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Chapter Nine

Harry wears a green outfit and rushes to his class.

When he got there he saw his teacher in a green kimono and brown boots.

"Well Harry Potter," said Kyoshi with a smile, "it would seem you made it just in time."

Harry looked puzzled the last time he meet her. She's in a different outfit.

"Oh, I see you notice I've changed outfits I was helping out Zhao with his dueling instructions."

"I see," said Harry with interest.

"Before I began the earthbending lesson shall I share a history of earthbending with you?"

Harry nodded.

"Alright said Kyoshi as she told her tale, "For a long time the earthbenders learned earthbending from the badgermoles."

"The badgermoles professor?"

"Yes Harry," answered Kyoshi, "the first earthbends are the two couples who were from different sides. They've learned earthbending in the cave where the badgermoles lived and made into a labyrinth. Anyone who gets in there will be trapped forever. She waited for her love to come, but he died during the war. So the woman unleashed her powerful earthbending and stop the war. Both sides of the villiage began to live in peace and bild a city The woman's name is Oma and the man's name is Shu. So they name the city Omashu after the first two earthbenders."

"That was a very sad story proffesor," said Harry who felt sad.

"I know," said Kyoshi with a smile, "No need for tears Harry it's time we start with the basics such as, move a rock."

They waked over to a couple of boulders and stand right in front of it.

"Professor," he said with curiosity, "I thought we're going to move a rock not a bolder."

"This is the basic of earthbending so watch me Harry Potter and you'll get it right," she said as she formed a fist to her hand and punched the bolder until in moved to the other side.

"Amazing professor!" exclaimed Harry with excitement.

"All right Harry let's see you try."

Harry got in front of his bolder formed a fist and instead of moving a rock it formed flames.

He got out of the way just in time.

"Are you alright Harry?" Kyoshi asked as she was worry about her pupil getting hurt.

"I'm alright professor," he answered, "maybe I can move the bolder the other way."

"No Harry," she said as she shook her head, "that's not how earthbending works. You have to be steady as a rock and face it head on."

"Maybe I should try again," said Harry after thinking what the professor just said.

"Very well Harry I stick around until, you got it right."

Harry stared at the bolder and thought to himself, 'Think like a rock, think like a rock.'

It wasn't long until, he formed his fist and move a little bit.

"Harry do it again," she said as Harry hit it again until it reaches to the other side where Kyoshi's bolder is.

"You did it Harry," Kyoshi exclamed, "You realy did it."

"Earthbending can be difficult once I get used to it."

"Harry let me tell you about Neutral jin," she said, "Neutral jin is the key to earthbending it listens and wait for the right moment to strike."

This is amazing professor!" said Harry Potter with amazement.

"Well Harry our class is dismissed. Tomorrow we'll worked on we'll worked on other techniques."

Harry nodded as he goes to the dressing room for his next class.

To be continued. . .

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