Remember to Forget

The sun shining in through Hinata and Naruto's bedroom through the yellow drapes, in Naruto's bed is a sleeping Hinata hugging a sleeping Naruto. Naruto turned and woke up to the violet hair girl who he did not know.

Did I get drunk last night I can't remember anything?

And who's this girl, did we sleep together?

Does she go to this school?

How did I meet her?

What's her name?

Is she an enemy or a friend?

Why can't I remember?

They said one of the Akatsuki that's after the Kyuubi is a purple hair girl is this her?

I can't take any chances!

"Rasengan" Naruto said launching an attack at a sleeping Hinata, who soon woke up grabbing the bed sheets to wrap around her naked body as she dodges his attack. A loud noise is made waking up the student body as Naruto's Rasengan meets with the wall, making a whole into the other room next door.

"Naruto what the heck are you doing destroying something this early in the morning" One of his classmates said, Naruto not listening launches another attack at Hinata, she dodges it only for her feet to get caught in the sheets as she goes backward and fell on the floor. Without missing a step Naruto is coming at with wind shuriken; Hinata confused and shocked sat on the floor waiting for the attack, closing her eyes because she couldn't watch the boy she loves be the one that ends her life. But seconds passed that felt like hours but the attack didn't come.

Did he remember?

Hinata opened her eyes to find all the teachers and Shikamaru and the rest of the gang holding Naruto back. Hinata got up and walked towards her new friends.

"what's going on, why is Naruto attacking Hinata" Sakura said and hugging Hinata as she got closer, Sakura's shoulders started to feel cold and when she looked at Hinata she realized she's crying.

"I don't know why but he woke up attacking me, he really was trying to kill me" Hinata said in disbelief

"I thought you guys had fun last night, you even when home early" Tenten said taking Hinata's hand and soothing the back of her hand. Hinata's tears falls on the back of Tenten's hands, and Tenten pulled Hinata into a hug.

"Naruto what happened" Lady Tsunade said stomping her way to him

"She's with the Akatsuki" Naruto said pointing his fingers at Hinata

"Who is? Hinata?" Lady Tsunade said confused

"So that's her name. Hinata?" Naruto said thinking really hard

"Naruto you don't know who Hinata is?" Tenten asked

"Naruto what is today's date" lady Tsunade asked

"It's the first week of October today is the fourth" everyone was exchanging glances at each other confused.

"Naruto today is the first of November" Gaara said putting a hand on Naruto's shoulder

"Naruto, come here please" Lady Tsunade called out and when Naruto approached, Lady Tsunade started to do her healing Jutsu on his head because she thinks that he might have hit his head and have temporary or short grade amnesia. Lady Tsunade soon realized that this was the work of a mind user, she's scanning the crowd for the only person she knows that's capable of doing that kind of Jutsu, and she spotted a scared Ino trying to get away. "INO, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE"

"What is it?" Ino said looking at her principal trying to act confused

"What did you do to Naruto's memory" Lady Tsunade said approaching "didn't your father teach you that messing with someone's mind is really dangerous, especially a comrade" Lady Tsunade said screaming at Ino who was shaking.

"Everyone back to your rooms nothing to see here" Kakashi said getting rid of the other students, Naruto's group and two other boys were still standing there. "What are you two waiting for?" Kakashi asked

"He put a hole in our room, and now it's a mess" The student complained

"I think I might have a Jutsu for that" Kakashi said with a hand on his chin and his head pointed towards the sky. "But before then" Kakashi grabbed Naruto's hand still with the wind shuriken and sent it into the air with it sparked and vanished. Kakashi went in the room and started the Jutsu to repair the room.

"What should we do" Jiraiya asked lady Tsunade who was deep in thought

"We should get her father here to fix the mess that she made" Lady Tsunade said, Ino was shocked, she didn't want her dad to find out what she had done, she knew he would not be happy.

"Please don't call my father" Ino pleaded with Lady Tsunade

"you don't have the experience to fix what you have done if I let you near his head you might end up erasing his entire life or make him think his dreams are actually reality and I can't have that" Lady Tsunade said walking away." Ino, Hinata, Naruto, Shikamaru" Please come to my office ASAP, Hinata please go put on some clothes" Lady Tsunade left

"You erased his memories, when? Why?" Hinata said in disbelief "we were so happy last night and this morning he doesn't remember me or anything that happened, I thought we were friends Ino" Hinata walked pass Ino and into her room, the wall had been fixed but the bed was broken, there was a hole in the sheets, the bedside table, the lamp, the dresser, and even the mini fridge was broken, the whole room was a mess. Hinata with her back against the door slides down the door as the tears fall from her eyes.

