Always Will by Nananah!
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The room was silent. He could only hear the other's shallow breathing , sometimes hitching up once in a while. There were coughs and his face looked oddly pale. It was flushed with fever and he couldn't do anything. The only person he cried out for was not here. It was lost somewhere out there in his past.

Now and then he could hear him whimper. He was afraid. Where has the strong , powerful person he knew? It was gone , the person that lay on that seat was not him. It was what he was supposed to be , an innocent young adult.

They were still considered young for their age. It was their decision to start the retrieval business. But yet , they were still young. A little too young.

Both of them had been through a lot. Maybe , a little too much. But they endured. They held on for each other , for the 'S'.

He couldn't help his partner on the bed. He was having nightmares , he could tell. However , he could only hold his lover's hand.

Yes , they were lovers as much as they were partners. If one were to leave , the other would follow. They depended on each other though it was not spoken. The night that they realised their feelings was rather significant to each other. It was the night they had ever felt loved in such a long time.

They held on to each other like a life line. And yet , there was his partner on the bed , weak and suffering.

Damn it , he felt useless. Utterly and totally useless. There was absolutely nothing he could do but hold his warm hand hoping that he'd wake up. That he'd smile once more. It doesn't matter.

His partner cried out. The fever still had not broken.

He cursed himself. That one night he'd fought over a small matter. It led to his partner running into the deathly cold storm in the middle of the night. He had gone to sleep , hoping and wishing that his partner would come back to him in the middle of the night and whisper senseless apologies into his ear.

But he did not return. When he travelled out the next day to look for his partner , he had found him in an alley , lips turning blue and shivering constantly.

He was stupid. He was stupid for letting him go while he slept. And now , he felt guilty and hopeless. It was his fault. That was undeniable.

Tsk , and he couldn't even relieve himself by inhaling on that one cancer stick left in the pack.

He changed the wet cloth on his partner's forehead and left a kiss there , hoping that he'd wake up to smile at him again and say that everything's okay.

And soon , he drifted off to a dreamless night whilst still holding his hand.

When he awoke , it was day and he felt his partner shuffling beside him. He lifted his head to see that he was struggling to wake himself. And when he did , he did the first thing he did each morning.

He stared at his partner's gorgeous chocolate eyes and whispered into his ear before leaning in for a kiss.

" Ginji , I love you and always will. "

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