One Soul, Two Hearts

Main Cast: Zexion, Ienzo and Demyx

Summary: two brothers, one living under the other's shadow. Ienzo and Zexion Schemer were twins. Ienzo was popular; the perfect man to all, his mute twin brother; Zexion was his shadow. Everything Ienzo was good at, Zexion was better but he never told. Only Ienzo and Riku; their younger brother, knew. What if some one comes along? What if he could hear his thoughts, his cry for attention? Will everything work out? Or will Ienzo break that too?

Warnings: mild Shounen-ai; Rated T for atrocious language and scenes not suitable fofr very young audience.

Disclaimer: Heck, I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of the characters and merchandise. Square Enix and Disney do, if I did own it, Zexion wouldn't be dead…Riku will, second, None of the Organization Thirteen members will be dead…and they would be the main characters.

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And On With the Story!!

Chapter 1: Twins

January first nineteen ninety-one (Jan. 1, 1991). Twin baby boys were born in a hospital in Europe. The family was rich to say the least, and the news of twins excited the whole clan.

To distinguish them apart, the birthmark was the only way. The older twin; Zexion, had a broken heart on his left shoulder. The younger; Ienzo, had the other part on his right shoulder. If you would put them together, the marks would seem like they were connected.

The happy occasion was turned to a moment of distress when the doctor mentioned something was wrong with Zexion's voice box in other words the larynx.

When the twins were two, Ienzo started talking. They expected Zexion to follow next, but he didn't. When they were four and Zexion STILL couldn't talk, they began to worry thence to the doctor.

The doctor mentioned once more that Zexion's larynx got damaged while still being in the womb, thence his inability to talk.

Zexion was mute and his brother was not. He excelled in almost everything; Sports, academics even more so in his imagination.

Ienzo was just as good, brilliant in everything but his ego. When they were young, they were the best of friends. They started to drift when they were 10.

Ienzo became more popular, since he became the Chairman of the student council even being still in fourth grade. His brother though vice, did not get much attention.

Since then Zexion has been nothing more than a shadow. He was a shadow there for his every whim, his slave, body guard, friend, secretary, except…a brother.

Zexion was nothing more than that. He never became a brother. He excelled in everything, but he never had Ienzo's popularity. Not that he wanted it. He just wanted his brother back.

He just wanted a person…

To care…

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