"You erased my memories" Naruto said "I could have killed her and what happened last night I can't remember" Naruto said scratching his head in frustration

"She wasn't supposed to remember either, and I was only trying to erase what happened last night, I didn't mean to" Ino said choked up

"How did Hinata remember and you didn't, did it not work" Shikamaru said looking at Ino

"I did it perfectly I erased the memory from her head" Ino said

"The Main branch is not susceptible to Jutsu's that deals with the mind because of the barrier" Neji said "The main branch has something called the barrier that is done to them at birth to prevent mind control or learning about our clan's secret" Neji said and the group listened attentively

"So that's why it didn't work" Shikamaru said

"That's not the point" Temari finally deciding to step in "the point is why you two tried to erase their memories in the first place. Ino looked at Shikamaru.

"We didn't want that day to repeat its self, you know how he gets when he's in love and less than two weeks later of meeting this girl who we barely know he's already head over heels in love and he slept with her" Shikamaru said Frustrated

"Naruto sleeps with a lot of people" Sasuke said

"How many of them does he whisper 'I love you' while he's sleeping" Shikamaru talking really fast waving his hands in the air frantically

"I said I loved her?" Naruto asked, the door opened and Hinata walked past the group, they watch her as she walks past them. Naruto reached out and grabbed her hand; she turned around and looked at him her face expression unchanging.

"You're bleeding" Sakura said starting to heal the cut on her upper arm

"Its fine" Hinata pulled her hand from Naruto's and continued walking away, as he stares blankly after her.

"I stopped the bleeding but she will have a scar" Sakura said

"We're treating Hinata like she's the enemy" Temari said and the group was shaking their heads "and she's not the enemy, she's our friend"

"I'm going to go change and head towards granny's office, I'll catch you guys later" Naruto said heading towards his room. He memorized the damage that he was trying to cause to this girl he can't remember but his heart tells him that he loves. Naruto started getting angry and red chakra started pouring of His body, and he was forcing himself to remember and little bit of memory, all he could see was Hinata's scared face as he launched himself at her and her tear stained face and the emotionless face she gave him before walking away. He started to calm down, the more he thought about her less angry he got.

Tsunade's Office

Ino, Ino's dad, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Hinata were all sitting in the office. Ino had just finished explaining what happened last night and Hinata just sat there listening.

"Inoichi do you think you can reverse what Ino did" Lady Tsunade asked and he shook his head

"Naruto would you follow me" Inoichi took Naruto and left

"As for you two what should your punishment be" Lady Tsunade staring at them waiting for them to answer but neither of them spoke up. "You two will be in detention for a month and be assisting me with my principal duties." They shook their head in agreement. Tsunade looks at Hinata who have not spoken a word; she doesn't know what to say to her.

"If I could make one request please" Hinata finally spoke up

"What would that be" lady Tsunade asked

"I'd like to request a new roommate" Hinata asked, Shikamaru and Ino were both very surprised not because they didn't see this coming but of how upset Naruto will be when he finds out.

"Well I was going to come tell you this morning that we finally fixed a room for you but now with Naruto destroying his room you have to stay in the same room but only until we fix his room back then he can go back to his room and you'll have a room all to yourself" Lady Tsunade said, Ino and Shikamaru exhaled sharply, they were safe at least for now.

"Permission to live outside of school grounds" Hinata said

"Permission Denied" Lady Tsunade said

"Just switch me rooms please, give me a different roommate, there's many girls that would like to room with him pick one of them, How about Ino she was the one that caused this mess in the first place" Hinata suggested

"I will think about it and let you know soon so can you put up with him just for a little longer" Lady Tsunade pleaded, Hinata got up and left.

"Hinata" Ino called out "I'm sorry"

"I get it you guys are a tight knit group and you both are very protective of Naruto but maybe who he needs protection from is you two." Hinata turned her attention back to the exit "as far as I'm concerned me and you are not friends" Hinata said walking out.

Inoichi and Naruto reappear in the room

"He's all good, memories and all" Inoichi said

"Thanks Inoichi, and as far as Ino goes I have a list of punishment for her" Inoichi shook his head in agreement to let lady Tsunade handle Ino's punishment and left

"Where's Hinata" Naruto asked looking around the room

"She left" Shikamaru said pointing towards the direction that Hinata headed

"Thank you" Naruto started running in that direction

Naruto running down the hall and finally spotted the girl he's searching for

"Hinata, hey Hinata, wait up!" Naruto said but Hinata didn't stop she just kept walking, Naruto running really fast finally caught up.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to forget but Ino messed with my mind" Naruto pleaded standing in front of Hinata, Hinata walk past him.

"If I was that easy to forget about then I never mattered in the first place" Hinata said "I asked lady Tsunade for a new room or roommate, I wanted you to hear that from me instead of someone else.

"But what about us?" Naruto asked

"As far as I'm concerned there isn't us; Until Lady Tsunade finds me a room or a new roommate Sakura and Temari said I can crash with them. Bye Naruto I'll see you around!" Hinata disappeared leaving Naruto alone in the crowded hallway with his thoughts.

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