"Father why do we have to move to Japan, wasn't home better?" Hinata complains as her father drives her to school, the place isn't bad, she's been here two days and hasn't heard of someone getting murdered or fires or earthquakes, that was good, but why did she have an uneasy feeling about this place? She understands that her father had no choice but totransfer because he's in need here, but why couldn't he have left her with her friends?

"I'm sorry Itoshii, I didn't have any choice." Hinata looked at her father's face and could tell he didn't like moving either. She sighs and lets it go. Her father drops her off at the front of the gate, and headed for work.

"Hello I'm Hinata" said Hinata, who was supposed to meet a girl in front of the gate to show her around.

"I know, I will be your buddy. My name is Tenten." Said a brown haired girl with two buns on top of her head.

"How long will this take before I get to my dorm?"

"Not long." Said Tenten, helping Hinata with her bags

"Cool," replied Hinata as she starts walking behind Tenten through the hallways. It looked like the hall never ended and there were lots of pictures and posters in the walls, but a couple of kids were on more posters than other and in the bottom it read, "BELIEVE IT!" "We're here!" Tenten was about to knock on the door when a girl approached her with a message.

"Tenten?" asked the girl, seeing if she had the right person

"Yeah?" says Tenten, letting go of the handle to take the paper that the girl was handing to her.

"Tsunade-sama can't find a vacant room for the new girl." The girl reads from the paper.

"What about this room?" Tenten asks.

"There are already two people in there." The girl answers quickly, noticing the frustration in Tenten's voice.

"So what does she want me to do?" Tenten asks, extremely annoyed about how this happened. She was thinking that if the people in charge were more organized they wouldn't have made this stupid mistake.

"Keep reading." She told Tenten quickly, getting worried by Tenten's rising temper.

"Take her to Naruto's room?" Tenten asks in disbelief. Out of every boy Tsunade had to pick Naruto? She knew how Naruto was. With all his sexual desires and all the trouble he gets into.

"Yeah, luck." The girl said before walking off, wanting nothing more to do with the two girls.

"Okay let's go!" Tenten turned to Hinata and gives her a worry free smile, but inside she was so angry

"Hey Ten." Says Naruto, opening the door to a very frustrated Tenten.

"Hey Naruto, you have a roommate."Tenten said with boredom in her voice, as if this wasn't bothering her. She loves Naruto except that he came off as a dumb ass and a pervert.

"No way." Naruto pouts; he couldn't believe his ears. Now his bachelor pad was about to be invaded by some guy that thinks he's better than him.

"Naruto, Tsunade-sama said it's an order." Says Tenten walking past Naruto

"Crazy old lady, so where is he?" asks Naruto, turning to Tenten. He didn't notice Hinata standing right behind him.

"She, Naruto, this is Hinata Hyuuga." Says Tenten, trying really hard not to punch Naruto out.

"A girl, you want me to room with a girl?" Naruto asks in disbelief. How could they put him with a girl? Not that he had a problem with them; it's just that he could be an ass to girls.

"Yeah, behave." Says Tenten with her fist held high.

"Fine" Naruto sulks, backing down.

"Hi." Hinata says, putting her bags down and sticking out her hand to Naruto

"Hi." Naruto shook her hand, but he couldn't stop. The feeling of Hinata's hand in his was so soft and gentle.

"Okay Hinata I'll come pick you up in thirty minutes." Tenten turned to Hinata and hugged her.

"Bye." Called Hinata.

"Bye, and I mean it, do anything to her and I will hurt you, got it?" Tenten threatens, turning to Naruto and warning him again.

"Yes ma'am!" says Naruto, who was very scared of Tenten, and he didn't realize that Hinata was giggling behind them.

"Here you can put your stuff down, feel free to move around or change anything." Naruto says, looking at a very shy Hinata with her bags in hand

"Okay." Hinata did as she was told.

"That wasn't an order" Naruto says before walking out, which stuns Hinata. She always did what she was told and now she felt like someone had just asked her to drop everything she had been taught.

"Hey here," Naruto says throwing a key to Hinata "you'll need this to lock the door."

...Two Hours Later, outside the Mall. ...

"So how do you like the school?" Sakura Haruno asks Hinata, sipping her coconut smoothie.

"It's okay." Hinata replies, sipping her strawberry smoothie.

"That's cool." Sakura says.

"Hey Tenten" Ino calls to the brunette.

"Yeah" Tenten stops and turns to face Ino.

"Who's Hinata's roommate?" Ino asks.

"…Naruto."Tenten closes her eyes to ignore the stares that were directed at her and Hinata.

