softly touched her breast then sucked it after.."Ah.."

'I'm not anymore...' he made his way inside her. The climax was coming, '..a virgin!'

I'm blushing at the scene. My God, the bishounen was really a pervert. I wandered my eyes inside the room, taking notice if there's anyone in beside me. "Clear," I said closing my eyes, before touching my left breast, like what Yagami-kun did to Yuuko, and moaned, "Ahh.."

"What are you doing?"

I snapped my eyes open at the voice, only, to be shocked at the view. Here in front of me, one of the disturbance, Hyuuga Natsume, holding AND reading my perverted manga. I'm so shock that I forgot to breathe while my eyes widened at him. I didn't know if I'm waiting for him or what, but, my mind was swirled and unable to think.

Then he did something that I didn't imagine I would witness. He smirked.

"So, you love reading this stuff?"

'Shit!' I'm SoO dead!

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