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Harry Potter and the Secret Sarcophagus of Fire

By Amber Pegasus

Chapter one

In a coast that's between China and Japan, there's an island named Xiaolin. An island that has hidden from man's eye for centuries on it is a temple that held a school for benders of air, water, earth, and fire. They called the temple Elemental Academy.

Inside the temple is a tall woman with light brown hair, gray eyes, and pale skin. She wore a longer robes in shades of yellow, orange, and brown and arrow tattoos on her forehead. Her name is Yang Chen the airbending teacher for the Avatar.

She was caring an Atlas scroll and a tear drop crystal to her room to find the next Avatar. The previous one that fought Lord Voldermort had died from the killing curse. She laid the scroll down on her desk and unrolled it. Quickly she took out her crystal point and began to hover around the map until, she heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me Kuruk," said a voice for behind the door, "may I please come in?"

"Just a minute," she answered. Quickly she opened the door, and in front of her is a tall man with blue eyes, tan skin, and deep brown hair that's tied up to a short ponytail, and a goatee. He wore a blue anorak and trousers.

"Oh Kuruk," said Yang Chen with a smile, "I'm so glad your here I thought you might be You-Know-Who."

"I thought so too but, ever since his revival I too grew with fear and anguish," he said as he began to shivered.

Just as they picture a dark and bleak future. The tear drop crystal point from Yang Chen's desk began to glowed.

"Yang Chen," said Kuruk, "your crystal it glowed."

"That means the new Avatar is reborn."

"But where is he?"

"I don't know," she answered, "but we need to inform Roku and Kyoshi."

Suddenly they heard a loud scream. "That's sounds like Kyoshi," said Kuruk with concern.

"She must be down the hallway let's go!"

As soon they run to the end of the hallway. They saw two figures sitting on the floor. It's their former friends Kyoshi and Roku.

Kyoshi is a tall woman with dark brown hair, green eyes, and, mocha skin. She wears a green kimono, brown boots, and a golden tiara. She's holds her left arm like it was broken. sitting across from her is Roku, a tall man with grey eyes, pale skin, white hair and beard. He wears a topknot for his hair and a red uniform.

"Kyoshi, Roku," said Kuruk with concern, "what happen?"

"Yang Chen, Kuruk," said Roku, "thank goodness your here."

"Kyoshi," said Yang Chen, "your arm is broken."

"I can explain," said Kyoshi with concern as she tell her tale, "we where headed to Yang Chen's room until, we ran into a Death Eater. We battled death like we haven't battled it before, it felt like death is ready for us. Roku, began to make the first gambit. He used his firebending with all of his might. However, it reflected his attack. Quickly, I use my earthbending to shield him. I know it's up to me to stooped it. I tried using my earthbending, but I wasn't aware that he reflected my attack. I have to save Roku, before, the bolder hit him. I immediately pushed him aside causing it to break my arm. I scream so loud it felt that the pain I have is unbearable Roku, was so mad he began to attacked it. The Death Eater, knows it's no matched for Roku and his firebending. It has no choice, but to run away. To make sure it won't escape. I used my earthbending to make a hilltop so he won't move. Even though my arm is broken. I fell to the ground to catch my breath. Roku rushed over to see if I'm okay and helped me get up, until you two came along."

"I supose," said Kuruk who looks curiously, "this is the Death Eater."

As Kuruk began to approached to the hill top. Some of the temple guards that wears the symbols of their bending disciples surrounded the hill that Kyoshi has made.

"I just want to get a closer look at this Death Eater."

"Be very careful Kuruk," said one of the temple guards with a serious look, "it's a tricky one.

Kuruk nodded and continued climbing the hill. He looked at the man in the iron mask and elaborate robes. He slowly reached his hand towards the metal mask to reveled his identity. The Death Eater quickly rustled into his pocket. Kuruk got down towards the hill and shouted, "GET BACK!"

Without hesitation everyone backed away from the hill. The masked man pulled out a little black ball that's the size of the marble. Quickly he threw the ball until, it hits the ground causing a smoke screen. Everyone began to coughed when, Yang Chen used her airbending to clear up the smoke screen. After, the smoke cleared away. The intruder that was one trapped on Kyoshi's hill is gone excepted a few temple guards fighting each other.

"Find him," Roku wheezed, "search everywhere!"

"Is everyone all right?"

"We're alright Kuruk," answered Kyoshi, "thanks to Yang Chen, the guards will be able to find that masked fiend."

"I can't believe it," said Roku furiously, "for centuries this island is well hidden from man's eye until now an intruder set foot in it!"

"Yang Chen perhaps this is the wrong time to tell them that you found the next Avatar."

"What's that Kuruk?" said Roku who looked puzzled.

"I said, 'Yang Chen found the location of the new Avatar,'" said Kuruk.

"Well, said Kyoshi, "lets see who it is."

As everyone walked down the hallway Roku tried to keep up with Kyoshi, after she braked her arm he felt worried from her condition until she caught his eye and said, "I'm fine Roku don't worry about me."

As they entered the room the crystal still glowed.

"Everyone," Yang Chen demanded, "form a circle around my desk and raised your right hand." Everyone raised their hands except Kyoshi who is afraid to let go of her left arm. Without hesitation Kuruk quickly rushed over to his knapsack and pulled out his blue scarf. He tided it over Kyoshi's shoulder and made it into a sling for her broken arm. She smiled at Kuruk and finally have enough courage to raised her right hand.

Yang Chen began to chant the location incantation.

"By the power of air, water, earth, and fire,

find us what we truly desire.

Whether the person is near or far,

please help us find the Avatar."

The crystal began to rises up from the Atlas. Until it's point landed on Surrey England. Then the narrow end of the crystal revelled the new Avatar's face. It was Harry Potter the boy who defeated Lord Voledrmot since he was a baby is the new Avatar.

"I can't be it's Harry Potter, he the new Avatar?"

"I'm afraid so Roku," said Kuruk.

"We have to inform Head Master Iroh," said Kyoshi," he need to now about this."

"I agree with Kyoshi but we need to tell Albus Dumbledore the Head Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well."

"Indeed Yang Chen, if we don't pass this information to the head masters I'm afraid Harry Potter will be in grave danger."

To Be Continued. . .

The headmaster Iroh and the curent Avatar(from Avatar the Last Airbender) who are the teachers of the presnt Avatar is suggested by Joseph D. Hale.