"What?" The girls laugh and giggle at the fact that Naruto couldn't get along with any girl

"NARUTO?!" The girls yell because it's just so unbelievable

"Keep your voices down! Do you want the boy to be pounced by his fan girls?" Tenten whispers since if Naruto was in the area the girls would go crazy.

"Sorry, but really? Naruto?" Temari was crying cause she laughed so much she was running out of breath.

"Yeah, I talked to principal Tsunade and she said she's doing repairs to the other rooms so it will be a while." Tenten took a sip of her drink to stop the embarrassment she thought Hinata must be feeling. Poor kid she doesn't even know what she's gotten herself into,Tenten thought.

"Hey look it's the boys." Sakura pointed to the guys walking towards them.

"You guys finished getting drunk?" Tenten asks because that's all they do when the girls ask them to hang out.

"Not me!" Naruto says a grin appearing on his face as he looks to where Hinata was standing. She seemed scared of something, or maybe just shy

"Hey." Naruto walks over to Hinata and whispers in her ear. He seemed to freak the heck out of her so much that she just started to run but Naruto caught her and she kicked him in his jaw

"OMG!" The group says in awe. No one could ever get a move pass Naruto to do damage and now Hinata cut his lips. The blood starts to disappear as the cut heals

"Are you okay Hinata?" Tenten rushes to her side.

"Is she okay? She hit me!" Naruto says, angry.

"Hinata?" Neji asks in confusion. He heard the name before but only his dad has used it. He knew her when she was little, and he can see the same physical features.

"Neji?" Hinata turns around.

"Hey!" they run to each other, wrapping each other in a hug

"What was that?" Ino asked in confusion

"Hinata's like my sister." Neji says, breaking the hug

"You two related?" Sakura asks. She knows about Neji's powers and is wondering about Hinata's powers.

"Yeah we're cousins." Hinata tells them.

"So Naruto we heard." Temari said in a voice that makes Naruto mad.

"You told them?!" Naruto screams at Tenten.

"Yeah, so?" Tenten says with a bored look on her face. She didn't see the big deal about it.

"I didn't want them to know!" Naruto glares at her.

"What, that you're rooming with a girl?" Sakura asks giving an annoyed look.

"What?" The guys ask, stunned.

"Yeah." Sakura says in a victorious voice

"I hate you!" Naruto growls, his claws starting to come out.

"Naruto chill, it's no big deal." Neji and Shikamaru pull Naruto back from attacking Sakura.

"Dude if you do anything to her I will-" Sasuke says stepping in front of him to protect Sakura

"Kill me I know. Relax I won't, you two were made for each other." His claws start disappearing.

"Who?" Hinata asks, joining in on the conversation

"Them two." Naruto points to Sakura and Sasuke who were holding hands.

"What?" Hinata asks, sort of confused.

"They both want to kill me." Says Naruto putting his hands behind his neck.

"They can have you after we're through!" A boy says from a distance as a kunai is thrown at the group.

"Duck!" Shikamaru calls to the girls.

"Bitch!" Naruto aims some kunais after them and with full force one of them lands in one of the guys chest and he falls to the ground, dead.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Naruto yells at them, furious.

"Your existence." The boy from before says, launching an attack at Naruto

"What's going on?" Hinata asks since she was new in the group and didn't know about the nine tailed fox, or the gangs.

"Let's get out of here" Sakura says to the other girls.

"But what about the boys?" Hinata asks worriedly

"They can take care of themselves."Tenten tells her.

"Hey sweet thing." One of the other boys appeared in front of Hinata

"Don't touch them!" Naruto yells at the boy.

"Naruto!" Neji calls because one of the boys is behind Naruto.

"Rasengan!" Naruto launches the chakra ball into the boy's stomach, ignoring the one behind him.

"Yagan!" Sasuke shouts, hand turning into a knife and he runs it though the boy

"Get out of here!" Naruto yells, trying to save the girl's innocence. There were some cruel things they shouldn't have to endure or see until they're ready and he thought of this as one of these moments.

"Come on Hinata." Sakura pulls Hinata's arm.

"Let's go. We'll deal with them later, but not now, I'm hurt." He grabs the other boy that's on the floor and disappears.

"Uh!" Naruto slams his hand on the sidewalk pavement, forming a hole

"Relax Naruto." Shikamaru puts his hand on his friend's shoulder but Naruto only shake his hand away.

"This is frustrating I want to get this over with!" Naruto shouts.

"I know." Sasuke says, thinking about everything that happened.

"Hey you're hurt." Hinata takes Naruto's hand in hers.

"I'm fine, see you guys later." And with that, Naruto disappears.

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