I'm Not Light and Twisty



Part Five

Two weeks later…

Meredith Pov

There are events in your life where everything that's led up to this point will even define you or it will break you. There are moments in life where you have to figure out who you're going to be and why you choose this way. While I'm sitting here watching my friend with benefit lying in the hospital bed. I see Addison, it's ironic, I was the dirty little mistress and she's about to tell the dirty little bi-mistress that the wife of the man she slept with unknowingly made Izzie mis-carried the baby. I have to sit here when Izzie wakes up and I have to be here.

Christina walks in and she tells me, "Addison said that she will page Alex and George when she wakes up."

Meredith Pov

In this one defining moment, I will watch to see what path Izzie takes, what that means to me is that I will either lose a best friend or my friend with benefit, even way I still have to be here for Izzie and I always have Christina.

George walked in and he looked so guilty for what happened, he has no clue. Alex comes in slowly and Izzie wakes up. Addison sees her eyes are opened.

Author's note:

Dominoes fall is the next in the series; this story is a little peek into the next story.