DH AN: This is my first story for The Great Gatsby. Please enjoy Dreams, Desires, And Deception

Dreams, Desires, And Deception

Gatsby's POV

I loved her.

"Five years next November.

That phrase was something I held onto for what seemed like an eternity. I held onto hope for Daisy's hand all those years. Back when I was penniless, I hid behind the guise of a uniform. But now, almost five years later, I have the wealth and security this golden girl of my heart needs.

How I long for her to say that she loves me and no one else. This is my dream, one that will never die.

Nick's POV

I stand beside his grave, one of the lone few who care to mourn overt this man who was now dreamless and lifeless. He, this man whose name was known, with his true identity concealed was victim of cruel fate's snare in the guise of a vengeful husband.

I mourn not only the man, but also the dream that was crushed and left to die, because of a simple word.

"I loved you too."

Did he know that his dream was to be crushed when he stumbled after it? Did he know that by protecting his desire he doomed himself? Did Gatsby welcome the ashen fantastic figure that glided toward him through the trees? Did he feel as though solitude was his only comfort? Or could he only see the deathly grotesque roses on the premises of his gardens? Did his green light of life's significance lose it's meaning , as the literal one across his dock had?

I will never know, for they are forever locked within a dead man's dreams and desires, and the reasons lie ensnared in a grand web of deception.

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